The Bachelor Farmer + Cocktail Recipe

by Amy Azzarito

A couple of years ago, my birthday fell on the day that we happened to be in Minneapolis for the Design*Sponge at Home book tour. It was my first time in Minneapolis and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. We were only in town for a day or so, but I fell hard for the city.  For dinner, Grace took me to the The Bachelor Farmer. We fell hard for the decor and the food, which were both fresh and vibrant. And since that evening, when anyone mentions Minneapolis, I always suggest that they check out the Bachelor Farmer. The restaurant is housed in a historic brick-and-timber warehouse in Minneapolis’ North Loop. Brothers Eric and Andrew Dayton purchased the property in 2008 and began a complete renovation that aimed to modernize while preserving as much of the building’s original character. In 2011, after working with architect James Dayton and interior designer Janet Gridley, the brothers opened the Bachelor Farmer on the building’s first and second floors. The main restaurant and small adjacent bar is on the first floor with private event spaces on the second floor. The restaurant grows its own produce on a small rooftop farm. If you don’t have plans to visit, Minneapolis anytime soon, you can have a little bit of  The Bachelor Farmer at home with their cocktail recipe after the jump. (A big thank you to Eric Dayton for allowing us this little peek into the restaurant! And extra thanks to Pip Hanson, bartender of Marvel Bar and The Bachelor Farmer, for sharing the cocktail recipe with us!)  –Amy

Image above: Our logo was designed by a good friend of mine, Deirdre Zahl.

Image above: We call this our Afghan Room because of all the Afghan quilts, which we collected by scouring Etsy and Ebay during the renovation of the building. They’re sourced from sellers all over the world. The Afghan Room is the smaller of our two 2nd-floor private dining rooms.

Image above: This is the Living Room, which we use for private receptions. The deer head is by the French design team Frédérique Morrel. All the paintings are by early-20th-century Scandinavian artists.

See more of the Bachelor Farmer + delicious cocktail recipe after the jump!

Image above: This is the 2nd-floor Library, which is the larger of our two private dining rooms. The print is Useless Wonder Maps 1 by Carlos Amorales and was produced locally at Highpoint.

Image above: Another view of the Library with the hidden doors leading into the Afghan Room shown open. The lamp and coffee table are from local furniture company BluDot; the founders/owners are friends of ours and we use their pieces throughout the building.

Image above: The last of our four 2nd-floor private spaces, this is the Rec Room. We left it as close to original as possible, as this part of our building is the oldest (1881). The vintage writing benches originally came from Purdue University.

Image above: The Bachelor Farmer’s small 14-seat bar, where we serve our full menu. We affectionately call it “Norsten Bar” after the Minnesota artist Todd Norsten, who created the mural that wraps around the walls. It reads “A Picture For This Time And Place” and is done to look like layers of painter’s tape, but it’s all paint. Our guests are often fooled and try to pick at the corners!

Image above: The Bachelor Farmer’s main dining room. The photographs are by Minnesota photographer Alec Soth.

Jurançon Sec, Green Chartreuse and Gin

  • 40ml Jurançon Sec (or other dry white wine)
  • 20ml Tanqueray
  • 20ml lemon
  • 10ml green Chartreuse
  • 10ml simple syrup
  • 80ml sparkling mineral water

Build in a wine flute, stirring all ingredients before adding the sparkling water last.

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  • Minneapolis and St. Paul have so many great locations! I grew up in Minnesota and lived in the twin cities after college. I loved every minute of it and miss it dearly! I have not been to this restaurant but will definitely need to check it out the next time I am back!

  • As a resident, I am likely biased, but I would venture to guess that Minneapolis is one of the most highly underrated cities in the country. Is the Bachelor Farmer fantastic? A resounding yes. Is it an isolated occurrence? No. One of many, many gems in this (foodie) city.

  • It was so fun to see you both at Anthro when you came to town! Bachelor Farmer is fabulous, but I agree with Sarah – so many amazing spots in this great city. Hope you’ll make it back soon!

  • I was just there last night! Delicious and interesting food and super cool atmosphere. It is a fantastic gem in our wonderful city of Minneapolis!

  • So glad to see my hometown on here! Minneapolis is great, and The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar are fantastic!

  • If Bachelor Farmer is good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for me :-) Their food is excellent and the vibe is so cozy – love it. Beet toasts = yes. But as others have pointed out, just one in a sea of amazing restaurants and bars in my beloved city!

  • I have SUCH respect for Minne/St Paul. I had no idea how cool this zone was until visiting last year, and now I secretly dream of moving there.

  • I’m a huge fan of the Bachelor Farmer- thanks for doing this post! Although I may be biased because I grew up in Minneapolis, it really is such a great city with lots of foodie gems. Love the pictures- really captured the essence of the resturant.

  • I love this part of Minneapolis – it’s been great to see it staying true to its soul, but stepping up its game. I could move into bf – it is such a pleasant, comfortable, upbeat, unique space, they did a fantastic job. I feel completely transported, but also completely and uniquely in Minneapolis when I am here.

    And Marvel downstairs is also well done – it isn’t often in this cold dark city I can handle being in a basement without windows, but somehow it all works here.

  • PLEASE stop doing posts about how wonderful the Twin Cities are (you and everyone else)! We want to keep this awesome secret to ourselves!!

  • i agree with sarah #1–the twin cities are incredibly underrated and the bf is only one of MANY reasons to love the area–food and everything else. seriously.

  • The Bachelor Farmer is a unique, imaginative space. Janet Gridley is a genius and deserves all the praise she is getting for her inspired choices. And the food is terrific. Proud to have this restaurant in Minnesota.

  • As I sit here catching up on my blog reading, it’s great to read such wonderful things about my hometown. Ironic, since I’m sitting in New York halfway through a study trip. There are so many great things about Mpls and St. Paul, and it’s been such a fun experience watching these cities grow in such great ways. The local scene seems to be eroding right now!
    And this is making me a tad homesick just thinking about it. But, as anyone can write or say, there is no place like home!