A Glamourous Urban Wedding + Jen Huang’s New Book and Giveaway!

by Amy Azzarito

This San Francisco wedding is pretty much the definition of glamour. Bride Melody is an opera singer in the San Francisco Bay Area and her groom, Winston is a businessman whose work takes him around the world, so it’s only fitting that their vision for their wedding was an opulent, grand affair in one of San Francisco’s most luxurious historic venues, the Palace Hotel. To achieve the look of opulent grandeur, the wedding planners at Charmed Events Group used a spectrum of gold in all forms (sparkle, glitter, metallic) paired with tones of fuchsias and then included details to honor Melody’s Japanese heritage. My favorite touch is the ombre aisle of petals for the ceremony. Of course, opulence, doesn’t necessarily mean stuffy, one of the  favorite moments of the evening was when Melody and her opera friends did a flash mob opera number. The whole event is documented beautifully by photographer Jen Huang, who just released a Workshop-In-A Box, a book that includes a gallery of her photos labeled with all her in-camera settings as well as anecdotes and advice on documenting your wedding day as well as film, paper and other goodies to get you started on your photography journey. –Amy


Planning, Event Design, Stationary: Charmed Events Group
Photographer: Jen Huang Photography
Videography: Cinematt
Floral Design: Nicole Ha
Letterpress: Felix Rhys Paperie
Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Jen
Hair and Make Up: Aimee Lam Beauty Up Close
Rentals: Hartmann Studios
Linens: La Tavola
Ice Sculpture: Ice Illusions
DJ: Boutique Wedding DJS: Chris Fox
Lighting and Drape: Fantasy Sound Event Services
Venue and Cake: Palace Hotel
Chiavari Chairs: Especially Yours Chairs
Flipbook: The Laugh Box

To Enter: Jen is giving away one of her Workshop-In-A Box kits. To enter, leave a comment describing your favorite wedding memory – of your own wedding, or of a particularly touching wedding you attended or maybe just of a favorite wedding photo. Leave your comment below by next Wednesday, July 3 at 10pm EST.

See all the wedding photos after the jump!

Image above: There were three different tablescapes, each with different combinations of gold textures for guest tables and glitter table numbers for each table. Each table was adorned with flowers in various tones of fuchsia and guests sat down to place settings with fuchsia bow napkins and scroll like menus.

Image above: One of the biggest hits of the night was the fabulously pink dessert bar with their ombre petaled cake as the central feature. There was also a custom airplane ice sculpture with two custom drinks (lychee martini and lychee saketini) that paid homage to the couple’s long distance romance that led up to their wedding.

Image above: Some of the stationery details. Because Melody was an opera singer, in lieu of a traditional guestbook, guests were asked to “write their own tune” on blank sheets of music.

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  • When we were planning our wedding we picked a reception hall that provided green chairs with gold trim, but our colors were blue, yellow and silver. I wanted to rent chair covers in ivory, but everyone said it would be a waste of money to do this because all pictures would just be of people sitting in the chairs (hiding the chairs). I rented the chair covers anyway, and I DON”T regret it at all. The ivory covers went so well with the ivory tablecloths, and everything looked so crisp! I’m so glad I went with my gut on this one!

  • I am so excited by this giveaway. Jen photographed my wedding nearly four (yikes!) years ago.

  • My favorite picture from my wedding is of my parents dancing together, and in the back, out of focus and in the shadows, is me and my new husband — we are dancing too!

  • I have two favorite moments from my wedding: (1) My dad walking me down the aisle. His face said it all…excited, happy, proud. I loved it! (2) My dad dancing. I’ve never seen my dad dance in my life so to see him on the dance floor having the time of my life was extra special as he’s always been a very serious, work-oriented guy.

  • For our wedding I had my husband be incharge of the music. He picked some amazing songs by Roger Eno that were played through the entire ceremony. I still hear those songs and the rush of feelings come back. I can close my eyes and be right back there. It was so meaningful to be surrounded by people who loved us and encouraged us.

  • What a glorious wedding! I never thought of that particular color combination, only because it might have leaned too much on the feminine side. Now that I see it, I bet everyone that attended looked great due to a rosy light being cast upon them. A marriage ceremony should warm everyone’s heart and reflect romance,as well. I was a bridesmaid at a friends wedding and we all had a blast. It really was a simple affair, as my friend did not want an extravaganza. She did it for her parents! The bulk of the budget was spent on the caterer, as food was important to the family. I’ve been to much fancier wedding venues since, and nothing compared to the quality of the delicious dinner we had that day. As a person who takes her meals seriously, I enjoyed every last morsel. I remember it fondly, to this day. I am excited about your giveaway and know I could do it justice.

  • Standing next to my kid sister as she married her high school sweetheart. Being a part of that day, 12 years in the making, was the loveliest wedding moment I’ve ever experienced.

