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Brimfield 2013: Interesting Storage Pieces

by Grace Bonney

This year’s Brimfield show was full of interesting storage items. From wire baskets and tiny tin containers to glass bottles and letter files, there were so many options that nearly made it home in the car with us. What I love so much about this category of products is the pricepoint- for some reason, storage items always seem to be the more affordable things to bring home. For that reason we brought a handful of tin containers home (and Max found a few beauties for himself, too) and can’t wait to find ways new to use them. These were our favorite pieces and we hope you’ll enjoy them, too… xo, grace

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  • I love those letter boxes in the first pictures!! I wonder where I could get one, besides at Brimfield. It would be such a lovely gift for my husband, whose grandfather is dying- I know he would love a special place to save all the letters his grandfather has sent him over the years.

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for ceramic crocks, and these ones are no exception! The baskets are also catching my eye and would be a perfect hiding spot for all of my leather and silk cord (and countless other jewelry supplies, I’m sure!). Great finds, Grace & team!

  • I love the wire baskets in the fourth picture. So classic and versatile, and I can never have enough!

    Eva, We actually sell a storage bin called the Modern Library Storage Bin made with discarded library books. We build them in our woodshop in Southern California. If there’s a certain subject matter (history, etc.) your husband might like, we may be able to accommodate. Here’s a link, if you’d like to see, maybe: http://www.etsy.com/listing/65276161/the-original-modern-library-storage-bin?ref=shop_home_active

  • I bought a wire basket from the vendor in your fourth photo….foolishly, I wish I had bought more! I have so much more to store in them. Can’t wait to get back in July and dig through for more treasures!

  • I loved your(Rosie Bonney) segment on the Chew, this afternoon (1:00pm) here in Cleveland, Ohio. Where is Brimfield? I’d really like to visit this summer. My daughter lives in Chicago, Illinois and I know she’d appreciate a trip to Brimfield.

  • Great finds from Brimfield. Have you heard of http://www.rwandapartners.org. They produce woven baskets like the one above. Rwanda Partners designs and imports baskets help to feed and educate families in Rwanda. Also the three tribes are working in community and peace to create these fab baskets. I just consulted on their new colours/patterns for S/S 14. I love their mission and products.

  • Cool stuff. Love Brimfield. But it looks like those red handled egg baskets might be new. I’ve been seeing them at many shows recently and also at Homegoods and Marshalls.

  • I’m a sucker for vintage glass vessels of all shapes and sizes. Love the possibilities of what they could contain.

    Fun to see your Brimfield treasures! It’s like we had a little Brimfield field trip thus morning. Thanks!

    If you’d ever make the trek to Randolph Street Market in Chicago, I’m your girl. We’d roll out the red carpet for the D*S team and give you the grand tour!

  • Sometimes, the things that you least expect are the things that could look really pretty and serve so many purposes, especially storage. I really like the the wire trays/baskets and I think they would be really practical in the kitchen to store eggs or onions and potatoes. I think what makes them attractive is the vintage element.