Editor's Letter

Editor’s Letter: April 2013 (Big News)

by Grace Bonney

Last week I had a realization. As hard as it is to say, I feel like I’ve always been 100% honest with all of you, and it’s time to come clean: design is no longer my true passion. Sure, it’s been fun talking about beautiful homes and products for the past nine years, but something has been missing. And while I was reading the comments under the March Instagram Pet Challenge, I realized I needed to stay true to my heart. So many of you left comments that suggested I was unfairly favoring small dogs. And you were right. I’ve been working so hard to suppress my love for a different animal (in an attempt to keep things fair) that I swung too far in the other direction and forgot the animal with which my allegiance truly lies: cats.

Starting today, there are going to be some changes around here. Amy, Max and I had a long and serious talk, and we all agreed: it’s time to change Design*Sponge. So today you’re going to see some major changes taking place. We’ll continue to post homes, products and projects, but from the only perspective that truly matters: a cat’s.

Over the next month we’ll be making the transition from a full-time design site to a full-time cat site. We’ll be slowly phasing out design content over the next 30 days (so you’ll still see some non-cat posts for the next few weeks) and will happily be accepting any and all cat-related submissions. We will, however, no longer be accepting design-related submissions. I hope you all understand our need to stay true to ourselves and what really means the most to us as a team. From our cats to yours, Grace

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  • This has been a long time coming. Honestly, I was just waiting for the announcement. If I had to wait much longer I might have just stopped reading and gone back to Cheezburger. I can’t wait to see the new changes. Forget design, moar cats!

  • I think I speak for many of the readers when I say this change is both expected and welcome. Personally, I am really looking forward to the Biz Cats series. I’ve always known my cat had entrepreneurial skills and I think now is the time for him to harness them.

  • Thank You !
    OMG, I love cats soooo much, I totally approve for this change. We always can see in the pictures from the sneak peeks that what makes a home really a home is the kitten in it !
    It is important to stay true to yourselves also.
    Cats are sooo wonderfull, I wish I could hug them all. I wish I could hug every cat !

  • hahaha! I was falling for it until I remembered today’s date! Good April’s fools, I would of agreed wholeheartedly if the subject matter were of the canine variety ;P

  • I love this bold new direction. Looking forward to posts about chevron printed kitty litter boxes and African art for the eclectic cat pad. Meowwww!

  • I wish this was true, but I know it’s April Fool’s Day! Such a fun (cruel haha) way to joke! :)

  • The best April Fool’s are the closest to actual reality and reading your letter, I could believe it all! Especially the new logo, which is the best part. Cat*Sponge!

  • Oh god, I nearly cried at the thought of no Sneak Peeks (they get me through every Monday!) before realising what day it was.

  • Ummm that is very good news, since Margarita, my house mate and slave is always talking and living for design, you see that is what she does and love, to the contrary I would love to see more well designed and interesting cat sites. So I approve of the change, I will be sending some images of myself playing in the garden, sitting on top of her favorite cushions, and sleeping on her bed, looking forward the new content, I will pass the word to all my feline friends.

  • Sneak peeks shot from 12-inches-looking-up are going to be SO, SO interesting and subversive. A real design game-changer! I’m incredibly excited about this new direction.

  • Hmmm. I find this a bit disturbing. I mean I have had 4 cats at once but also coexisting with 2 dogs. I love me some feline friends but lest we forget that dogs are also “man’s best friend”?!

    I will continue to support DS in this catastic adventure but I do have 2 little Bostons that would love an opportunity to guest post if the need arises. They are particularly fond of outdoor design and also shoes.

    Just a thought. Oh, and what about the goldfish?

  • Oh no, what is this cat invasion over the internet? What about us dog people??! Who will start a Dog*Sponge blog for us? My pups would happily pose for the header :D

  • I wish!! :D Cat Sponge would be a great name too. Cats simply absorb everything especially my time and productivity [OK there never was productivity].

  • I cannot wait to see What’s In Your Toolbox, DIY tutorials and Before|Afters from our fellow felines.

    Absolutely purrfect post!

  • I am totally on board…I have thousands of pics of all of the cats we’ve rescued and an absolutely endless supply of adorable photos of my current collection of felines. I will start posting images to DS on an hourly basis…I can also provide images of my neighbourhood cats if you would like to ‘categorize’.

  • I think my heart stopped, Grace! Praise the Lord that it’s April 1. I don’t want to have to find another website to pour over during my lunch breaks!