  • Gorgeous setting. We eloped to San Francisco and married at the courthouse. My favorite memory is sitting in the courthouse cafe afterwards and looking at each other with stunned expressions, both thinking “what just happened?!” It was a great day and wouldn’t trade any moment of it.

  • My favorite wedding memory is from a time when I was maid of honor, the bride forgot to get her flowers back from me before heading back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony and the look on her face when she ran back for them was priceless. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hard to pin down one favorite wedding memory but I guess it was the look on my husband’s face when I was walking down the aisle. He looked so happy and excited. It made my heart swell.

  • I am coming up on my first anniversary, and have found myself thinking about our wedding more and more. Our ceremony was at our family’s cabin on a remote island in Alaska – one of my very favorite places in the world. One of my favorite moments of the whole day was the group photo we took on the beach. To see so many people from all moments of my life and my husbands life standing on the beach that I truly grew up on…it was an amazing moment. I didn’t cry the day of the wedding, but I tear up now thinking about it.

    My second favorite moment was a campfire and s’mores after the ceremony.

  • My favorite part of the wedding was making homemade vanilla extract for our guests as wedding favors! We wanted to give our guests a gift that they could use, and so we thought homemade vanilla extract could be used by most people. We started making the vanilla extract two months in advance by placing vanilla beans in vodka bottles and shaking them every day. We had 150 guests at our wedding, so it was a lot of 4 oz bottles we filled, but it was so much fun and our guests LOVED the idea. To this day, even after 1.5 years of marriage, our friends comment how creative it was and how they love baking with it!

  • This is such a pretty wedding! I love it. My favorite wedding memory was when my brother married my best friend. It was pretty much the greatest day ever, considering two of my favorite people were so in love with one another. The wedding was at my mom’s farm, and right before the ceremony, when everyone was settled down and we were about to walk down the aisle, one of the roosters started crowing! I think it was because everyone was so quiet and he wanted to shake things up! :) It didn’t last long thankfully, and the rest of the ceremony was a blast! A silly touch to a perfect day.

  • What a well timed giveaway (for me personally) as I am currently planning my own wedding. My favorite wedding memory is from a friend’s wedding. After they said their vows, Wreckless Eric’s “Whole Wide World” played. It was such an upbeat and cute song that I couldn’t hold back the happy tears.

  • I just got engaged so our wedding is right around the corner, eek! My favorite wedding memory has to be from my sister’s wedding in 2009: when she and my father danced to “Unforgettable”. My father often comes off as a little gruff, and to see that roughness melt into tenderness, oh my goodness!

  • My favorite wedding related moment was doing my little sister, Rebekah’s, hair and make up for her on the the morning of her big day. Though we are biological siblings, Rebekah was put up for adoption as an infant. I always knew she was out there in the world somewhere and I hoped that one day she would come looking for our family. Since she found us in 2004, we have grown incredibly close. It is incredible to be a part of her life, as well as a part of her wedding. photo here: http://maryannaking.com/2012/10/17/sisters/

  • My wedding is coming up this December.. I’m hopefully that my favorite memory is going to be the way my fiance looks at me once he becomes my husband! I’m giddy about it!

  • It was such a joyous day It was hard to pinpoint any ONE favorite memory… but I will say that holding his shaking hands (in my equally shaking hands) even though we had been together forever… was the most incredible moment… before the you may now kiss the bride part of course… (I am your WIFE!!)

    Oh yeah and the colors were awesome too… but after all the DIY and the planning it really came down to our feelings… and what it looked like hardly mattered any more…

  • Next to the moment I was ‘asked’, my favourite wedding memory was when, in the Church and very unexpected, my dad (who really is not the prototype of the new man) stood up and read out a personal letter from him to me (and my hubby). In it, he describe who I was (to him), how I got there and what he admired in me. I was more than moved. Even now, typing and describing the moment, I feel a warmth inside me, I see him reading with a slightly trembling voice, I feel a tear popping up.

    In fact, tnx for reminding me. It has almost been a year now, and I’m still enjoying every minute of my life as a newly-wed!

  • One of my favorite wedding memories is when a close friend and his fiance decided to do a completely DIY wedding. From scouring the aisles of craft stores to staying up late spray painting pumpkins gold, they enlisted their friends help and had a gorgeous wedding. The fact that we had all pitched in added to the sense of closeness that permeated their wedding.

  • My favorite moment from my wedding was stepping out from behind a tree and walking down the “aisle” on the top of a big hill overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. See my husband at the end, with so many friends and family there was overwhelming and wonderful, and I started crying immediately. So lovely.

  • During the ceremony at my wedding my husband started to tear up….that was it for everyone else! I joke that its his fault everyone’s makeup needed touching up!

