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Missoula, MT City Guide

by Stephanie

Today’s Missoula, MT City Guide comes to us from Rachel Stevens, a multimedia designer and blogger based in Missoula.  Rachel is currently working on her masters in Media Arts at University of Montana and is channeling her love for this town into a new project called WHEELHOUSE // MISSOULA. Today she shares with us the many wonders this rising metropolis has to offer in the way of dining, shopping and entertainment.  Thanks Rachel for giving up this glimpse into Missoula! —Stephanie

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I grew up right outside of Austin, Texas. Feeling I was a mountain girl at heart, I spent my early twenties in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and never looked back. (That’s a lie… I looked back for Tex-Mex, art shows, and concerts constantly.) When I found Missoula, Montana, I instantly found what I was looking for in a home. Missoula is the lovechild of Austin and Jackson Hole. This town has the perfect balance of mountains + music; wilderness + wildness; and old west + opportunity.

And even though I’ve given you an extensive list (check out the map!) of highlights of Missoula, there are even more that I had to cut from the list.

Downtown Missoula by Rachel Stevens Photos by Rachel Stevens

Also referred to as “The Heart of Missoula,” you could spend days exploring the art, culture, food, drink, and characters of downtown Missoula.



The Catalyst Cafe & Espresso Bar 111 N. Higgins Ave. // 406-542-1337
Try and get a window seat (or sit outside) to watch the bustling characters of downtown Missoula pass. But regardless of where you sit, this cozy café is a gem. The espresso bar is worth the visit enough, but delicious breakfast and lunch menu make it the perfect place for brunch. And with amazing gluten free and vegan options, The Catalyst Café is about the best place for brunch dates of all types.

The Shack 222 West Main St. // 406-549-9903
A Missoula staple since 1949, The Shack feels like you’re back in simpler times. They serve a good dinner as well, but breakfast is where they really shine. You can get anything from huckleberry pancakes to Rocky Mountain rainbow trout for breakfast. If that’s not Montana, I don’t know what is.

The Old Post 103 W. Spruce // 406-721-7399
Their motto is, “Hey, it’s more fun to eat in a bar than to drink in a restaurant.” And, hey! It’s even more fun to have a greyhound with the eggs benedict of the day in the sunshine on a gorgeous Missoula early afternoon. All this and more can be found at the Old Post.


Biga Pizza 241 W. Main St. // 406-728-2579
Every time friends or family visit, I take them to Biga. Their fig, prosciutto, basil pie and sweet potato, chipolte, bacon pizza have my loved ones craving Biga from states away. I make any excuse to eat here and pair a favorite with one of their seasonal pizzas. This is a must-stop for Missoula.

Red Bird Wine Bar 111 N. Higgins Ave. // 406-549-2906
This dark, intimate wine bar lives in the historic Florence Hotel. The wine selection is amazing and the dishes are delicious. I highly recommend the champagne fondu to start off. And to finish, have yourself a little photoshoot in the phone booths outside of the restaurant.

Scotty’s Table 131 South Higgins Ave. (lower level) // 406-549-2790
Fine dining at it’s best. This hip restaurant is located below the Wilma Theatre. If you feel like splurging a bit, eating at Scotty’s Table before or after catching a show at The Wilma is a perfect Missoula night. Fitting in a stroll along the riverside path that Scotty’s is nestled upon is a bonus. Lunch at Scotty’s is also delicious, but the local lamb dish served at dinner is where it really shines.

The Pearl Cafe 231 East Front St. // 406-541-0231
The Pearl is located in an adorable historic building. The exposed beams have carved graffiti from back to World War II exposed above the bar and parts of the dining area. With an ambiance that’s quaint, fancy, and lovely, you feel like you’re on a European get-a-way with a bit of a Montana flare.


Montgomery Distillery 129 West Front St. // 406-926-1725
Montgomery is a designer-who-likes-to-drink’s dream come true. Everything about this place is gorgeous; from the vintage school tables to the mounted buffalo head to the hand-crafted cocktails. With grain from the Bitterroot Valley, they make amazingly tasty vodka and gin on site. The whole feel of the place is everything that’s right with Missoula.

Charlie B’s 428 N Higgins Ave. // 406-549-3589
Charlie’s rides a very thin line of a sleezy dive bar and an amazing dive bar, but don’t all the best pubs? It was recently on Equire’s list of the “15 Best Bars Every Man Should Drink in Before He Dies.” Beautiful black and white photography portraits of regulars from the 50s and 60s line the walls, giving hours of entertainment. And if you get hungry, there’s a cajun restaurant called the Dinosaur Grill in the back that is a hidden delight.

