Flowers Inspired by Gauguin

by The Ladies of Foret

Image above: Nature morte à l’estampe japonaise by Paul Gauguin

There is so much that can inspire floral design besides flowers — a drawing, a sculpture, weavings and textiles, architecture, the colors of a city, the movement of a field being blown by the breeze and even an album cover! We love looking to the works of past painting masters for inspiration on color, composition and feeling. Today, we’re focusing on Paul Gauguin, who famously introduced the use of pure, bold color to the post-Impressionist world. Looking at his work, we mimicked this vibrancy and tropical sensibility with burning bright fuchsia hyacinth, big leafy tropical greens, lotus-like safari sunset foliage, a single dusty poppy and winding fritillaria. Inspiration can be found everywhere, but there’s a reason this French painter was recognized as one of the greats! — The Ladies of Forêt

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Image above: Tropical Vegetation by Paul Gauguin

Image above: Self-Portrait with Émile Bernard portrait in the background, for Vincent by Paul Gauguin

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