  • Since my wedding isn’t for another three months, my favorite memory is still the proposal. That’s where all of the wedding memories really start anyway…

  • My favourite wedding memory was helping my friend set up for her wedding on her parents’ property. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen came up the week before the wedding and got everything arranged. It was a great way to lead up to the wedding, and so nice get to know everyone in the wedding party better.

  • I have attended and photographed many many weddings over the years and it still gets me EVERY time. But one moment that I especially remember was as a bridesmaid, standing on that brightly lit dais watching the groom’s face as he watched his bride walk down the aisle for the first time. It brought back memories of when he first started to like her (and when I first found out before she did) and their journey since then. So priceless!

  • My brother’s wedding was a gorgeous outdoor affair under a white tent in sweltering Texas. The moment he kissed his new wife, a hands-cupping-face and lingering loving look type thing, was so full of joy and heartfelt gratitude. I’ll never forget it!

  • My favourite wedding memory is the speech my brother-in-law gave when he married my sister. It was AMAZING. I seriously didn’t even know he was good at public speaking. It was heartfelt, funny, and emotional all at the same time. It made me happy and proud to share him with my baby sister for the rest of our lives.

  • So we were at the altar… after getting up at 5 and buying the zinnias fresh, after going to the bakery and picking up the cake, after herding the volunteers who pulled it together at the end… and my almost husband was trying not to cry, but it sounded as if he was choking on the word “respect”, and everyone started to laugh. I looked into his eyes and let him know it’s OK. Everything’s OK, now. After the kiss the chaplain introduced us to the small crowd packed into the chapel and said, while making a vulcan salute, “May they live long and prosper!”. Oh, shoot. Now I’m crying.

  • What a gorgeous wedding theme! My husband and I eloped at Las Vegas’ Little White Chapel On halloween. I wore a poofy red dress and a black wig and he wore a black and red suit and a fedora. We hired a private driver and photographer to follow us around documenting our night and I had two favorite moments: During our vowes I was laughing and crying simultaneously (I must have looked like a nutcase to strangers but I’m known for getting so happy I cry). The second moment was when a group of foreign tourists thought we were celebrities and wanted us to sign autographs and pose for pictures with them! :)

  • My favorite memory from my wedding was at the very end of the day. My husband and I hosted a small, intimate dinner for our immediate families at a restaurant that over looked the Chicago River in the loop. The restaurant moved a few tables onto the river walk after dinner for us to linger at and watch the boats move along the river. For a few hours nobody said a word…time stood still and the night went on for ever.

  • My favorite wedding memory was when my best friend from college was getting married at this beautiful estate in ashville, nc (which later burned down), and she greeted us all by hanging out the window, it was hilarious.

  • My first Jewish wedding experience! The canopy, the dancing, the love – love, love, love. It was a beautiful night for a gorgeous couple. We made lovely new friends from all corners of the globe.

  • My favorite wedding memory is when my husband dropped my wedding ring. His parents don’t cuss, and I can still remember hearing his whispered 4-letter words echoing through the speakers as he dropped the ring. The photos can be seen here: http://sarahkchen.net/?p=5126

  • I love when in the wedding ceremony of our friends, they were seating on altars, their dog waiting calmly seating on the bride’s dress (the dress tail) and then they also kiss the dog when the dog jump on them. I thought it’s lovely :).

  • By the way, gorgeous opulent wedding decor and photos above. Beautifully captured. I love gold and pink colors palette.

  • my favorite wedding memory was from my day back on December 16,2000. we had a huge chocolate wedding cake, frosting and all! also, we had our parents’ put pictures of us as children all over the reception room (it was actually an old mansion from the 20s that had been redone). the whole night was magical!

  • My wedding day was July 12, four years ago this year. Usually a sunny, warm day in the Northwest (when will we ever learn?!) a cold front came in and started raining on us as we prepped for our outdoor ceremony. We moved everything indoors and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. It was cozy and beautiful, and our sweet dog Sadie decided to walk down the aisle before me to see what the heck was going on. It was intimate and perfect in every way.

  • Sigh, favorite wedding moments!? There are so many! But definitely one moment that moved me to tears was during a good friend’s wedding. A lot of her family, including her grandparents, are still in the Philippines. Before dinner, her cousins played a pre-recorded snippet of her grandparents wishing her and her new husband all their love. It was such a lovely surprise to have the grandparents be there via video! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the restaurant.

  • ?My favourite moment was seeing my daughter, at the age of 2 years in a gorgeous pink dress with flowers in her hair, dancing away in the middle of the floor with everyone else as onlookers. She had the biggest smile on her face and was in a world all of her own. She then ran and hid under the table when she realised everyone was watching her.

  • Love this give away! Jen is one of my favorite wedding photographers ever!

    On my wedding day 5 years ago, we had torrential rain. It poured for days — which is very uncharacteristic of Colorado.

    We chose to write our own vows — and in my vows I had a written “with you by my side I know that we can weather any storm” … I had written that not knowing there would literally be a huge storm on our wedding day.