James’ Bar 127 W Alder St. // 406-721-8158
This bar has a wonderful atmosphere for drinking and catching up. Huge portraits of Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson look down on you as you and your friends inevitably order another round of sweet potato tater tots to compliment your happy hour martinis. The only warning about James Bar is that you’ll want to stay away on Thursday nights. The college scene in Missoula can take over now and then.

Butterfly Herbs 232 N Higgins Ave. // 406-728-8780
Butterfly Herbs is a tea house turned everything-awesome house. They have an incredible array of teas, coffee, dishware, books, cards, candles, and people watching. This is where you can see the pulse of Missoula and have a delicious pot of tea.


Cloth & Crown 329 North Higgins Ave. // 406-542-2626
Cloth & Crown is a beautiful, petite boutique in the middle of it all. With it’s gorgeous styling of the store itself, you’ll want to stay to try on every out fit, smell every candle, and peruse all the jewelry.

One Eleven 111 N. Higgins Ave. // 406-541-7376
This boutique features gorgeous dresses in their window display, and that’s what you’ll want to check out here: the dresses. They have jewelry and jeans as well, but that all pales in comparison to their dress selection.

Green Light 301 N Higgins Ave. // 406-541-0080
Environmentally conscious clothing, cookware, accessories, and make-up. You don’t have to sacrifice style to live consciously, especially at the Green Light.

Noteworthy 101 S. Higgins Ave. // 406-541-6683
For all the paper-philes finding their way to Missoula, there’s Noteworthy. The window displays will bring you in, but the letter press art will keep you in. Hours can be spent looking at all the treasures inside this amazing little card/paper shop.

Fact & Fiction 220 North Higgins Ave. // 406-721-2881
Looking for a best seller, an obscure specialty, or a superstar local author? You’ll probably find it at this sweet bookshop.

Habitat Floral Studio 211 North Higgins Ave. // 406-543-0967
Habitat has Design*Sponge written all over it. You’re usually greeted by a sweet, old golden retriever, which makes bopping in real quick just irresistible. I usually end up leaving with a beautifully unique bouquet for a loved one or yet another succulent or terrarium for myself.


The Wilma Theater 131 South Higgins Ave. // 406-728-2521
I was hesitant to fall in love with Missoula at first; then I went to a film at the Wilma. This historic theatre has the beautiful familiarity that only comes with perfectly preserved gems. Since it’s a pub theatre most days and a concert venue others, you could see a French film with a glass of wine, sitting in a crushed-velvet chair by day and then sing along front row at acts like The Head and the Heart or Macklemore and Ryan Lewis by night… all at the Wilma.

Caras Park + Brennan’s Wave Below the Higgins Bridge
Caras Park really is the heart of Missoula. Located right off of the Clark Fork River, there is almost always something going on at this wondrous park. And if there isn’t a formal event, there’s probably at least a surfer or kayaker playing around in Brennan’s wave, an endless surfwave. There’s also a carousel for children and the young as heart (I’ve ridden it a time or two). If you’re visiting between May and October, be sure to check out the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Caras… it’s one of three Saturday Markets downtown!

Missoula Art Museum 335 North Pattee St. // 406-728-0447
In a community full of amazing artists, we have an amazing art museum. MAM has a great collection, wonderful traveling exhibitions, and educational art classes. Be sure to stop in to the MAM (and many other wonderful galleries) during Missoula’s First Fridays.

The Union Club, 208 East Main St. // 406-728-7980
If you’re looking for local bands and many smiles on a dance floor, look no further. The Union Club is where you want to be Thursday through Saturday nights.


The Wilma 131 South Higgins Ave. // 406-360-0496
If you’re not completely enamored with The Wilma yet, you can also stay in the historic hotel above the theatre. That’s right. You could stay in the Wilma, go down to eat at Scotty’s Table, and then go to a wonderful indie film… all without leaving the building. (But you should probably still wander out to take a stroll alongside the river.)

HipStrip, Missoula by Rachel Stevens

Fittingly, this area of Missoula has adopted it’s nickname because it’s just so damn hip, in the best way. The Hip Strip is a well-crafted block of local shops and restaurants following their passion… and it shines through brightly.



Hob Nob, 531 South Higgins Ave. // 406-541-4622
This quaint cafe has organic options and a killer plate of migas. You’ll love this Missoula staple.

