Hanging a Potless Plant with a Pop of Color

by The Ladies of Foret

We’ve been looking to bring a little more life and color into the studio. Loving this version of a container-free plant that also doesn’t take up precious work surface space, we thought, “Let’s hang some plants!” We chose to use an ivy plant in the hopes that its vines will grow up the hanging string while other vines will trail and drape. This project is super easy, and you may already have most of the supplies at home! It would be fun to make a collection of these of various-sized plants and hang them at all different heights around your home, office or studio with different color cords. Read below to find out how to make this simple hanging plant and tips on keeping it alive and happy. — The Ladies of Forêt

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  • bowl
  • twine
  • moss
  • plant (Ferns, ivy and pothos all work well.)
  • bright nylon cord



1. Cut lengths of twine and lay them across your bowl, creating a web of strings that will then be used to secure your plant into a mossy ball.

Note: Think of this as tying up a root ball. You know when you buy a tree from the nursery and the roots are wrapped in burlap and sealed with twine? This is the same sort of idea!

2. Line the inside of the bowl with sheet moss with the soil side facing you and the mossy side facing the bowl walls.

3. Remove plant from plastic container and discard excess dirt to create more of a ball with the soil and roots.

4. Place plant in your moss-lined bowl.

5. Tuck fresh moss onto the upper part of the roots and soil so that it’s completely covered.

6. Now, pulling up on the strings that are opposite from each other around the bowl, tie them together snuggly to secure the moss around the plant. Be careful when securing the moss to weave the strings under the vines or leaves so you’re not hurting your plant when fastening the twine together. Keep securing the ball until you’ve used up all your strings.

7. When you remove your moss ball and plant from the bowl, you may need to add additional twine around the moss if it’s feeling loose.

8. Hang your plant with a “hot” nylon string. We chose a bright pink for contrast.

A few tips to consider:

– If you’re hanging this from the ceiling, make sure to use an anchor or hook that can properly support the weight of the plant. Don’t forget to consider that once the plant is watered, it will weigh more.

– Hang the plant in a location where it will get the necessary sunlight and conditions that it requires.

– When watering, read the care instructions on your plant. If you have a maiden hair fern, for example, that likes a daily shower, consider adding a little water at a time so that it’s not running out the bottom of your plant. Or make sure that your plant is easy to take down and put back up; then you can water your plant outside or above the sink.

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