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  • I’m in love with this series of posts on colour. Just makes me appreciate them more.
    D*S is to blame for my constant battle on whether to continue my B.Sc. degree or to jump into paper-cutting or anything colour related. When I’m supposed to be solving complex problems, I’ll be yearning to paint or cut paper. When I’m supposed to cut paper or design something for my friends, I miss the numbers and equations. Why was I created like this?!
    I’m supposed to write a stupid report, and emerald and cinnabar red and tyrian purple are giving me a break. Thanks Amy.
    Hope you include turquoise!

    • Hi Ri Gal – Paper cutting! How fun! I’m glad you’re enjoying the colors. I don’t think turquoise was in the list, but I’ll do some research just for you. :) xoAmy

  • Hi, great series indeed! Love it!
    Question – did they use cinnabar for walls or also for the textiles?