Bernice’s Bakery 190 S. 3rd W. // 406-728-1358
Bernice’s is a must for travelers through Missoula. If you are gluten-free or vegan, don’t worry, some of those specialty cupcakes and cakes are for you.

Le Petit Outre 129 S. 4th Street W. // (406) 543-3311
This place has bread and espresso to die for. My usual Saturday morning routine is to grab a latte for now, and a loaf of bread (rosemary foccacia or a sourdough baguette) for the weekend at Le Petit. (Full disclosure: I then usually walk over to Bernice’s for a breakfast cupcake.)


The Silk Road 515 South Higgins Ave. // 406-541-0752
A small-plate global tasting experience. At the Silk Road you can have a taste of India, Italy, and Greece all on the same table. The atmosphere is romantic and exotic and there’s even a small theater, The Crystal, through the back. It’s an amazing little place.

Iza 529 South Higgins Ave. // 406-830-3237
This delicious Asian fusion restaurant is a favorite for locals and out-of-towners alike. The Thai Green Curry is my go-to when I want something to-go, but the Indonesian Buffalo Rendang is, hands-down, the best on the menu.

Caffe Dolce 500 Brooks St. // 406-830-3055
A bit further down the road, tucked in the slant streets, you’ll find a gorgeous Italian restaurant called Cafe Dolce. The high, painted ceilings are breath-taking and the food is just delicious. It’s definitely a romantic eating experience from beginning to end. And I fully recommend ending the night at their gelato bar. (Caffe Dolce also serves a killer breakfast.)


Big Dipper Ice Cream 631 South Higgins Ave. // 406-543-5722
A Missoula staple for sure, Big Dipper stays open year-round. You would think this would be challenging for an ice cream stand that doesn’t even have inside seating, but the ice cream is just that good. Every time I pass, I can smell the waffle cones being made and it’s game-over for me… I’m already in line. Sometimes I go on bike rides solely to reward myself with Big Dipper at the end. (Personal favorite flavors: Cardamom, Espresso Heath, and Mexican Chocolate.)


Kettlehouse (South) Brewery 602 Myrtle St. // 406-728-1660
You really could spend all day on the hip strip. And if you’re a fan of beer, you need to mosey over to Kettlehouse (referred to as K-Hol sometimes by the locals) around 4pm. Be careful, these beers are delicious, high in alcohol content, and they don’t serve food here. The atmosphere is fun and lively, Missoula embodied. You really must try the Cold Smoke Scotch Ale in your life.


Betty’s Divine 521 South Higgins Ave. // 406-721-4777
Betty’s is the best place to find hip, chic, beautiful, and unique clothing and accessories. With clothes for men and women, this shop has something for everyone. If you shop for clothes at one place in Missoula, make it Betty’s Divine. They’ve also helped champion Goertzen bags, leather purses made by a local adventure leatherman. In Missoula, these bags are comparable to Louis Viutton or Chanel. People always say, “Oh, I love your Goertzen!” or “Ugh, I want a Goertzen so bad!”

Ear Candy Music 624 South Higgins Ave. // 406-542-5029
This independent music store is an audiophile’s dream come true. It carries CDs, but it’s vinyl collection takes up most of the shop. If you’re willing to get on the floor and dig for a while, you’ll absolutely find some treasures in the dollar bin. Support your local music shop! (Especially this one.)

Rockin’ Rudy’s, 821 South Higgins Ave. // 406-542-1104
Get ready to get lost in awesomeness. This store is huge and filled with every kind of trinket, toy, jewelry, album, chocolate, stationary, sunglasses, etc. etc. you could ever think of. It’s a birthday present/souvenir/pick-me-up gift goldmine. It’s ordained with huge Elvis statues, vintage posters, and the like. Rockin’ Rudy’s is totally funky, totally Missoula, and totally awesome.

Bitterroot Flowers 811 South Higgins Ave. // 406-542-0309
A gorgeous flower shop filled with amazing arrangements, beautiful plants, and very cool people. After my first day of work in Missoula, I headed home to an empty apartment. I walked up to my door at the same time as this tattooed, jean-short-clad, fixie-bike-toting, young man holding flowers. He asked, “Are you Rachel?” When I assured that I was, he handed me the flowers, said, “Special delivery” and then road his bike off. For a while I really thought that my boyfriend (who sent the flowers) had hired some hipster off of Craigslist to delivery me beautifully unique flowers, but then I figured out… that’s Bitterroot.


