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Amelia the Airstream, a Vacation Home on Wheels

by anne

Back in 2011 we shared the Cleveland home of Charity D’Amato who is behind design studio Charteuse and the voice of I Heart Cleveland. At the time she mentioned a little side project to us that we’re excited to reveal today. “Amelia the Airstream” was named after Amelia Earhart, pioneer & fellow dreamer. As a little vacation home on wheels you will mostly find her parked near a great lake somewhere in Northeast Ohio. Charity first purchased her three years ago, but after a lot of structural work and interior redesign, this is the first summer they’re fully able to enjoy her. Originally a 1972 Airstream Landyacht it only made sense to keep the nautical theme inside. As soon as we saw Amelia we fell in love, but Charity says one of the biggest joys is seeing the way guests faces light up as soon as they step inside the little camper. Thanks Charity! Anne

Image above: This gives a good perspective of the tiny interior space. I used wallpaper by Mini Modern to ground the entire project. The talented man who lined up the wallpaper on the “invisible” bathroom door was challenged for sure! The hanging pendant is called Globe from the Fredrick Ramond Collection,  another product with travel reference!

Image above: Normally Airstream interiors are a cool aluminum tone, but the sleek high gloss white enamel we used keeps the small space bright and airy for summer “glamping” (glamourous camping) travel. The floors are a faux weather wood vinyl. Keeping the weight of the camper light was important when planning the space.

More inside Amelia the Airstream after the jump!

Image above: A convection microwave combination allows for fresh cinnamon buns to be baked after rising with the sun. A custom cutting board was rafted to fit snuggly into the sink when not on the road.

Image above: Lots of pillows make the camper a great place to kick back and relax in the backyard when not on the road. The life preserver ring is from Land of Nod, the cool sailor girl and yellow lobster pillow are from Room Service Store, and the other pillows were made from cloth West Elm Napkins.

Image above: What better way to relax when you are out camping then with a good book? During the remodel project I collected many books about the sea, fishing, boats and The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore. I love all things vintage, and while the space is super fresh and modern, the small touches of old keep guests feeling right at home.

Image above: For the days when it’s too cold or too wet to go hiking or biking we installed an under the counter dvd player to get our fill of old movies. The camper is super cozy to cuddle up for a movie, and the sound of the rain on the metal roof adds to the ambiance of “roughing it!”

Image above: Sailor girl pillow by Room Service Store.

Image above: The camper is fully equipped with a separate bathroom and shower. All plumbing fixtures are from Moen.com. Penny tile with gray grout was used in the bathroom, keeping the weight of the camper heavier closer to the truck hitch.

Image above: The nautical window was frosted to allow light to pass through from the bath to the living space.

Image above: The vintage cooler was my Grandpa Fournier’s, which he used when ice fishing in his hometown of Brewer, Maine. The vintage loungers were both found at area yard sales; perfect for morning coffee and one of those good old books.

Image above: This was taken by the super talented photographer and fellow camper, Allison Turner. She took this pic of me at the 2012 Alumapalooza rally in Jackson Center, Ohio where Airstreams were born and continue to be manufactured.

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  • I think my heart just broke a little I love this so much. All that white wouldn’t last one hour on one of our camping trips though. Too many dirty dusty dogs and kids climbing all over the place. It’s too adorable for words though. Nicely done!

  • Love it! Great timing for this post for me also – we just bought an old camper and I’m obsessed with these fresh interiors.

  • Amelia’s character is just a small reflection of the warmth, style and charm of her owner! I adore Charity!

  • I’m crying. This is so happy, I think I’ve found my life’s ambition… I mean, PENNY TILE ON AN AIRSTREAM, C’MON!

  • Oh wow, I love this so much. I WILL have an airstream someday, if I can make it even a fraction as lovely and inviting as this one is, I’ll be happy.

  • AH! This is my dream!! Ever since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of designing a vintage airstream, completely custom. So awesome.

  • I would love To know more “how to!” I wanna do this… Got any good books or websites to recommend! Amazing,

  • LOVE! I, too, have the Airstream dream of finding a little old neglected Airstream and giving it a new life. Amelia is such a hottie now.

  • Thanks so much everyone for the very kind words. I found my Amelia on Craigs List…YOU CAN TOO! She is a true labor of love and a learning experience for sure. Who knew I would find such pleasure in “dumping the waste” at a truck stop no less! Happy glamping to all, cheers to lots of adventures!

