May Day Bouquet

by The Ladies of Foret

Traditional celebrations surrounding the start of May are marked by flowers, ribbon, and merriment. Celebrated in various ways throughout cultures this time of year is linked to the ancient Pagan ritual Beltane, the Festival of Flora honoring the Roman goddess of flowers, and in more contemporary times, May Day.  Celebrations traditionally observed on May 1st include the exchange of baskets of flowers and sweets, the crowning of a May Queen (with crowns of flowers, of course), and a dance around the maypole weaving ribbon into beautiful patterns. These traditions are a flower-lover’s heaven! -the Ladies of Forêt

Image above via April in Alabama

Since finding a traditional May Pole to dance around may be difficult for most of us, we decided to create a May Pole inspired ribbon wrapped bouquet! If you are anything like us, we’ll take any excuse to play with beautiful ribbon. This is a simple project that just requires ribbon of your choice, some beautiful spring blooms, floral tape, and a hot glue gun.
Once you’ve gathered your supplies and put together your bouquet, simply secure it with floral tape. Then start adding in different layers of wrapped ribbon, using a dab of hot glue to secure each layer. You can follow the steps in our photos or feel free to be creative with whatever ribbon and patterns inspire you! We added an extra pop of trailing ribbon to finish the bouquet off.

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  • Nice ribbon, where is it available? Also, do you have a source for doublefaced silk satin ribbon? May Poles were stopped in Los Angeles schools when my daughter was in Kindergarten in the 80s. As kids we had missed the phallic message in the May Pole celebration.

  • I know I never read that into the Maypole and we had the Maypole dance every year in grade school. It’s a shame people are always looking for some symbolic, hidden meaning when sometimes it’s just a Maypole.