Boom Swagger Salon 204 S. Third St. W. // 406-830-3192
A dear friend visited a while back and at the last minute, decided she needed a haircut. “Oh, you have to go to Boom Swagger,” I told her. Alas, she couldn’t get in. It was all the more disappointing when we walked by on her visit (on our way to Bernice’s) and looked in at the awesome, hip salon. She quickly saw what she was missing out on and said, “Aww man! Look at all those cool people having hair fun without me!” That’s exactly it. Cool people who know hair and make-up. It comes with my highest recommendation.

Rattlesnake, Missoula by Rachel Stevens

Up the gorgeous wooded hills Northeast of town you’ll find the Rattlesnake Recreation Area. All the sudden you’ll feel eons away from the city and the air will feel that much fresher.


{Any Meal}

Rattlesnake Gardens, 2501 Rattlesnake Dr. // 406-543-9962
Best on a Summer’s evening, this convenience store/restaurant is a Rattlesnake haven. You can be there for a cookie and a latte and sit in the grass or you can sit at a picnic table and pop a bottle of wine with friends while you figure out what to eat under the stars/string lights.


Tenspoons Winery 4175 Rattlesnake Dr. // 406-549-8703
We have hard liquor, we have breweries galore, and we also have some damn good wine. Tenspoons is a lovely winery in a truly “big sky” area of Missoula. They have music on select nights and delicious red and whites every night. Go to Tenspoons to watch the sunset with a loved one.


Rattlesnakes National Forest
If you love to hike, trail run, or mountain bike, you must go up the Rattlesnake. My first time mountain biking trails up in the Rattlesnake, the sky was absolutely gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and everyone we ran into was amazingly friendly. My friend took me to an area called Turkey Trail Loop and as we rode by this field, a rafter of turkeys took scattered upward from the tall grass and took off in flight. It was one of those magical Missoula moments I’ll never forget.


Blossom’s Bed and Breakfast 1114 Poplar St. // 406-721-4690
This quaint B&B is perfect if you want the Missoula experience with less city and more relaxing. It’s a dream-home turned into a place you can stay. A couple put their heart and soul into turning their home into a Bed & Breakfast to make their dream come true and you can tell. That’s what Blossom’s is.

River Road Missoula, RachelStevens

This area is a diamond in the rough of what seems like crazy traffic. Right off of Russell, you’ll be able to spend a Saturday drinking coffee, stocking up for DIY projects, and taking a cooking class before hitting up a german brewery for a pint.


{Any Meal and then Food for Later}

The Good Food Store 1600 S. 3rd St. W. // 406-541-3663
This is our local take on a Whole Foods. I just had breakfast from the hot bar there with my girl friends this weekend; I constantly hit up their smoothie bar; I shop at the Good Food Store for my groceries (especially their specialty cheeses); and I’m signed up for one of their cooking classes this month. They do everything, and they do it really well.


Black Coffee Roasting Co. 1515 Wyoming St. // 406-541-3700
Black Coffee is found all over Missoula; in coffee shops, grocery stores, your friend’s home, etc., but this is where it’s made and packaged. And don’t you worry, they’ll make you a latte here as well. The marketing/art/styling of the place and their products is worth the trip alone, but then you also get a delicious cup of joe.

Bayern Brewery 1507 Montana St. // 406-721-1482
This is the only German brewery in the Rockies and their beers are what you would expect from an actual brewery tour in Germany itself – absolutely awesome. Beyond their great brews, they are spear-heading a movement in Missoula to recycle bottles at the brewery to be washed and re-filled. They have also started issuing reusable six-pack and case holders to cut back on waste. You gotta love beers trying to save the world.


Home ReSource 1515 Wyoming St. // 406-541-8300
(Full Disclosure: My bearded manfriend works here.) Home ReSource is a DIY-er’s dream come true. Their mission statement says it all, “We collect and sell reusable building materials to reduce waste, build healthier communities, and promote a more vibrant and sustainable local economy.” Building materials, yes, but also so much more. I’ve gotten a roll map of Europe for my living room, crates to stack for a bookshelf in my study, and paint to help me copy-cat one of my favorite Design*Sponge tutorials.

University District, Missoula by Rachel Stevens

Missoula is proudly the home of the beautiful University of Montana. Wandering on to campus is a different world, and adventuring around the area is a real treat.



Food for Thought 540 Daly Ave. // 406-721-6033
This college hangout is everything that’s right with Missoula. You’ll see students galore, professors, but also young professionals, older bridge clubs; all enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and eats of Food for Thought. The Huevos Rancheros and Breakfast Burritos are a sure fire here. This is a great place to start off your day with friends or to camp out and read a book.