  • LOVE “HER”.. Your design is wonderful!! The Nautical look is great…..when can we travel???

  • Oh wow, for the first time I didn’t bother to read the intro and somehow got fooled into thinking this was inside a boat! Very cute! Love that wallpaper! Thought the theme was a bit redundant but now that I saw the exterior I think it’s awesome! I can’t help but thinking of Cindy Loper’s quirky interior in Time after time video! Or maybe it’s just better in my head. Afraid to check! :)

  • Just beautiful…I wish to. start over again…thank you for sharing that jewel…

  • Wow, this is amazing!!! Seriously, I started looking up 1972 Air Streams- I want one now. My husband is happy with that development too- I am a hotel girl through and through :) AMAZING job! Amelia is awesome!

  • Haha, this is beyond epic. You’d never be able to guess the interior was like that from the outside. The caravan reminds me of the film Mars Attacks for some reason. Our family had a carvan when I was little and we’d head off down to Devon for our holidays – this was way back circa 1989 so I feel all old now. Except these designs bring out the childish glee in me. Very inspiring indeed!

  • this is making my desire for an airstream pop up again. such a good remodel!

  • This looks so amazing – we are so proud that Charity has used our Whitby wallpaper in this scheme!
    keith at mini moderns

  • The sea blue and white wallpaper got me from the moment the photos started unfolding on my MacBook. I am completely utterly smitten. I can see myself knitting inside when the weather’s cold, sitting on a folding chair outside when it’s warmer, knitting by a campfire when it’s nightfall. Seriously, this Airstream has captured my imagination in a way few do. Congrats, Design*Sponge!

  • @Keith THANK YOU for making such amazing wallpaper! It set off the entire project. Keep up the creative designs.

  • My parents had an airstream when I was younger. I loved that trailer, I think it was the same size as this one, 17′. Those are the best trailers ever and yes, the I can still hear the sound of the rain on the roof. You did a great job restoring Amelia. Thanks for sharing.

  • It seems silly to focus on something so small in the face all that loveliness, but could you tell me what those drawer pulls are that you used in the kitchen? Just perfect.

  • I’m obsessed with Airstreams and this one is gorgeous!!! One of the best I’ve seen, well done!!!

  • OMG I love this! Just spent 2 weeks on a camper trip in Australia but it would have been so much more stylish in this beauty!

  • Charity, so fun to see you pop up on DS again. Love Amelia—I can totally see her cruising around Cleveland. Have fun with her this summer!

  • I really like it and I do not have anything to add, comments before me have said it all. I have a small request, I wonder what the mark is a cute yellow pot on the stove. Thank you, and a lot of pleasure in the future.

  • ….LUV your personal version!…I have a 30′ Landyacht also…haven’t begun the “re-model” yet….it’s all intact as is, just want to “modernize” somewhat, also in keeping with the Lake Theme, since she’ll be permanently planted on a Lake….would like to know some of your ideas and products actually used in your re-model….Thanks for Sharing~

  • I love love what you have done to this vintage darling! We have a 2011 international so I am a big fan of lightweight and contemporary. My dream is to buy a vintage airstream and restore it in a contemporary flair. Honk If you ever see our license plate “pul-toy”
    Or if you are ever in The blue ridge mountains of Virginia between May and October come to visit us at the Highland Haven Airstream Park!!!

  • I love your Airstream. We have been renovating our 1965 Airstream for past few years and are just getting the inside panels back up. I have a question on the wallpaper you did. I would like to put wallpaper up and wonder how it works over the rivets. Did you have any problems?

  • Hello! Beautiful renovation!
    Probably the most boring question you will receive, but what is the white gloss finish on the compound curves? I am having trouble finding something that will bend in both directions…is it a gloss acrylic paint?

  • I must say, Amelia has inspired me very much. Had never thought of such an idea. Another thing I liked about this airstream is that the interiors have been given a brighter shade. Even the kitchen faucets, towel racks, bathroom faucets etc are sleek in design. This really adds beauty to the airstream. A great time for vacation on wheels.

  • I am trying to do the exact same “hidden bathroom door” in my 70’s airstream remodel. Is there any way you could direct me to the person who framed that wall? I would be eternally grateful!