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Sneak Peek Best of: Blue

by Amy Azzarito

Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors to use at home. It’s just so calming and after a long color-filled days at design*sponge, relaxing is exactly what I want.  So I’m thrilled to be ending our 4th of July colors with the Best of: Blue. (If you missed the other colors of the flag, check out the Best of Red and Best of White) Have a fantastic holiday! –Amy

Image above: This Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft doesn’t have any closets so a tiny room off the living space was turned into walk-in closet. The back wall in a deep Moroccan blue, inspired by a blue hotel room that the couple had stayed in when they visited Paris. See the full house tour here.

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Image above: Red, white and blue in Palacio Belmonte hotel in Portugal. The azulejos panels date to 1725 and are signed by one of the best Portuguese masters of the time, Manuel dos Santos. See the full hotel tour here.

Image above: A blue kitchen in a home that is between 300 and 400 years old in Northumberland National Park. They  numbered the doors with little enamel signs from RE in Corbridge. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Real Living editor Deborah Bibby’s bedroom in Clareville Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. When it comes to decorating her own home, she tries to look past pure aesthetics of the interior and instead surround herself with loved objects. See the full home tour here.

Image above: At Paula Kilpatrick’s country retreat in Heathcote, Australia is a 20-acre farm, she surrounded herself with her favorite color – blue. The chair in the bathroom comes from Paula’s grandmother’s bedroom and the mirror was original to the house. The ship thermometer on the door is an old bronze souvenir of Brampton Island. See the full home tour here.

Image above: In this 650-square foot Melbourne apartment, Kirra Jamison and Dan Lovett have to get creative with organization. Vintage paper drawers painted blue keep all of Kirra’s colored vinyl organized. See the full home tour here.

Image above: With a dark blue accent wall, a headboard isn’t even necessary. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Zoe Johns and Max Catalano use a lot of dark, vibrant in their San Francisco home. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The light blue wall in Camille Styles and Adam Moore’s Austin guest bedroom is the perfect backdrop to showcase the work of French photographer Christian Chaize. This print is part of his Praia Piquinia subscription series, in which he captures the same beach in Portugal as it evolves every year. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A blue bathtub in the focal point of the bathroom in this 1860s Queen Anne historic brownstone in the heart of Baltimore. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Fiona Douglas of Bluebellgray has filled her Glasgow, Scotland home with florals and blues. The sofa is an old antique sofa and the cushions are a mix; the white one is made from an old tablecloth to give contrast against the deep blue wall and the floral is her “Poppy” design which gives a splash of color. See the full home tour here.

Image above: When Elodie Laleous and her boyfriend bought this 650-square-foot flat in the 18th arrondissement in Paris, it was essentially a raw space. The bench and accessories are by lab. The bench is inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Marte Marie Forsberg’s mother designed these simple birch stairs for her home on the Oslo fjord in Norway. See the full home tour here.

Image above: This light blue breakfast nook features a photo from Brad Austen and a vintage loveseat upholstered in Holland & Sherry wool. The curvy chair is upholstered in black neoprene, a material normally associated with wetsuits. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The blue wall in this apartment in Hamburg, Germany is the perfect compliment to Hans J. Wegner sofa. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Just a little pop of blue can go a long way. The lamps over the sink in this Copenhagen kitchen are Topan and designed by Verner Panton. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Red, white and blue details in the hallway of a Helsinki apartment. See the full home tour here.

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  • Beautiful blue options! I’m currently in love with the blue milk glass kitchen pulls and handles at Look in the Attic & Company. Turquoise and aqua to decide between, hmmmm.

  • Great post! Absolutely LOVE! the blue design ideas..

    I am an avid follower of your blog..hope you follow me back..keep up the awesome posts! much love <3

  • I am from Greece and blue is in my blood. Blue sky, blue sea :)
    Love your post today with this so bold summer color!

  • I love the deep rich blue color–it reminds me of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. I once painted my powder room with with this hue and hung Byzantine Icons and it looked museum-like. I have since moved many times and miss that look. Happy Nesting!

  • Amy, there wasn’t a link for the Brooklyn loft and I would LOVE to know where the horse-head hook came from. Thank you!

  • That top picture is making me want to draw wreathes on all my walls. And those are the most artistically posed cats ever. They clearly know how much they add to the scene.

  • I love the rich deep blue–it reminds me of my favorite place in Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I tried a rich blue hue in my powder room to display Byzantine Icons. My mini Isa museum like walls are unfortunately a few moves back but thanks for the memories. Happy Nesting!

  • Lovely. I like the two cats sitting there really rather not caring very much – so long as they’re comfy all is good, forget about the blue. Unfortunately, in my rented flat, I’m forced to stick with the EXTREMELY white walls. I’ve got some good pictures up to take away from the glare, but a dark blue like in this article wouldd very welcome indeed. As would a pet cat.

  • I inherited a deep blue dorm room in college and adored it. It was so much fun thinking in reverse from the light walls I’d grown up with. I sewed translucent floral curtains and found a mostly white quilt and a tiny table with a white base. I’d paint another room like that in a heartbeat. It wasn’t “cold” at all—more like enveloping and calming. It felt like a garden room to me, with colors of nature rounded out by a window full of plants.

  • Yes, this post also reminded me of vacationing in Greece. Making me sad not be looking at that awesome blue sea this summer. In any case, I like the idea of hanging Byzantine icons on a blue wall. Never thought of that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love blue!!!! I always paint my bedroom blue. In my last house I had a blue house, bedroom and car. Now I have a blue bedroom and house! I try not to wear blue everyday….. just a super colour!