Pssst: Happy April Fool’s Day!

by Grace Bonney

I have to say that today has been one of the most fun days to come to work ever. Every comment, tweet, Facebook message and Instagram note that thought we were seriously turning into a cat-only blog made my day. Thanks to our new editorial calendar and the ability it gives us to plan and work ahead, we actually had time to plan and execute a little April Fool’s Day prank, complete with a revised version of our logo, ribbon banners and an updated “I Want To” link guide on the right. While our entire team is indeed cat-obsessed, you can rest assured we are not changing over to an “all cat” formula. Tomorrow we’ll be back to regular posts and 100% design all the time. But thank you for you indulging us in a little cat-ertainment today. In all seriousness though, that cat music playlist is on heavy rotation here. Those songs (Janet Jackson’s Black Cat? Guster’s all meow singing?) are actually good- and funny to boot. So to all of the dogs, birds, pigs, chickens, lizards and other beloved pets- we love you just as much as we love our cats. Rest assured all animals will have a home here at D*S, but it’s back to normal tomorrow (and I’ll announce our real April theme tomorrow morning). xo, grace

*PS: The little cats all over the site will go down later today. I wanted to leave them up for a few more hours out of selfish enjoyment.

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