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Outdoor Dining with Tree Peonies & Heath Ceramics

by The Ladies of Foret

Tree peonies, the fleeting and ethereal, are here gracing us with their beauty for only the smallest window. While summer sometimes in New England feels quite the same, here for a few short months and then back to barren trees and crunching leaves before the snow sets in. Luckily, we’re just at the beginning of the anticipated warm, sun-flooded season. We’re ready for outdoor dining in the garden, sun tea, homemade pickled veggies and blooms springing up intermittenly through the next couple of months. We put together an intimate gathering using our favorite dining essentials including the timeless coupe line by Heath ceramics, old weathered wooden cutting boards and classic Weck jars for brewing tea and pickling vegetables. We hope this post inspires you to get outdoors and dine with friends and family while appreciating the beauty and love that surrounds you. -the Ladies of Forêt


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  • Very beautiful. What’s a ‘tree peony’ though please? I hav peonies exploding into gorgeous hot-pink blooms at th mo, but they’re shrubs.

  • Maya, I do to and I absolutely love my peonies. I picked some yesterday and they are gracing my foyer as I write this. Beautiful post, as always, Ladies of Foret. Gorgeous photographs!! Foret Inspiration!

  • I’m glad to be reading again about Heath Ceramics in your blog. I love the look of the plates and bowls and the idea that they are all hand-made by production potters. I want to ask a question, though, about your experience with their plates and bowls. Do you (or any of your readers) use heath plates on a daily basis and if so, how do they hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use? Do they have a tendency to chip? I ask because I would love to register for Heath dinnerware for my upcoming wedding, and since I live in Chicago where there are no Heath suppliers, I have no experience holding them and/or using them daily. Just looking for some honest reviews!

  • We received Heathware as a wedding present 36 years ago and use many pieces daily. They are so timeless we use the dishes for both just family and entertaining. We even bought seconds in Sausalito and they don’t chip. I would suggest mixing two colors.