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Sneak Peek: Jason Santa Maria & Megan Born

by anne

Jason Santa Maria and Megan Born live in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood. Jason is a graphic designer, author and teacher. He co-founded A Book Apart, a publishing company that specializes in brief books for people who make websites, and also teaches in the Interaction Design graduate program at the School of Visual Arts. Meanwhile, Megan is a landscape and architectural designer at James Corner Field Operations, where she’s worked on projects like the High Line and Seattle’s Central Waterfront. Now that we’ve established this couple’s creative power, let’s take a look inside the home where they’ve lived for three years. Rather than maintaining one overarching style, the couple focuses on putting things together that reflect both their personalities and tastes: Jason’s love of color and Megan’s fondness for pieces with history. They’ve mixed family heirlooms with items hunted down at markets and online, but they’ve also had a lot of fun doing projects together. Some of their favorite items in the apartment are the things they’ve built, sewn or painted themselves. A big thanks to Jason and Megan! — Anne

Image above: Our bedroom is painted in Valspar Tibetan Mist and Benjamin Moore Coachman’s Cape. The print over the bed is by Rod Hunting. The curtains and shades are from Ikea, and the pendant lamp is from West Elm. The quilt is APC for Anthropologie, and the foot locker was found by Jason at Yesterday’s News, a vintage store in our neighborhood.

Image above: Jason’s office is painted in Valspar Napoleon. The prints were done by Jason, and the yarn portrait (!) was a Christmas gift from a friend.

See more of Jason and Megan’s Brooklyn home after the jump . . .

Image above: Aside from the old wooden floors and tin ceilings, the mantel is one of our favorite elements in the apartment. Jason found the huge mirror back when he lived in Philly.

Image above: Many things from Megan’s home state of Minnesota: Blu Dot desk, Faribault Woolen Mills blanket and an antique ice box from her great-grandparents’ cabin. The print above the desk is from the 1972 Munich Olympic Games and was a housewarming present from Jason to Megan.

Image above: A few of our house projects: Aalto-esque stools from Etsy, painted and repurposed as bedside tables, and industrial lamps, also from Etsy and rewired by Jason.

Image above: The living room is also painted in Valspar Tibetan Mist. Prints include one from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Great Gatsby Business Cards by The Heads of State and a map of famous rivers and mountains found on Etsy. Jason sewed the pillows with fabric found at Mood. The rug is another Etsy find.

Image above: The coffee table was a wedding gift to Megan’s parents from her paternal grandfather. The tiles were each painted by a family member at their engagement party, and he built the table thereafter.

Image above: Jason found the bus roll sign last summer at Brimfield; we divided it in two, and it luckily fit perfectly on this wall! The floor lamp is from Jonathan Adler, and the chair was a gift from Megan’s parents. The pillow is by Tuesday Bassen for Brooklyn Beta, a web conference Jason attended.

Image above: The kitchen is painted Benjamin Moore Lightning White and Hawthorne Yellow. The kitchen table is from Pennsylvania Dutch Country by way of eBay, and the chairs were picked up at the Brooklyn Flea.

Image above: The lamp was cobbled together from parts found on eBay and Etsy and rewired by Jason. The George Nelson clock was a gift.

Image above: The prints in the bathroom are an homage to our hometowns: an old map of Minneapolis and a photograph of Philadelphia.

Image above: Megan designed and built the coat rack as a birthday present for Jason.

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  • Are there tin panels on all of the ceilings throughout? I can’t quite tell. Do you like them? Are they original or do you know who added them and why? I have plaster ceilings that are looking worse for wear due to old water damage (the source of which was fixed of course). Just wondering if you had any more thoughts. Thanks!

  • Great sneak peek. Really warm and cozy, and filled with so much personality. I’m a bit obsessed with floors, and love the wide old floorboards here. And that coffee table, what a treasure. And the ice box…too many great things to mention! Thanks for sharing.

  • My first “home” when I moved to Brooklyn in the 80’s right out of art school was a third floor walk up in a brownstone in Cobble Hill. In fact, the floor boards and view was just like this beautiful space featured. Thanks for the memories!

