My Life Scoop: Bike Gadgets

by Amy Azzarito

May is National Bike Month, which is a month long holiday that I can totally get behind.  So for this week’s My Life Scoop, I picked some of my favorite stylish gadgets. I ride my bike to work nearly everyday, and even though it’s just a short ride from in Brooklyn, there are few gadgets that can certainly make your life easier. My favorite gadget is my bike computer – when I’m heading to work, it keeps me on time. And when I’m on longer rides or trying to get a little exercise, I can keep track of my speed. But honestly, one of my favorite gadgets, is a simple bell. When you’re a New York commuter and competing for street space with both pedestrians and cars, there’s almost no gadget that is more helpful. It’s a simple and effective way to let people know you’re coming! Whether you ride to commute to work, for pleasure or for exercise, a few choice gadgets can make your ride much smoother! Do you have a favorite bike gadget? Click here for all the links and the full post!  –Amy Azzarito

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  • I’ve been really loving bikes lately and all the cute accessories that go along with them. Especially the Sorgreni Bike Bell shown above! So simple and pared back. I’ve been admiring it ever since I shared it on Luvocracy last month!

  • Nice! Have you tried out NYC’s Bike Share…we’re getting our own version here in PHX soon-ish. I married a Bike Guy so our home is filled with gear, he has 20 bikes (why????), I own one, you can only ride one at a time last time I checked. :) ps. I love those Ryde Safe decals!

  • Where’s the list of items that relate to the numbers? Would love to know the details of these products.

    • stuart

      please follow the link to the full post, in the post above. we guest write these columns for mylifescoop and they live on their site.