30 Must-Have Hanging Planters

by Grace Bonney

Yesterday we enjoyed a seriously incredible spring day that hit 68 degrees. Amy and I had a meeting outside, in the park, with our shoes off. It doesn’t get much better than that. In light of the amazing spring weather- and our April “green” theme- I decided to dedicate some posts to great planters of all types. Today I’m starting with my favorite: hanging planters. Being someone with little to no surface space in my apartment, hanging planters are great because they don’t require a landing space and they double as room/wall art. I’ve really enjoyed the sort of retro macrame and beading trend that’s come back into hanging planters, but I’ve made sure to include a wide range of styles here, from super modern to earthy and rustic. I hope you’ll find something that inspires you to cultivate a little something green in your home. Happy Planting! xo, grace

*There are 33 more hanging planter options here on my Pinterest research board if you need some additional ideas…

Image above: 1. Mini Hanging Planters $35 each | 2. Plant Pod $106 | 3. Wooly Pocket $40 | 4. Tiered Planter $73 | 5. Scalloped Planter $25 | 6. Herringbone Planter $25 | 7. Mini tetra planter $140| 8. Hanging Nest Planter $34

Image above: Three porcelain + leather planters $130

Image above, left to right: Bag planter $39, Glass planter $150

Image above, left to right: Hanging planter $93, Midnight Planter $60, Bark Planter $45

Image above, left to right: Beaded planter $43, Diamond Planter $42, Blue Bell Planter $45

Image above, clockwise from top leftt: Bubble Hangers $9-$24, Triangle planter $38, Aluminum Planter $78, Pod Vase $48

Image above: 1. Ceramic planter $65 | 2. Egg Planter $34 | 3. Brass Planter $12 | 4. Ceramic planter $60 | 5. Scribble Planter $70 | 6. Brass Himmeli planter $25 | 7. Faceted Planter $76 | 8. Skurar Planter $6

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  • This is seriously perfect timing. I have a home improvement project that I half-assed and now looks crappy, and I want to just cover that wall with plants.

  • It would be great to add or do a separate post on great looking hooks to hang planters on. It can be hard to find a good looking hook with an extension arm besides the metal ones at the hardware store.

  • I love my Skurar planters from Ikea! So delicate looking. It is unfortunate that all of the planters I’m drawn to are small, and at the moment my plants which need hanging really require a 10″ diameter pot at least.

  • Design Sponge, stop reading my mind! I adore terrariums and hanging planters, and have been trying to figure out a way to convince my husband to drill a hole in our newly decorated bathroom, so I can hang some ferns! I might just…do it…then tell him. Thanks for this round-up, love it – as per usual.

  • I love the porcelain! However, I always seem to have a problem with mold growing in hanging pots that don’t have holes in the bottom; maybe it’s because I water them too much? Any tips?

  • I’d love to see a series on the basics of choosing and caring for houseplants to go with all these great planters.

  • When I read the title of this blog post, I was picturing those hanging planters my mom and grandma had throughout my childhood. Really awful DIY macrame. Then I clicked…oh my gorgeous!

    Considering spring seems to be avoiding Minnesota this year, I think I can justify scattering some of these throughout my house!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting about this!!! I have been wanting to find some interesting planters for so long but have had no idea where to look — especially after last week’s home plants posts where I died over the hanging plants on the angled wall.

    I would also LOOOOOVE if you could do a post on how to make a DIY hanging planter with fabric or rope!!!????? Pretty please??

    I love the way those vintage-y 1970’s looking hanging planters look but was thinking unless I stumble upon one in a thrift, will most likely have to make myself. A guide would be oh so nice! :) Thanks, DS!! Love these plant posts!

  • These are epic, no other way of putting it. Frankly my flat needs to be livened up with something. It’s only small and with big white walls everywhere, I really should fling some of these things up. I think No.4 is my favourite as it’s pretty elegant, but stylish. And I love the glass planter.

    I’m a bit skint so I might construct some out of empty plastic bottles. I’m sure I’ve seen a guide to that online somewhere. It could well have been on here, I guess.

  • I started my own little herb garden but lacking space I was thinking of hanging some! This post was so inspiring :)

  • oh-em-gee! lovely inspiration :::-) these hanging pieces remind me of my childhood…my mother used to create these hanging planters by herself, we used to have them hanging in out apartment :) and this is very lovely reminder :)

  • They are just awesome in design as well as in color even without printing they have good attraction in them.

  • The photos you post with your articles are always so beautiful, it makes me want to get back into the room immediately!