Human/House/Harvey: Ombre

by Stephanie

Human House Harvey, ombre I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for tie-dye. Growing up going to camp every summer, I’ve amassed quite the collection of tie-dyed swag. Now that my summer camp days are (sadly) far behind me, I’ve become fond of ombre patterns. From bed linens to iPhone cases, there is an ombre color palette for everyone. Here are just a few styles I want to snag for myself, my home and my dog, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — Though I don’t typically flock to bright colors, I think these ombre pants are just the right pop of color without being obnoxiously bright. I also think these ombre tights that Grace posted about a while back are perfection!

HOUSE — I am always looking for ways to add some height to the tabletops around my home. Whether a desk, a buffet or an entry table, I like a little line drama, if you will. Theses wooden ombre vases are just stunning and would look great with some sparse branches or a few long-stemmed flowers.

HARVEY — I am simply obsessed with this ombre rope leash. I can totally see Mr. Harvey and I cruising the boardwalk with this beachy beaut.

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