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Pink at Brimfield 2013

by Amy Azzarito

Maybe it’s the fact that I bought a pink coffee table this year, or that I’ve taken to writing only using pink Le Pens, but I’ve been embracing my girly side lately. So when we were at Brimfield, I found myself captivated by pink. I love the patina of the pinks on these vintage finds. And while I didn’t come home with anything pink, it did get me thinking of others ways I could sneak a little pink into my decorating scheme. –Amy Azzarito

Image above: I’d love to see this pink mirror on a dark gray wall.

Image above: The lines of this pink stool make it pretty fantastic.

Image above: A fantastic find: pink dining room chairs!

More pink from Brimfield after the jump!

Image above: You could line these pink baskets and use them as kitchen storage. Or leave them unlined and use them next to the fireplace for wood storage.

Image above: Minus the frame, this would make great artwork for a kid’s room.

Image above: If I only I had the room for this, it would make such a great kitchen island.

Image above: If you were handy (or have a handy person in your life), you could build a storage unit around these drawers, or hang one upside down and use as a floating nightstand.

Image above: Pink Pyrex = perfect mixing bowl.

Image above: Some tender loving care (and a bit of rewiring) and these fixtures could make a great statement in a home with high ceilings.

Image above: Perfect bedside, living room – or any room – rug, with a hit of pink, of course.

Image above: A pink clothes stand could be great storage (once the rust is cleaned off, of course).

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  • Excellent use of pink here – I think many people consider it a baudy colour; a bit wild and flamboyant, but it can be stylish as proven here. I watched Amadeus recently (the film about Mozart) and lots of the wardrobe circa 1770 involved lots of dramatic pink dresses, suits, and wigs. I think it’s coming back into fashion, possibly, as I’ve seen guys wearing pink shirts etc. It’s the pink revolution!

  • I love flea markets (the better ones, at least, and Brimfield looks like one) for fabric and patterns. They’re terrific for sewing patterns galore from nearly an era…and now a great time to buy because so many people are clearing out their collections to earn extra money. (I tried selling some myself, that’s how I know). And the fabric is die for….a little more competition here because garment sewers will be competing with quilters who want what you want for ….blankets! Arm yourself with seam rippers and scissors, friends. LOL

  • Those rugs and that “kids room” artwork! Woah! Love. I actually have that exact basket! It’s red though and I use it to store my little girl’s toys in our living room. : )

  • Love! I have a gilded mirror just like that in light blue, with gold wash underneath peeking through.
    A pink one would offset it nicely in another room :)

  • I’m planning to finally experience Brimfield this year (Sept), and wondered if you guys have ever done a guide for it? I searched around the site and maybe I missed it…but just a thought-it would be awesome as I know you are seasoned veterans of the show! Merci ;)

    • hi susan!

      we haven’t done a guide yet, but i would say my major tips are:

      1. our favorite fields are: j&j and mays. heart of the mart is great, too.
      2. arrive early on the first day of each field if you can- the best stuff goes FAST.
      3. this isn’t really a bargain show- it’s more about incredible pieces that you won’t see anywhere else. so if you see something you love– grab it!

      also- rent an airbnb house or stay at the super8. those have been our best bets so far ;)

      grace :)

  • My fav spot is New England Motel. I’ve never been disappointed and come away with TREASURES! Check it out!

  • When ‘doing’ Brimfield, my fav FIRST UP spot is New England Motel. I’ve never been disappointed and always come away with TREASURES! Check it out!

  • There are so many items to use pink with, imagine a whole room of pink. The baskets are my favorite, i’m even considering making some of my own by getting some white baskets and spray painting them, see how that works out, will let you know.

  • The artwork is my favourite and the pink really stands out and does not get overpowered by the other colours.