    I love the moment of our vows and seeing my husband cry as he read them — I knew I had found my soul mate. xoxox

  • I was a flower girl when I was little for my aunt’s wedding, and I remember being in the rehearsal, and standing patiently in line for my turn to walk down the aisle. When it came time I was filled with stage fright, and immediately ran to my nana sitting in one of the aisles. During the actual wedding, I somehow managed to make it to the alter, standing next to my mom.

  • My favorite wedding photo was when my cousin was lifted up by all the men in the family and laying across their arms. My little 3-yr-old nephew wanted to be part of the action, but ended up just lifting up her skirt so it looked like he was looking up her dress. Lots of good laughs with that one. :)

  • I went to a beautiful wedding where the bride and groom played rock paper scissors during the ceremony to decide who would say their vows first.

  • favorite wedding moment is watching one of my very best friends marry the most perfect match for him. And to see them high-five after the ceremony was over!

  • Beautiful photos! I would say that my favorite wedding moment was during my grandparents’ 50th anniversary during which they renewed their vows. I am one of 6 of their grandchildren and all of us held up the chuppah during the ceremony. They had me bawling during their vows.

  • I’ve photographed a lot of weddings, and probably my favorite was a southern California September wedding that was just dripping in the most exquisite details! Each table’s centerpiece was the most interesting combinations of flowers and each place setting was an individual set of vintage china. The bold china patterns played beautifully with the crisp white linens and it was just magical :) Almost as magical as this gorgeous wedding!

  • I loved the casual food break in between the ceremony and reception at my friend’s wedding. We were outside her house (with a view of the ocean!), and everyone was just mingling and getting food/drinks while waiting for the more formal dinner portion.

  • My favorite wedding memory is watching as a dear friend made a special set of vows to the three year old son of the woman he was marrying. Everyone in the entire church was crying their eyes out. A beautiful moment

  • Love this wedding!

    As for the give-away- My favorite moment from our wedding (aside from us actually getting hitched) was busting out our semi-choreographed first dance. The cheers from our guests as we spun & dipped really egged us on, and it was special to feel our practice paying off on our big day!

  • My favorite wedding memory is from my cousin’s wedding. Everyone including the grandparents, my uncles, my aunts and even my mom are dancing. My cousin hired a very talented musician who could dance with us, play violin and DJ at the same time. That musician truly knows how to get everyone involved in the wedding.

  • I’m so in love with this wedding!

    My husband and I eloped. We had a small group at the justice of the peace, and a quiet dinner afterwards. My friend, who was there and is an inspiring photographer, caught a moment between us where I was teasing him and adjusting his tie. It is still my favorite photograph of the two of us, and the only thing semi-professional about our wedding!

  • The best part of our wedding was that look…when we first saw each other. All of our nerves and anxiety melted away and it was just us.

  • Ohh, I’m just starting to plan my own wedding now. But my favorite wedding moment that makes me cry every time is the wedding in Love Actually where they have a flash-mob type brass band start playing.

  • What incredible photos! I thoroughly enjoyed my wedding 31 years ago,but also loved helping with preparing my daughter’s wedding 4 1/2 years ago. Lots off chiffon and candles galore, both floating in water, and in bags were used for lighting during the ceremony. What great ambiance! Aren’t all weddings beautiful?? love them, and all they represent!

  • I love it, this wedding is so cute!
    Last month one of my best friends got married.She had a lovely ceremony at her church, and the reception took place at her country house. We helped her with the decoration of both places: it was a handfull of work, we ended the last minute decorations on our party dresses! but I really enjoyed it, because it was a way of being part of the important step she was taking, a way of letting her know how much I cared. If you have the chance,please do it! I think the personal touches really make the wedding yours!

  • Jen does beautiful photography! How cool is her workshop in a box! So perfect for someone like me who lives across the ocean and unable to take one of her classes in person. Now, about my fave wedding memory. Well, we had a small one on Kauai. Our family came together and made everything happen for us. My uncle performed the ceremony, my aunt and father’s friend sang and played the guitar as I walked the grass aisle under the mango tree, my cousin took our photos, we had our reception at my grandparent’s yard, my uncle who is an amazing chef baked our wedding cake, my mother did all of our decorations and balloons, and different members of our family all prepared food and desserts. I couldn’t have asked for more. Everything about it was special.

  • Pink & gold–so lovely together! Try as I might, it’s difficult to call up just ONE favorite wedding memory. I think it’s that our entire Jewish community came together to put our wedding together. We couldn’t afford the usual ceremony, so a community building was provided free of charge, and folks from the community did all the cooking for the dinner. I was loaned a dress. We paid for the food & music. It was a simple, homemade wedding—very, very special. I remember visiting the venue in 90-degree weather and watching the cooks melting in the kitchen with big smiles on their faces!