  • I love that coatrack! It’s so snazzy and useful! What kind of pieces did you use to make it?

  • stunning space! in addition to the coat rack mystery, where is the desktop background from? I love the geometric patterns echoed through the apartment

  • That is one of the most beautiful interior design projects I’ve ever seen. I’m feeling really inspired by it! :)

  • Beautiful home! I love the wall color on the wall behind the computer. And those floors….they make the home feel so nice and cozy. Just my style. And I love the way the bike is displayed in front of the fireplace. Since you live in the city and the only place to store your bike is in your apartment, why not go all out and make it part of the decor by using leather wrapped handlebars and a weather leather seat – LOVE IT! BTW-I have the same exact stove in my kitchen and for the past year I have been willing it to give out so that I can replace it, but then I saw these pictures and am thinking that it may not be so bad after all. I will post pictures of it soon once I receive my “real” camera and perhaps you can judge for yourself??

  • Super cozy! The colors are so warm and inviting. Blues, reds, and yellow aren’t really hues that I’m typically drawn to, but I love the way they work in this space.

  • I love how you have used so many family pieces, and that” cobbled together ” wall lamp is to die for.

  • I have that Heads of State poster With all the Great Gatsby business cards. It’s one of my favorite things I own. I loved seeing how they incorporated it into their decor.

  • Great house! I love how the way they’ve chosen to decorate really works with the features if the home. This place looks inviting and lived in, and has totally great light!

  • As a UK follower, D*S’s sneak peaks have allowed me to become familiar with previously unfamiliar US brands – Benjamin Moore paint crops up a lot. Today I am thrilled to see that Benjamin Moore’s colours extend beyond the invariably featured white/grey colour palettes and dark, dark inky shades – I love that sunny Hawthorne Yellow! And the coat rack is sublime!

  • What a beautiful space. I love the mix of old and new items, and my favourite parts are the dramatic curtains on each side of the bed/windows, and the beautiful ogee mirror over the fireplace. If I had one complaint, it would be that I find it sad that you have picture rails, and aren’t making use of them.

  • @up, Karen: my thoughts exactly on the Hawthorne Yellow as finally another shade of BM! Though I wouldn’t mind some grayish mix for myself :)

  • I agree with the other commenters….DIY on the coat rack, please! Your home is lovely – and obviously loved!

  • Love love love this sneak peek! Great paint colors and I love the use of vintage furniture. I wish I had those gorgeous hard wood floors in my house!

  • We have floorboards just like this in our (Brooklyn) home. We adore them, and have been told that they’re fir and repurposed from ship decks.

  • That colorful kilim in the living room is an Anatolian, i.e. Turkish kilim. We are sellers on etsy as well (eastandbloom) and the ones similar to the one depicted are among our personal favorites. Such a cozy, colorful choice, congrats.

  • @Sarah Hi Sarah- The chair next to our TV was passed down to me from my great-grandparents and doesn’t have any labels or markings to indicate the design or maker. Sorry we don’t have more info!

  • @Hilary Kline @ Caireen @Karen @Hannah @LA Brown @Lucy @Carolyn @Bridget @Rose Duggan

    Hey Everyone–Thanks for the very kind words about the coat hooks! Here’s a little more info about them: The hooks are made from birch plywood, 1/2″ for hooks and 1/4″ for spacers. I designed them using 3D software called Rhino, cut the pieces using a CNC Router, and finished and assembled at home.

  • Love the relaxed feeling of this home! The wide flooring adds so much character. It looks like a happy place to live and is definitely spacious for NYC digs :)

  • I love to see a graphic designer’s desk with a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style. <3

  • I don’t even know where to begin I love this so much! Something is really drawing me to your dining table though, so I’ll say I like that best! And the colors throughout… great choices!

  • As soon as I saw the bicycle,I knew I would love the rest.Such personal touches throughout,with no worry of pretense.Makes me homesick for old…live in a new house for the first time.
    A true NY home

  • Beautiful home~gave me a few ideas for mine! Love that Asheville is on your wall~my hometown :)