10 Weekender Bags to Take You Away in Style

by Amy Azzarito

So far this has been the summer of weekend trips, and I’m getting a little tired of stuffing my clothes into one of those French market bags (not that I don’t love the French market bags but I’m pretty sure the chic factor is lost when your underwear is spilling out the top.) And it’s not like I want to be rolling up with a weekend trip with a suitcase – that might give the wrong impression. So I made it my mission to find bags that would keep all my private effects a little more private.  –Amy

Image above: 1. the weekender bag $170 | 2. The Weekender, grey $95 | 3. ravine duffle $64.99 | 4. Weekend Bag in Mountain Goats $72 | 5. Billykirk, No. 164 Small Carryall $300 | 6. The Small Weekender Bag in Abstract $160

Image above: 1. denizli rug gold $96 (This might be the only one on the list without a top closure but it was too cute to leave off the list) | 2. covertible backpack $258 (Love this one!) | 3. virginia johnson for j.crew tote $148

Image above: waxed canvas satchel $398

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  • Just in time! Was planning a getaway and needed a weekend bag. Thanks for sharing these!

  • I have the everlane weekender and love it! I recently took it on a 10 day trip and it fit everything I needed.

  • ohhh, love that ravine duffle. There’s just something so great about a good classic duffle. Love that Saturday bag too. Although I wish I hadn’t clicked on that link… I’ve been trying to avoid looking at any of it because I know it’s going to be awesome and I work like a block away from the new store in Meatpacking. DAMN IT. THERE GOES ALL MY MONEY!

  • Definitely love my LeSportSac weekender and often use it as a purse if I’m going to the gym after work! The only drawback is that I don’t always love all of the print options. That Baggu one is awesome too!

  • My husband has the Everlane weekender and it’s just beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to Mims Maine’s Etsy shop (that convertible backpack). Her bags are gorgeous! I think I just found what I want for my birthday…

  • I’m in a long distance relationship and I have a small dog. I have been looking for some really cute travel bags for a while. I love the abstract style paint bag to keep my stuff in.