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Best Of: DIY Valentine’s Day Projects

by Grace Bonney

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing a boatload of great low-cost and easy-to-make Valentine’s gift ideas. But before we dive into those this afternoon, I decided to go diving through our archives for the best of the rest: our favorite 20 DIY Valentine’s Day projects from the past few years. Whether you’re looking for flower arrangements, something to sew or something cute to wrap up freshly baked treats, this roundup of 20 projects has something for every recipient — and every budget. If you’re looking for simpler gifts, like a handmade card, we’ve got great ideas for those in here, too. No matter what you choose, a little handmade something is always a hit. xo, grace

All 20 projects continue after the jump . . .

Kate’s Uncommon Valentine

Printed Valentine Bags

Valentine Projects from Purl Bee

Heart-shaped Paper clips

DIY Valentine Kit

Catalog of Love

Valentine Lightbulb

DIY Heart Card Vase

Crochet Heart Garland

Typewriter Tin Valentine

Valentine’s Day Fort

3D Valentines

Vintage Arrow Valentine

Valentine’s Day Tea, Three Ways

Stuffed Hearts

Valentine Book Collection

Hand-painted Valentines

Ephemera Collage Valentine

Hand-stamped Valentine Kit

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  • A very cute selection, thank you! I’ll be printing off the labels you put up for download the other day to go with whatever I buy – a Pot Noodle, perhaps? How romantic! Actually, I love the heart shaped tea bags. Lovely.

  • Thank you so much for all these super cute ideas ;) I think I will go for the Valentine’s Day Fort ;)

  • I love that valentine’s day fort! I’m not much for the big V day myself, but I feel like we should just make that fort any given sunday and snuggle up and enjoy it!

  • great collection for sure, i especially love the catalog of love… would love to find time to create one myself.

  • I never had the need to do something for valentine’s day… (I must say it’s difficult with a non-romantic boyfriend!) but those pretty little things make me feel like a DIY lover! I think I’ll try the Valentine Lightbulb since I’ve a big 1000W Mazda bulb to use ;)

  • What fantastic ideas. Amazing how just putting a little bit of though into something and the end result is superb as well as being extra meaningful. Thank you for sharing, very inspiring, I must do more of this myself!

  • The paper clip hearts are so simple, yet so effective. Paper clipping a valentine card on a red stick protuding from a small daffodil plant on the table on my front porch would be a nice ode de valentine. Always looking for simple ideas with large impact.

  • I can’t wait to try some of these! I love Valentine’s day projects and was already dreaming this morning about what flavor of heart-shaped pancakes to make this year :)

  • I’ve been dreaming of making a crocheted heart garland from when you first posted that project and was just thinking yesterday I needed to dig up that post and get the directions again! Hurrah!

  • Was stumped about what to do for my sweetheart’s birthday later this month. Now I know. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  • Thanks so much for doing this, Grace! I spent hours trolling Pinterest for DIY gift ideas to make for my besties for Valentines Day with no luck. But every single one of these knocks it out of the park!

  • I am going to save this to try these one after one … beautiful DIY.. Many thanks for this wonderful sharing :)