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  • I absolutely love this colour. You can spot a lot of it on historical buildings in London, especially domes. I also love how much of it you see in France on external wood like window frames and front doors. Clean, crisp and vibrant, but not overpowering or lurid. LOVE!

  • Such a beautiful, naturally occurring colour. I agree with the previous two comments. Left to weather, copper will turn this beautful green – the perfect complimentary colour, nature certainly knows best when it comes to colour combos!
    Thank you for brightening my day :-)

  • It’s interesting that it says toxic in nature.I’ve read a lot of people making their own stain with pennies and vinegar. Maybe not such a great idea.

  • Just writing to say how much I enjoy this color of the day series! Also, I have a suggestion for a future color of the day, manganese blue.

  • Farrow & Ball has a gorgeous shade of this called “Arsenic.” I’m soooo in love with this color!

  • I usually just stop by Design Sponge and flip though, but I’ve started looking forward to Color of the Day, keep it up!

  • DO you ever tell us what the HSB, RGB, CMYK, or hexadecimal equivalent is of your color-of-the-day?
    It would be nice if I could easily dial it up in Photoshop or Illustrator…

  • I love all of these. It is interesting to learn a little history behind these incredible colors. I’m going to be sad when May is over.