Hike the “M”
Located about Missoula, about the University, is Mount Sentinal. On Sentinal, there is a huge, white letter “M”. You need to hike the switch-backs up to the “M” to be a real Missoulian. Up there, you can see the whole city and the beautiful mountains beyond.

Off The Beaten Path, Missoula by Rachel Stevens

Here are a handful of things you wouldn’t want to miss if you have the time to do some exploring around the Missoula area.

Big Sky Brewing Co. 5417 Trumpeter Way // 406-549-2777
The largest brewery in Montana is worth the long bike ride or drive. The tasting room is gorgeous and the brews are perfect for a hot summer day. And if Big Sky Brewery hosts a concert, you want to be there for the sunset. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Fort Missoula 322 Fort Missoula Rd. // 406-728-3476
As one of Montana’s first military posts, this historic site has something for everyone. There’s a museum with many programs and exhibits for children and adults alike. Just walking around Fort Missoula and checking out the sites are something to behold.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort Paradise, MT (About an hour and a half outside of Missoula) // 406-826-3150
A beautiful hour and a half drive from Missoula and you can find yourself in Paradise, Montana. Quinn’s Hot Springs is perfect for a day trip, or you can stay the night next to the river in one of their beautiful cabins

Symes Hot Springs Hot Springs, MT (About an hour and a half outside of Missoula) // 888-305-3106
This bath-house/hotel/restaurant/hot springs is a step back into the Old West. People travel from all over to soak in these natural springs and then enjoy this historic hotel.

Glacier National Park Glacier, MT (About three and a half hours outside of Missoula) // 406-892-3250
This is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. Breath-taking views will find you at every turn in Glacier National Park. Go visit soon! Before the glaciers are gone!


Notables from Missoula:

David Lynch (filmmaker, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man)
J.K. Simmons (actor, Spiderman, Juno)
Dana Carvey (actor, SNL)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (actor, Modern Family)
Tommy Moe (olympian, skiing)

Attended University of Montana in Missoula:
Collin Meloy (of the Decemberists)
Allie Brosh (of Hyperbole and a Half)

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  • I lived in Missoula from around 1990-92– when it was a cool place but somewhat less hip and a lot cheaper… and it was fun to see how many spots were there then (a few, not many). I recommend the banana bread french toast at The Shack. :)

  • I’m headed through Missoula today! I’ll have to grab a Big Dipper cone on my way through.

  • We just moved to Montana a month ago (Great Falls) and my husband went to a concert at The Wilma last night and immediately fell in love with Missoula! This couldn’t have come at a better time. We are definitely going to Missoula for Memorial Day now! Thanks!

  • My husband and I lived in Missoula when we were in college! It really is a unique and charming place. I can definitly see myself living there again someday. : )

  • I’ve lived a lot of different places in my life (London, New York, San Diego, Paris, Seattle…to name a few) and my absolute favorite is still Missoula!!!!!!

  • I am so excited to see this post! My husband is originally from Helena, and we will be moving to Missoula for him to study at U of M Law this Fall. Would love to connect with you Rachel, once we get there!

  • Northside/Westside
    Burns Street Bistro
    Blackcat Bakery
    Kind Swine -seasonal
    Mishky’s -seasonal
    Northside Kettlehouse
    Draught Works
    Bike Doctor
    Missoula Community Food Co-op
    Secret Seconds
    Freestone Climbing Center
    Zootown Community Arts Center
    Hellgate Rollergirls
    Outdoor Cinema

  • I’m so impressed that Missoula made it to a City Guide! Wow, I have to agree – Rachel did a great job. We’ve lived in Missoula on and off for over 10 years now. We try to move away, but it keeps bringing us back.

  • Sam: THANK YOU! I kept going back and forth on Northside/Westside and then kicked myself relentlessly after submitting this article and leaving it out. You made up a great guide for a wonderful part of Missoula. Everyone take note!

    Tia: Let’s grab a drink when you come into town!

    Thanks everyone for the sweet words! It’s awesome to write about such a wonderful place for such a kick-ass blog.xx

  • Missoula! If you are ever in Missoula you must stop into Black Cat Bake Shop. The Lemon Cookies are to die for! They also have quite a few gluten free options and even Parisian Macaroons (one of the gluten free options actually). The Salted Caramel and Passion Fruit are my favorite Parisian Macaroon flavors, oh and the pistachio.