  • What a lovely giveaway! My fave memory was seeing my (now) husband’s face as I walked outside through the doors and came down the aisle towards him (17yrs ago!) Priceless…

  • My favourite part of my wedding was hilarious. After making ahuge fuss about the family joining in to say the Lord’s prayer (I’ve said it a thousand time, I can do it myself but…) he forgot the words. I started to laugh along with everyone who was at the rehearsal. It’s still talked about. : )

  • I have to say my own wedding is a favorite one. My parents didn’t have any money so I did my own wedding. I picked up vases and gladiolas from the flower shop (glads were cheap), and took them to the church and arranged them. My aunts did the cooking in the meeting hall at the church, and I remember waiting outside the doors of this little white church with my dad in late
    May, watching a thunderstorm as it approached wondering if we were going to have to step inside to get out of the rain.

  • i love weddings – most everything about them. everyone is just so incredibly happy – it’s truly hard to find another event quite like them. i love weddings almost as much as i love photobooth – real photobooths! at our dinner the night before the wedding we had the reception at this great little restaurant with a piano bar next door with a photobooth. i had the job of giving everyone dollar bills to ensure that everyone at least took one photo in the booth. i was shocked by the number of people that have never been in a booth before….if there is a booth within a block of me – i stop! we had our reception in this little gallery and hung up all the photobooth picture from the night before so as everyone came in they got to glimps themselves on a the lap of someone they really cared about doing something goofy. we took all those photos and put them in an album – it’s one of my favorites! i love analog photography and i love the happiness of weddings. the two of them combined is magic.

  • My boyfriend’s sister’s wedding was farm chic and homegrown in Maine. All family members pitched in to contribute a skill (catering, bartending, photography, etc.) and a simple barn held a beautiful ceremony. I never imagined how much fun it would be to wear a fancy dress with mud boots!

    • terry

      we don’t typically ask people that because it’s a pretty personal event to share publicly, let alone disclosing financial details.


  • Gorgeous wedding! favorite wedding memory was dancing the night away with friends and loved ones :)

  • My favorite memory from my wedding is dancing with my dad. It’s the only time I cried!

  • One of my favorite wedding memories is watching my cousin get married in Chicago. Our whole family was there and it was incredibly special. I remember it being a night of smiles, laughter and lots of tears.

  • This was such a beautiful wedding – WOW! We picked very non-traditional music for our wedding and it was all a bit strange, but it just made me smile because I knew we were doing something special for us to celebrate our love in a way that we wanted and not trying to impress other people. My husband is pretty awesome! :)

  • Our casual, downtown Chicago party (and subsequent afterparty….and after- afterparty) made coming back from 10 days of just the two of us in Tulum, Mexico absolutely the most flawless wedding celebration month ever. Wouldn’t have changed one thing.

  • My favorite wedding ever attended still was one where the ceremony truly displayed the love between not only two people, but two families and also many friends. I cried from start to finish. The bride entered as a heartfelt song was being sung, the father prayed over the couple as he gave the bride away, and the vows were so meaningful. It was beautiful in more ways than one.

  • one of my wedding memories was the time when we thought we lost the wedding rings (before the ceremony). one of the groomsmen dove into the trash bin thinking that someone accidentally threw it out with a napkin or something. it turned up in one of the bridesmaids’ purses!

  • My favorite memory… all of the guests had been shuttled down to the reception and it was just the two of us (and our photographer) left on the quiet church steps overlooking the SF bay. Serene & special.

  • I had to serve the tea to my friend, which she had to give to her mother and father in law (Chinese tradition). When I came up with the cups she started crying. She looked like the Disney heroine, and it was beautiful!

  • Many of my favorite moments of our wedding come from the preparation. Our backyard Louisiana wedding was a labor of love. We could not have pulled off such an amazing celebration without the help of so many friends and family who pitched in to make the day truly perfect. My mother, a talented artist and art teacher, was especially crucial to the transformation of the backyard ceremony and reception space. She wore many hats from florist to electrician, and none of it would have been possible without her.

    See photo here by Bonnie Sen: http://bonniesen.smugmug.com/Photography/Leah-AdamPart-1/25975934_NkQhBv#!i=2155136237&k=tMWkCsJ&lb=1&s=XL

  • Lovely post!
    One of my favorite memories was attending the wedding of my BF’s cousin, who is like a sister to him. It was my first time meeting that couple and the extended family. The photog captured a photo of my BF and I dancing that was candid, and showed us smiling at one another ever so slightly with our foreheads touching. It is still one of my favorite photos, and made the bride say ” Hey, whose wedding is this!”… when we reviewed pics together. Haha. It was sweet.

  • my cousin was married in a hill town in mexico surrounded by revelers who had spent the week prior getting to know each other and loving on the happy couple. it was a joy-ful celebration and one that i hope to recreate, in part, for our september 2013 nuptials.

