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A Family Home in Sweden

by anne

Over the summer I was lucky enough to meet Swede Jenny Brandt at Blog’nhagen in Copenhagen. I got a taste of her colorful, fun side that day through her delightful blog, Dos Family, a quirky and family-friendly collaboration with Isabelle McAllister. I’ve since become addicted to her Instagram, which always puts a smile on my face. Jenny lives in Ystad, Sweden, with her husband, Jens Grönberg, and their two kids, Viola and Frank. Jens is an illustrator and graphic designer, and Jenny is the photographer of the duo. They both work from home and run a webshop called Sammy Rose in addition to their own projects. I love Jenny’s approach to decorating: “I don’t really think much. It really just happens. And ‘far from perfect’ is perfect to me.” There are also some decorating tips tucked into the comments, so don’t miss those! Thanks, Jenny and Jens! — Anne

Image above: Our world map with my purple table painted with car paint by my father, who has an auto body [paint] shop. My father always mixes the color from leftover paint he has in his shop. The lamp and chairs are vintage. I bought a bunch of mixed candle holders at flea markets and spray painted them.

Image above: Kitchen cabinets are second hand and were painted pink by my sweet father. He has painted so many furniture pieces for me over the years. He is the nicest. Also this reminds me of my best decorating tip for home-oriented people: Get to know a car painter. Changing the color on your furniture instead of buying new is a great tip.

See more inside Jenny and Jens’ Swedish home after the jump . . .

Image above: I love couches. I have had 7 since we moved into this house. They have all been vintage and under 100 dollars. So that makes it all right, right? The pillow is from Fine Little Day, and the mirror is Ikea. The pictures are a mix of my own (Sammy Rose), Fine Little Day and Janeric Johansson.

Image above: Viola and Jens are very active, and they love being outdoors. They do a lot of rollerblading and swimming. We just bought this unicycle for Viola. It sits here waiting for summer.

Image above: Bedroom filled with posters of women that we have collected over the years. I love movies, I love horror and I love women. And this wall represents my decorating philosophy quite well. I want to be surrounded by things that inspire me. And I hope that our home tells you a lot about the people living in it.

Image above: We don’t fold much; we hang our clothes.

Image above: I love Morticia Addams. When I sit in this chair, I pretend that I am her. The picture on the wall is my own, starring Viola. I call it “Girl and Badger.” (Yes, the badger was already dead when we got there, I get that question a lot.) Available at Sammy Rose.

Image above: Jens is an illustrator and graphic artist who makes album covers for Axtone records. This one — above the Mickey head — is one of their latest releases: Rasputin.

Image above: The dish brush is treated royally at our house with this cute storage solution. It’s “Rosa Ljung” old Swedish porcelain from a flea market.

Image above: Every kitchen needs a sofa so you can relax. The floor is grey and pink, and the walls are white with pink (my favorite color). The fabric on the sofa is from Lisa Bengtsson.

Image above: Golden animals, vintage from an antique mall in Nebraska.

Image above: We have a tiny bathroom. Jens bought the picture on the wall at an antique store. We call her the principal. She gives us a well-deserved stern look as we get ready in the morning. We can’t be joking around all the time, and she reminds us of that.

Image above: Viola’s room with sliding door covered with a tiger poster. We used wallpaper glue to attach it.

Image above: Outside Viola’s room (before the poster).

Image above: Here you see some things that you will find in our house: pictures (some from StickyGram), magazines and my idol John Waters’ book, Role Models. Coffee!!!!! We drink it a lot, and coffee cups are all over this place! Plastic figurines: these are from MASH. Jens is drawing all the time — even when he is not working — and this has rubbed off on the kids. They also draw all the time. But none of them are too tidy with the pens, so you’ll find lids and pens in different places of the house all the time. Also costumes!! We play dress up a lot.

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  • Such a fun home! I love the sense of humor and overall funky-ness. I think the combination of pale pink and gray is wonderful, fresh and dreamy.

  • This feels truly original, and it’s not often you get to say that these days! Love!

  • Oh and it is Dos Family! Haha! Been following them since my jaw dropped 4 years ago. Love the blog. LOVE!! It’s like Ka-POW in the morning! Every time someone here whines about Design Sponge featuring white walls and white floors with accents of colours, send them there. So much fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love DOS family, have for years!
    Brilliant colors and brilliant fun. I get so tired of perfectly curated homes even the un curated ones are now looking so staged and styled.
    Completely nuts about the purple dining table- who ever thought purple could look so delicious:)

    Your home has put a smile on my face for the day yet again.
    Thank You.

  • I am also in love with your home and that map specifically! Could you please tell us which map that is from the website? I’d like to buy it today!

  • I’m sorry – I think I just found it! If I’m renting I should probably not use wallpaper paste to adhere something to a wall though. I love the site though. Thanks for sharing your home!

  • what a brilliant home! great to see somewhere that really looks and feels like people live there. Real personality and effortless style…

  • Stunning! Love everything about this home. I always prefer the ones that manage to look great AND look like people actually live in it. One of my faves.

  • Love! Is that photo still for sale on your website? Also, what posters are those (as in could you tell us from what movie?)

  • Simply Beautiful. Love the Feminine quirky edge of the interior styling. Also the portrait in the bathroom is haunting (in a good way :) )

    Thanks DS

  • Hello Everybody! It me Jenny, from this Sneak Peak. It makes me really happy to read your supporting comments.

    To the questions:
    Mariana: This one is from an old school. Don´t know where you can buy them. Sorry.
    Lindsay & Molly: yes it is the one on the link.
    Elizabeth: Girl and badger will be back on the sammyrose-website this weekend. And regarding the movieposters. The are vintage. Psycho (janet Leigh screaming). House of Dracula (the hunchback nurse). A women’s secret (Women with gun). And the Witch TO-BE is Angeli Pier. I can not seem to remember the name of the spunky one with the cigarette. Is there anyone out there that can help?

  • ………… And Alice!
    People tell you stuff like that all the time.

    We live in Sweden. A very, very dark country. We need all the light we can get, and the white floors help.
    Sure- every little bit of dirt will show.
    But if you are like us a reminder when it is time to clean is a good thing. We are kind of messy.

    We have had ours for 6 years now, and they desperately needs to be repainted.
    They look quite terrible (does not show in pictures, the camera does lie!)

    I hope this helps you..

  • I’m justin love with your home and how comfortable it feels to just look at the pictures. What is the color of the pink on your walls and the purple table. Just beautiful? Thanks for sharing.

  • Loving the use of the world map mural in the dining room! The way the table color plays off the colors in the map is wonderful! We’re so happy to see such an excellent example of this map mural in use! There are now so many different styles of these which have been added in the past few months: http://www.worldmapsonline.com/wallmurals.htm

  • God how I love your couch. Can’t believe you can get those so cheap in Sweden! Too bad it’s too far from Holland, otherwise I would have said that if you ever want to get rid of it give me a call :) dining area is also very neat, and I just get a lot of inspiration from your place in general. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love this huge map on the wall! Great idea, you may plan another journey sitting by the table, next to whole world :D

  • I so enjoyed the casual, functioning of your home. I noticed how you have plants in almost every room, I like that. And the hanging hooks in the closet, fantastic! The generous use of color makes your home come alive. We have much to learn from you. Thank you.

  • Hi! I love your place – so many fine things. I tried to find your world map on the link you referred to, but I had a hard time finding it. Can you maybe help me? I really LOVE it :)