    If you are in Missoula during the Summer (actually May through October) the Farmer’s & People’s Markets are really awesome and a must see if you are here on a Saturday!

    Great post Rachel, pretty spot on for this amazing city!!

  • I’m so glad that The Montgomery Distillery made this list. I love giving shows there, they did Valentine’s day perfect with jazz and cocktails made of locally made chocolate from Posh Chocolat YUM! <3 Such interesting people coming in and out of those doors all night…

  • You forgot one great location in Missoula for all your HOME decorating needs. Hunting and Gathering does a great range of contemporary pieces to custom recycled barnwood furnishings and is right on the edge of the HIP STRIP. Missoula’s best kept little secret :]

    Check us out!

  • Long, long time ago I saw my first Felini film at the Wilma with some friends and our English teacher. Perfect for a small town farm girl. Glad to see others love the quirky town.

  • Thank for this list! We live in Eureka and get to Missoula a few times a year. I now know where to eat, shop, and what to do when we have a little free time!

  • Born in Missoula, returned in the mid nineties for a few years. Love everything about it except the dreary winters. My brother is one of the black and white pics on the wall at Charlie B’s. I miss it!

  • David Lynch responded to the myth that he lived in the Willa in the Independent some years ago. He didn’t, nor did he ever live in Missoula.

  • Love your blog :) …and lets not forget a good ol’ GRIZ football game if you ever get the opportunity. It’s one of the most fun things to do here in Missoula. Go Griz :)

  • Like CB I live in tiny Eureka and venture to MSO a few weekends every year. My sister lived there, my brother and SIL live there now. It feels like Portland lite with a mountain twist all its own, and it’s not 12 hours away! Great beer, food, shops, music, galleries. Also lots of running and XC skiing opportunities and the Missoula Marathon is one of the highest rated races in a popular mag for its cool temps, mtn scenery and laidback vibe.

  • There are some ah-mazing events in Missoula! The Missoula Marathon definitely being one of them.

    Here are some others (fingers crossed this comment platform recognizes HTML):

    Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (at the gorgeous Wilma)

    Project Selvedge (our own little Project Runway)

    Spontaneous Construction (where people used recycled materials to make things like chicken woodblock print presses)

    Missoula Marathon (as aforementioned.)

    River City Roots Fest

    Missoula Festival of the Dead

    Total Fest

  • You’re dead on with the recommendations. One of the best CD stores & places to wander around in when you have the time is Rockin Rudy’s, http://www.rockinrudys.com. Butterfly Herbs is a place to recoup after visiting the unique bars and Blossom’s Bed & Breakfast is worth staying at just to have breakfast with Blossom herself. And it IS breakfast, not some Continental dried up rolls or boxed cereals. She is a impeccabele hostess.
    If you’re in Missoula during baseball season, catching the Ospreys is a great night out, if for nothing else than to see the osprey nests scattered out past the outfield fences.

  • Rachael, Hope you will add to the downtown section the awesome Montana Antique Mall on Railroad St. This 4 story , former 1880’s hotel is one of the best such malls in the US according to 10oo’s of annual visitors. A fascinating store and “museum” trip, all on one.

  • This is fantastic! My husband and I moved about a half hour from Missoula a few months ago and now we’re going through your list of recommendations! I tried two hair salons without great results…this week I’m trying one you’ve suggested. Thank you for this fabulous list!

  • Andrea: That place is wondrous, yet so overwhelming! It’s a once-a-year-if-I-have-a-whole-day-and-lots-of-dolla-bills place. But definitely worth a visit. Thank you!

    Ginnieb: Go to Abby! She’s awesome!… especially if you have short hair or want short hair.

  • I graduated from the U of M and lived there in the 80’s – its always been a great place, but I see its more ‘hip’ now…I lived in a couple of great apartments, one was called the ‘Sacajawea Lodge’ – and I used to go see ‘Back to the Future’ every week when it opened at the Wilma. In those days, there wasn’t much to do at night except go to a Griz basketball game and the movies…there were a lot of great bars that aren’t there anymore – the Trading Post Saloon, Tijuana Cantina, the Carousel, Heidelberg House, Stockman’s and who can forget Pioneer Pies?? they had the BEST pies and food – we used to go see ‘The Talk’ all the time – Wiley Gustafson and his brother founded the band – Wiley is the voice of ‘YAHOO’ and went on to a successful country music career with Wiley and the Wild West – also can’t leave out Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam who attended U of M and dated one of my friends. Thanks for the great memories!!