  • We’ve been married for 12 years and I have 2 favorite memories: Walking down the aisle and seeing all the friends and family members who were there with us. The second was a moment during the reception when we slipped away into a quiet wooded area with the photographer.

  • Our 1 year anniversary is coming up in 2 months and I still miss our wedding! It’s hard to pick a favorite memory of the day but the one that stands out most is walking up to the aisle, seeing my soon to be husband standing at the alter, his face a COMPLETE mess of tears and emotions. I walked up and laughed at him which just started me crying too!

  • I just got married a month ago. I still can’t believe it. I was beyond perfect, I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. By far the best memory i have is from when the party was over, we looked at each other, smile and start crying of happiness. Beyond words.
    Here I leave the web page with some pictures from that day. The very last one shows the moment I just described.

  • One of my favorite weddings I’ve attended was one of my best friend’s. The wedding was held at the boarding school where the couple became friends, with the ceremony taking place in the school’s chapel where they actually met. It was a beautiful morning ceremony with brunch held out on the lawn with jazz.

  • a wedding I went to last summer was at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. In the middle of the reception, a huge group of us ran over to the Giant Dipper rollercoaster and rode in our wedding finest. One of the best weddings I’ve ever been to!

  • My favorite memory – my husband is a musician, as are many of our friends. I had been asking him to play something for our family at our wedding or rehearsal dinner, a request he had brushed off as being a little too much for him to get together along with everything else going on. What I didn’t know was that he was planning, along with all of his musician friends, to play a surprise song for me at our reception. After the toasts were done, around 20 of our friends rushed to the front of the room and performed a song they had secretly planned! They had managed to plan the whole thing without me knowing and had even managed to sneak 3 standing basses into the ballroom without me seeing! Fortunately someone got a recording:

  • My favorite memory of a wedding was seeing my cousin throw off her shoes and do capoeira on the dance floor with her capoeira class even though she was still in her wedding dress.

  • The day before I got married, my mom took me and my two sisters to get our toe nails painted. It was something I would have done anyway for the wedding, but it made it so much more special to go with my sweet mom and sisters. It was great to have the full support of my family as I took that big step!

  • I’m looking forward to my wedding next year and I can’t wait for those memories. One of my favorite wedding memories was a year ago when my mom remarried in Temecula, CA. She’s a widow and her husband is a widower. Two family came together and not only celebrated their union, but we also honored the lives of their late spouses. It was beautiful and we rented a big mansion and drank local wine all weekend. At the time I didn’t know it, but that’s actually where my fiance asked my mom’s permission to marry me!

  • My uncle got married in a small stone church in a small town in the south of france (the Lot region, if you’re curious). The intimacy of the wedding and the passion of the people who attended were so special to me. I’ll always remember feeling out of place amongst all the adults (I was 15 at the time) but having such fun anyway because everyone exuded joy. Really lovely memory…

  • Beautiful wedding and photography! For my wedding, the thing I spent the most money on was my photography. It was important for me to have the pictures. I wore my mother-in-law’s wedding dress, my mom made my veil. A favorite memory is the song my husband proposed to me was sung at our wedding by his cousin and his uncle played the organ and it was our first dance at our reception. Our son proposed to his girlfriend two days ago so this Workshop in a Box would be awesome to win! Thanks for a chance. :)

  • My aunt got married in a beautiful church with hundreds of flowers everywhere. Simple yet elegant. When she had her father daughter dance with my grandfather I cried like a baby. That was my favorite wedding moment hands down.

  • I love the vintage look and feel of a wedding. My partner and I are extremely excited to celebrate our love and now more so than ever, she is my soul mate and being to spend the rest of our lives together is the best thing we could ever dream of. We want a chic wedding played out from a movie we have in mind. You will wanna post this one!

  • Oh! I love seeing a beautiful table setting, along with handmade decor at a wedding is my favorite part.

  • The best memory: staying up late with friends to create a hundred white paper cranes to line the aisle way when the bride and groom walked out to the car. Her face was worth every paper cut

  • Beautiful images! Favorite wedding memory: This past March a dear friend of mine for over 10 years got married. Her father passed away from cancer when we were in college, so this was quite an emotional time for her. During the reception, a video was played on a large screen of her father. He had rented a tuxedo and made a video for her to see on her wedding day, telling her how much he loved her, how happy he was for her, and how much he wished he could be there to dance with her. Then he spoke to her husband, giving her away to him and charging him to love her and protect her. It was such a beautiful act of love from a father to his daughter!

