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Sneak Peek: Eleonore Bridge

by anne

Eleonore Bridge is a French all-around creative, working in graphic design, interior design, photography, writing, blogging and coding. She’s been running her beautiful personal blog for the past seven years and Un Beau Jour, her project about French weddings, for the past two years. Overall, she loves the freedom of being her own boss. Eleonore lives in the 11th arrondissement of Paris (same as me!), which is a vibrant area with designers, great cafés and forward-thinking restaurants. There are also many artisan workshops and brick buildings with beautiful hidden courtyards. When Eleonore bought this apartment two years ago, it was in rough shape, so they destroyed everything and rebuilt it from scratch. From there, Eleonore was able to put her degree in interior design to use. The goal was to create a warm atmosphere by drawing attention to the natural light and creating a space that wasn’t too girly (though she’s not so convinced that she achieved the last part!). Merci beaucoup, Eleonore! — Anne

Image above: I bought a bunch of mismatched chairs at Emmaus [Goodwill]. I like these small differences. It becomes graphic, and I like this kind of “happy accident” in my home.

Image above: The small window between the bathroom and the kitchen lets in great light.

See more inside Eleonore’s Parisian apartment after the jump . . .

Image: This is the refrigerator I always dreamed of. I knew it would be in the middle of the room and become an element of decor, so I did not hesitate to buy it despite the price.

Image above: I cannot keep plants alive, so I bought all mine from Ikea. They are very beautiful and completely fake.

Image above: This old chair is very damaged, but it’s a family heirloom. I remain very committed, despite the fury of my cat against it!

Image above: Initially this ladder was made ​​to get into my mezzanine, but it was too heavy. I bought a wooden one instead and found a new use for this one.

Image above: I also have teaware, and this teapot rabbit [does] not hurt!

Image above: The pigeon light from Thorsten Van Elten.

Image above: An architect friend had customers who were getting rid of the bathtub and faucet. I ended up designing the entire bathroom around them.

Image above: I wanted a mirror like in the dressing rooms of movies, so my friends at Atelier Seewhy made this one​​.

Image above: This framed poster from my collection on Curioos. Twiggy looks at me when I take my shower!

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