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Entertaining: Beer-Tasting Party

by Maxwell Tielman

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from preparing for St. Patrick’s Day at the Design*Sponge office, it’s that beer can be quite a divisive drink. Some of us love the occasional grain-based beverage. Others, however, simply can’t abide by the drink’s heavy, earthy taste. For those in the latter camp, St. Patrick’s Day can sometimes be an unwelcome experience, given its association with copious beer consumption. It doesn’t need to be this way! To win over some of our less beer-inclined friends, we decided to throw a little beer-tasting party. Similar to a wine tasting, a beer-tasting party allows guests to try various brews and appreciate their subtle nuances in flavor — no unsightly chugging necessary! Better yet, you can mix and match various treats to enhance and complement the flavors. To take the idea even further, try choosing multiple blends from a local brewery. After touring Brooklyn’s own Sixpoint Brewery earlier this week, we decided to highlight some of their craft beers. Check out all the photos, treats and decorations after the jump! — Max

Above image: No, those aren’t straws in those beers (who do you think we are?). They’re drink labels! Simply attach circles of decorative paper to a bamboo skewer and pop one in each drink for easy identification! The Sixpoint brews in this photo are, from left to right: Sweet Action, Resin and The Crisp.

Above image: We created six-pointed paper stars as a decorative homage to Sixpoint’s logo. Check out the DIY directions on Design & Form, one of my favorite blogs. Various decorative papers from Paper Source.

Above image: I love pairing beers with hard cheeses and hearty breads. Salty treats like potato chips and peanuts are also excellent beer snacks.

Above image: Three more fabulous brews from Sixpoint, pictured left to right: 3 Beans, Bengali Tiger and Righteous Ale.

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  • Awesome. I just recently started loving beer (primarily Belgians/saisons/whites) and am looking forward to trying Sixpoint Brewery when I move to Brooklyn this Fall! Glad to know there are microbrews close by…I’ve been spoiled by great California breweries lately. Cheers!

  • I am proud to say I’ve never tasted a Bud Light (though I did once sample my grandma’s Coors Light as a kid–BLECH!!), but when it comes to craft beers–LINE ‘EM UP!

  • This is a fun and easy way to encourage your friends to venture out of their “safe beer zone”. The stems on the tulip and globe glasses would be perfect for paper rings around the stem identifying the beers. :) Cheers!

  • Not a big drinker myself, but if you ever manage to get hold of beers from Belgium, they are just amazing.. and so many different tastes.. cherry beer,ah- can’t even remember how many different ones.. and then there is an amazing deep dark brown and tasty beer called Chimay- you must really try it one day.Cheers!! :-)

  • Beer, cheese and generally some food in my boyfriend’s house! That’s exactly how I want to spend my weekend! Thanks for the tip guys! :)

  • Such a great idea! I love craft beer and especially the super dark ones, and I’ve had my friends’ husbands come up to me and say “I need you to get my wife to like beer!” I did get one friend hooked on Lambic fruit beers (which is definitely a whole different category, but a start for someone who formerly hated beer!) A party like this would be a great way to let them ease into it too.

  • For those (ahem, me) who really do not like the taste of beer, hard cider is an awesome thing to try! Now I can ‘grab a beer’ with friends at the local brewpub and still enjoy my drink. It’s also extremely easy to brew which I’ve been having fun with.