  • I love this wedding. And I loved everything at my own wedding, which was also planned down to the very last detail. But, one of my favorite wedding memories is seeing my two close friends marry behind a church in Philly. My husband and I, a novice photographer, and their officiant were the only witnesses, and yet I never felt so much love in one space.
    After their short ceremony, we walked around Philly and their photographer took photos of them. Everyone, and I mean everyone, told her how beautiful she looked, wished the couple congrats, and at dinner, a couple we didn’t know gave us a bottle of wine from their own private cellar. I felt as if I was a witness to celebrity greatness. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful to them simply for being two people in love.
    It’s amazing how beautiful, calm, and peaceful love can be sans caterers, guest lists, and DJs. It was perfect.

  • My favourite wedding memory hasn’t happened yet but in my mind – it will involve marrying my boyfriend in Italy amongst a small group of friends, an outdoor communal street dinner table, lights in the trees and hopefully Jen Huang as our photographer! : )

  • I went to my boyfriend’s (then just-a-friend!) sister’s wedding. The reception was at an aquarium and it was a beautiful, humid but still cool, summer night. I got to hang out with his really great family and it definitely facilitated our relationship.

  • Love this giveaway! My favorite wedding memory was a year ago in our very own wedding as it was a life great moment when we get to share this great moment with our families & love ones.

  • I’m pretty much overwhelmed with joy by every wedding I’ve been to (tears galore!) but my favorite wedding memory is from when I was nine, acting as flower girl for my dad’s cousin’s wedding. The bride had gotten dressed for the wedding at home; everyone else in the wedding party was staying at a hotel. The bride had arranged to come to our hotel by limo, pick up her female entourage, and arrive at the wedding all together for the ceremony. An hour or so before the wedding, the maids of honor and I all stood outside of the hotel in our dresses, waiting to be picked up. The girls played a game with me: just guessing what color the limo would be. I insisted it would be black, but they all thought it’d be cream or white– it was more ‘bridal’. I guessed right, though!

    Just those five or six minutes getting to hang out with and even entertain the maids of honor made me feel like such a part of the wedding. I felt very grown-up– they were all so bubbly, gorgeous, excited, and I loved that quick happy moment! Definitely my favorite wedding moment ever– that’s stayed with me ’til now.

  • My favorite wedding memory is from my younger sister’s recent wedding. It was not anything that could be bought – in fact it was free. It is the look of wonder, astonishment, love and pride on the bride and groom’s faces as they leave the church! I love that look. . . two people truly in love coming together in front of their families. Priceless.

  • When I married I was a nurse caring for children with cancer. My flower girl was one of my patients, she had leukemia. I wanted to remember that life is precious and that in the end the small things we often spend so much time being angry and upset about are not worth the effort. Every time I look at the pictures I am reminded these things. (and yes my small flower girl was cured and is in college today)

  • The lovliest wedding I have been to was my best friends’ and her lover from another side of the world. Since he was really into nature, it took place in a forest by the seaside with only 20 closest friends. Very memorable, cosy and definitelly special event for them to start living happily ever after.

  • Two things happened on my wedding day that will live on in photos forever…we got married in San Diego and the Immaculata Church on the campus of USD. Right as I was set to walk down the aisle the wedding coordinator gave my long veil a final tug to arrange and when she did so, dislodged the velcro tabs inside that held the veil to the back of the cap…so basically as I walked down the aisle the right side of my head was exposed from the back due to the flapped veil, photo fail! Then after the ceremony, we stayed for photos and a limousine was to pick my husband and I up at the church. It never showed, and we hitched a ride in the photographer’s van, which did not have a proper back seat but, because of my gown, that is the only place I could fit. We laughed on our day at these things but now, when I look at those pics with my hair exposed, I don’t laugh as much! I would love to win this kit it looks lovely.

  • My niece’s wedding at a private home in San Jose last October. She and her now husband met in college, and wrote letters to each other that they each read before taking their vows. Both of them choked up, but my niece tempered hers with just the right punctuation of laughter, swearing that there was “one thing I can never never promise you (pause) I can never promise to love the 49’ers as much as I love my Saints! No, no, that’s asking too much.” Then they and all the of the bridal party exited with little dance skits to “Call Me Maybe.” Very lovely wedding that fit both of their personalities.

  • My favorite wedding memory took place at about 7:00 pm when I ran down to our event space at the Seattle Merchandise Mart. On my way back to the room to put my wedding dress on and get ready for the big moment, I passed several of our guest on the lower level of the building. I didn’t think anything of it and just chalked it up to guest wanting to get there a bit early to park and get settled. It wasn’t until I was back in the room getting dressed and received a phone call asking where I was. Opps…I had in my mind that the wedding time was 7:45 when it was actually suppose to start at 6:45. I was late to my own wedding but as they say good things come to those that wait! We’ll be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary on July 13th!

  • I have a tie for my favorite memory, it’s between walking down the aisle and seeing my husband to be for the first time and him reciting the vows the wrote about the first time we met.

