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Sneak Peek: Best of Lime Green

by Amy Azzarito

When it comes to decorating a home, lime green is not the first color that immediately springs to my mind as one to incorporate into the mix. But I’ll admit that there is something bright, fresh and fun about the color. I took  some liberties the definition of ‘lime green’ – the colors in the homes here range from chartreuse to more of a bright, pale green – but whatever the exact name for the variations here, there is no question that it add a bright pop of color to even the more subtly decorated room.  –Amy

Image above: Katia Graeff’s kitchen in Strasbourg, in eastern France is a nod to the French West Indies. After a visit,  Katia became  hooked by the incredible colors. I really wanted the kitchen to be a place where the atmosphere was lively and inviting. See her entire bright colorful home here.

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Image above: When Verena Michelitsch moved into this apartment in the Lend district of Graz, Austria, there was no kitchen. The kitchen she installed is pretty simple and basic. Since there was no direct light in the room and the kitchen window had frosted glass, she decided to make this room as bright as possible. See her full apartment here.

Image above: The brightly colored kitchen in Ombline de Kersabiec’s Paris apartment. See the full apartment here.

Image above: A peek of lime green behind the chintz curtain in Ingrid Weir’s country home just outside of Sydney, Australia. See her all the photos from her country house here.

Image above: The kitchen is the center of Kristin and Michael DeKay’s home in the Morton Meadows neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The stained glass window on the door to the backyard of Claire Cottrell’s home in Mount Washington, California makes a rainbow on her white walls every day between 4 and 5pm. See her full house tour here.

Image above: Isabelle Rivoire-Grange likes to her Parisian home with stilettos. This bright green pair is by Bruno Frisoni. See the full home tour here.

Image above: The stools found on Overstock add a pop of color to this Denver, Colorado home. See the full home tour here.

Image above: This was the first room that was painted when Allison and Jeff Allen moved into this 100-year-old home in the heart of South Minneapolis. It’s the perfect bedroom and playroom for 4-year-old Finn. See the full home tour here.

Image above: Lisa Neimeth’s
lime green bedroom in San Francisco with a vintage kantha quilt on the bed. See the full home tour here.

Image above:
Sum Design wallpaper in Green Floral Femme Fatale in designer Lauren Moffatt’s New York home. See all the full home tour here.

Image above: A lime green lamp is the perfect compliment to the floral pillows in Katie Graham’s living room in

Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia. See the full home tour here.

Image above: A lime green vintage find makes the perfect bar cart in this Dallas, Texas home. See the full house tour here.

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  • i loved the green lamp in katie’s living room,that’s exactly my favourite shade of green!

  • I used to have a chartreuse bathroom in my last apartment that I absolutely loved! I paired it with a black and white flowered shower curtain and gold and white accessories. When I moved out, my landlord was showing the apartment to a woman. When she saw the bathroom I heard her exclaim that it was the ugliest color she’d ever seen! I have to say I disagreed. :)

  • I love these bright colors. I painted an old, beat-up dresser royal blue, lime green, and pale blue. My husband thought it would look like a circus, but…he ended up liking it. Weird… ;)

  • I have to pin this one because I love green and I am toying with various greens to paint my kitchen cabinets and walls. This post has been great inspiration.

  • I never would have chosen lime green, either, but ended up with an accent wall in my kitchen. My tile is a weird minty green with a lime green stripe, so it really looks cool and retro. My landlord loved it so much, he painted the wall in his kitchen lime green, too!
    Go figure!

  • The first kitchen is not lime green it is chartreuse. Just saying.. BIG difference. (The person righting about these kitchens should know their colors)