  • I really approve of this change. I’ve never been a cat person myself, but I’m excited and ready for Cat*Sponge to open my mind to new directions in cat-based design and products. I may even have to consider getting a cat so I can take better advantage of all your posts and suggestions!

  • I am confused and upset about the comments making this sound like an April’s Fool joke. It is obvious that you are serious about this new blog direction, and I for one could not approve of it more. Did you know during the latest economic downturn, only pet related businesses and telecommunications showed growth? What, do you all want her to blog about cell phones?? NAY, I say.
    Are we, Grace’s devoted readers, going to deny her the opportunity to lead the way into a new, more cat-centric economy? I am with you, Grace, even if there are others who do not grasp the vision.

  • This is hilarious/awesome! :) Love the sense of humor and “all-in” attitude: from the left-hand side bar, to the top banner and multiple cat posts! AmAzing.

  • The impending problem that you may or may not have anticipated is that I’m starting to prefer Cat*Sponge to Design*Sponge.


  • Anyone who follows your Instagram feed had to know this day was coming! I wonder what the Friday recipes will bring ;)

  • It took me much longer than it should have to figure this one out! High fives and three cheers from me, and my cats: Omaha, Sweet Lil, and Odds.

  • I look forward to Sarah’s new floral column on which non toxic flowers & foliage are best for cat snacking each season and which vases tip over most easily to allow for maximum cat enjoyment!

  • Yaay! Love the creative thinking that led you to this decision – a site/blog after my own cat-like heart.


  • I am very gullible so if it’s true, I am sad…sad…sad….as I am not a cat person

  • I am so glad I came across this blog, why is it so hard to find everything you are looking for in one spot, I love cats and I’m currently redecorating my house and you have given me so many great ideas. Thank you so much

  • I can’t believe it, I’ve trusted your decor advice for years… what kind of cat advice could compare? Oh well, no sense crying over spilt milk!

  • Do you really need to keep sponge in the title? The word “cat” is so fabulous in and of itself that nothing further is needed …

  • not going to lie… I really would love to see a post about chevron printed kitty litter boxes!

    also VERY happy about the change!

  • As a design addict and pet industry professional. I. Love. It! There’s lots more cats on the @SwheatScoop social media pages for a month long eco- challenge. Gracey, you should volunteer as a guest contributor for their campaign and infuse your cat inspired design knowledge!

  • I’d love to have my cats guest-post some week. They’ve been working on an amazing diy tutorial on shredding upholstery. If that’s not up your “alley”, maybe a photo essay on covering every surface in fur will do the trick?

  • My cats Mao and Coco highly approve of this switch since they feel that my recent home decorating projects have not taken their needs enough into account.

  • Not going to lie, didn’t exactly know what was happening there for a moment and I don’t really subscribe to April Fools so I panicked a bit there. I can’t stand cats so I’ll be glad when this joke is over :) Cat Sponge does have a nice ring to it though…

  • Dear Catitor Bonney, It is with great pleasure I read of your timely decision. I do hope you will take into consideration that a cat’s reading/scrolling time is very short during busy days full of pressing obligations involving sleep. For future planning, as I am sure you will want to include my kind of cat in your Style Icon feature, it would be a black and white post. Purrs, Frances

  • Yay Cat-Sponge! Will you be conducting Cat-Interviews? Will After the Jump now be After the Pounce? Can you please feature how to entertain and have cat house parties?? I never know what to serve besides tuna and milk!

  • This actually made me cry. Brilliant. Thank you for the much needed laugh. My cat, Mr. Roly-Poly sends his regards.

  • LOL!!!! Cat*Sponge! If it didn’t smack of doing work around the place, I’m sure my Sewing Assistant would heartily approve…when he is not napping on top of my design/sewing materials, that is. :) Brilliant!

  • It’s actually April 2nd here in Australia… I got a bit upset over my coffee, even started thinking of a Pinterest board I could dedicate to D*S. Well played guys, well played

  • Purrrrfect. You will, of course be investing in those collar cam things so we get a true vision from those kitties…

  • I can see the new columns now! “In the litterbox with,” “Small Meowsures,” “Human/House/Hairball”…. now that’s content I can sink my claws into!

  • My Cat is king of the before and afters, some examples:
    Before- Rug flat in middle of living room
    After- Rug Crumpled in corner
    Before-Glass of water on counter
    After-Broken glass in puddle on kitchen floor

    Seriously Grace, Ill send you his CV!

  • Phew! My heart was racing there…yeah, you got me on that April Fool’s prank! I was seriously going to cry because I wouldn’t know where to get my fix!