  • At my wedding we really wanted people to feel comfortable to get out on the dance floor. So my brother (a groomsmen) dressed up as a robot and walked out on the dance floor to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”. An actual robot, doing “the robot” on the dance floor was just the trick, the dance floor was crowded all night and we partied til dark!

  • At a friend’s wedding, every best man and bridesmaid entered the room carrying a red tulip and the bride carried only a white tulip. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom then assembled all the tulips to make up the bouquet. It was just beautiful.

  • Not married yet, but my favorite wedding memory is that of my dear friend Rebecca’s. She leaned out the upstairs window of the country farmhouse where she was wed and chatted with us before the ceremony began. Her hair was still setting, tied up and pinned , and she was wearing a robe. It was so casual and awesome. I will never forget that. I hope my wedding is as effortless and comfortable.

  • My friends Jasmine and Joe dancing to the Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog
    “Laundry Day”, for their first dance. This song will never be the same.

  • I love Jen’s work, and this wedding is just gorgeous. My favorite part of my wedding day was having my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother there. They were both close to 90 years old, and seeing the joy in their eyes at getting to be part of our day was so important. Fancy details are great, but family is everything. Now every time I see a grandparent at a wedding I get a little choked up.

  • My favorite moment, was when I was in my best friend’s wedding and seeing how happy she was and dancing the night away outside with all of the guests.

  • My favorite wedding memory was when my college pal got married in Poland. My other 2 friends and I “road tripped” through Europe to get there and let’s just say they really love their vodka straight up there! It was so fun being part of all the Polish wedding traditions and games.

  • what a GORGEOUS wedding!
    my favorite moment? hearing my husband recite his vows – it made me so happy and giddy to hear him promise “forever” that I actually did a little happy jump :D

  • I’m getting married next May, and I’m sure my favorite wedding moment will happen next year. However, my current favorite wedding memory is from the wedding of two college friends. The groom went onstage with the wedding band, took over the electric guitar, grabbed the mic and sung a cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” made famous by Tiffany, while his wife danced in the front row. It was such a sweet moment!!

  • As a destination wedding planner based in the south of France, I am so touched by every wedding I experience with couples from around the world. One of our cutest couples has chosen to renew their vows once a year in a different destination. So far, Mr. V has gotten away with doing this three times while keeping it a total surprise for his wife Mrs. V! The most recent vow renewal ceremony took place in the paradise of the Seychelles just last weekend. Mrs. V wrote us a beautiful message of thanks today with more exclamation points to express her enthusiasm and happiness than there were words… :) As for my greatest personal memory, I’d copy and paste, but it’s probably easier to just read directly from my site bio here: http://ungrandoui.com/en/about-us-equipe/. Cheers!

  • I was at a wedding for one of my oldest friends last weekend. Not only was it a gorgeous wedding, it was performed by one of my childhood best friends who was just ordained as a rabbi.

  • My favorite moment was during the wedding of my good friends– as they came back down the aisle during the recessional, the groom kissed his new wife’s hand. It was such a quick, sweet gesture, and I always think of it when I see them. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • My best friend got married a few weeks ago, and the most touching moment was when her normally very stoic, tough man fiance (now husband) started crying during the vows.

  • My favorite memory was having all my cousins fly in all the way from Montreal to be with me on my special day, along with best friends from childhood, especially since I am an only child with no sisters, it made me feel so special.

  • My favorite wedding memory is when I was maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding, and as I was standing beside her as she was saying her vows, I got to see the look of true love and adoration in her husband’s eyes. That was the most meaningful moment of the entire evening for me.

  • My favorite wedding memory was when I got to watch my fiance officiate for two of his best friends. He had been close with both of them for a very long time, so it was really special and meaningful to see him be the one to perform their wedding. All the moms cried!

  • I not married but due to be September 2017 and even though I’ve beautiful memories of the weddings ive attended. I’m going to comment on my own. We’ve been together 14 years 15 when getting married. We’re going to Mauritius just the 2 of us, as after all these years we’ve decided it’s about our love and i want to be his wife instead of a big expensive wedding, which is why we’ve not got married before now due to the cost of a big church wedding. But I’m so excited and find it so romantic that it’ll be just us two on a little island which we’re taken to separately by boat and be saying our vows on a beautiful island in the sea with the sun setting. And i wish we’d done this sooner but its taken until this year for me to realise that its our love,life and about us getting married and me being his wife but before it included a big wedding which isnt my priority now.

  • Wow! Amazing collection of wedding pics :) My favorite wedding memory was when I got to watch my fiance officiate for two of his best friends. He had been close with both of them for a very long time, so it was really special and meaningful to see him be the one to perform their wedding. All the moms cried!

  • At a pal’s wedding, every best guy and bridesmaid entered the room carrying a red tulip and also the bride brought only a white tulip. The mom of the bride as well as the mommy of the groom then constructed all the tulips to comprise the arrangement. It was just stunning.