Human/House/Harvey: Gingham

by Stephanie

Human House Harvey, Gingham
To me, gingham is the pattern of picnics, summer and simple pleasantries.  From the classic outdoor tablecloths to the flowing summer dress fabric, gingham definitely has a cheerful way about it.  So I’ve decided to share some of that checkered joy and round up some favorites for me, my home and my pooch, Mr. Harvey. —Stephanie

HUMAN – I’ve decided that this year I would get back into letter writing.  While I’m still working on that goal (resolutions usually don’t kick in until mid year for me anyway), I thought these fun gingham-lined envelopes might help kick things into high gear.

HOUSE – As my mother always used to tell me, “it’s not a proper kitchen until you have a proper set of cutting knives.”  Well I’m not so sure how “proper” this adorable gingham set happens to be, but they will definitely do the trick!

HARVEY – One piece of gingham is just never enough when it comes to my fuzzy pup.  So here are three favorite pieces of neck swag for any gingham savvy pup to switch up during the summer season. You’ve got your bandana style, bow tie style and a little boy scout style too!

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  • I love gingham…especially when it’s smocked, which you don’t see too often unless it’s in a little girl’s dress. I’ve half a mind to hoop some gingham, get some red embroidery floss and smock away…Take that and make a 1940s blouse with shoulder pads. Really. Smocking gingham would be easy-peasy because all the squares are there. The squares are your grid. I suspect once you start smocking, it’s hard to stop. Kind of like eating potato chips.

  • Stripe & Field seems not to be listing any merchandise for sale right now… I wonder if they realize they’re missing out on the extra site traffic? I love the envelopes.

  • Really? $298.00 for a set of four gingham handled knives? Yes, they are cute. Your featuring them here was not! Or did they get featured because they were from France? Please stop with the grossly over-priced goods. It doesn’t reflect your usual cool style.

    • karen

      this site is purposely full of a mix of high and low. some of our readers love things like this and have a disposable income for splurge items. every now and then we mix them in. not everyone reading has the same budget so if it’s not for you, there’s plenty more to see. and no, they weren’t chosen bc they were from france.