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How to Use The Flower Market

by Grace Bonney

This week I’m thrilled to end with a post that celebrates spring weather, flowers and one of our favorite D*S alumnae, Amy Merrick. Since her days of writing Living In posts and creating Made with Love projects, Amy has gone one to become one of the most sought-after florists and stylists in the area. We’re thrilled that her studio is a stone’s throw from our office so we scooped her up this week and headed to the flower market to get her tips and tricks for navigating any city’s flower market. Whether your city has a central market or, like NYC, an area with several sellers grouped together, Amy’s tips will come in handy if you’re planning to buy flowers for an event, DIY or just a dinner party with friends. I hope you’ll enjoy this colorful tour through the flower market and maybe find some inspiration to create your own floral arrangement this weekend. Thanks so much to Amy for taking the time to film with us and to Max for lugging our camera around all day and filming. xo, grace

*Editor’s note: It’s been hard to focus on design this week with the tragedy in Boston. All of us at Design*Sponge are heartbroken and are sending all of our love and thoughts to the victims and their families. If you want to join us in supporting them here are ways to help.

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


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