Stay Home Club

by Grace Bonney

A big part of me knows that I need to stop patting myself on the back for embracing my homebody nature. But after years of being teased for preferring to stay in than go out, I finally gave in and relished the fact that I love sinking into the couch with my cat and a good movie every night. Every time I hear my old college roommate’s voice in my head — “Grace, you’re the oldest young person I know” — I’m going to tuck this bag under my arm a little tighter and remember that I’m part of a club. Ok, maybe not a real club, but a club that unites — in spirit — those of us who enjoy quiet nights at home with our pets. The Stay Home Club is an online shop that sells art and home goods designed by independent artists and illustrators. These pieces were designed by Olivia Mew and sum up my feelings pretty perfectly. So if you’re on the stay home team, click here to check out the patches and bags. If I see someone wearing one of these on the street, I’m definitely going to stop for a high five. And then I’ll ask to see pictures of their cats. xo, grace

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  • Cute! I’m in this club too. Give me a good movie, a cup of hot apple cider, a fuzzy blanket and my cat and I’m set!

  • Love it, it’s so adorable! Sometimes I think I’m starting my own business because working at home is so wonderful. Then again, it infringes on cosy home time, too. You get some and you lose some!

  • Wonderful! I feel vindicated! What is it about being stay-at-homers that makes us feel so guilty? It is good to know that I am part of a club…albeit a club that has no idea who it’s other members are… because we’re all at home curled up on the couch.

  • Oh my gosh! I am a card carrying member of the Stay Home Club. I was just talking about how I’m 23 and live in Manhattan and it’s so lame but I love just watching Law and Order and knitting. I live in the greatest city in the world and I don’t think I could live somewhere that’s anything less…but I just love being at home! I’ve acknowledged it (I like going out, too, but it’s not my favorite thing) and I’ve decided to feel no shame!

  • I’m a long time member of this club, in excellent standing :D I don’t feel guilty about it anymore either – I embrace the fact that I’m a nesting homebody. Now, I’d order that bag cuz it’s totally me, cept I need to score one more cat first ;-) Yay, Stay Home Club!

  • Doesn’t it make sense that people who love being home are interested in the design of their home? I’m still trying to figure out a way to make my cat tree “chic”…Grace, if you have figured this out, please do a post on it!

  • Me too, and I have no shame. Best time of day is the morning, after that it all goes downhill. Now if I could teach myself to crochet.

  • I couldn’t even be happier to see Olivia on here! She’s one of my favourites ever! Her Stay Home Club is amazing! I already own some pillowcases and am getting a tote really soon! High fives all around!

  • I am 100% a homebody and I love it. I feel like I put so much of myself, emotionally and financially, into my home that it only makes sense to spend as much time there as possible, fully enjoying it. Life is too short to go out just for the sake of saying you did. If being at home makes you happy then tuck in and be happy.

  • Love it! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. And now I can buy cute stuff to show my homebody pride!

  • I’m officially coming out on this blog as a member of the Stay Home club! A good friend of mine (and fellow Stay Homer) has a handy phrase for hunkering down: ‘Getting some good apartment time’ Amen to that!

  • I’m a Stay Home club member too. Whether I’m reading, crocheting, or just tormenting the cat with the laser pointer I’m happy to be home.

  • kindred spirits! i am often called an old lady for wanting to stay in. and yes, I admit I have a cat. i have a whole theory on why cats encourage home-cozy-times. one of my resolutions was to be more active and social (pathetic!) but this tote bag is a must have. i’ll always be a member of the Stay Home club no matter how far I stray from my little nest.

  • I love staying home too! Especially now that I’m married–a cozy home with my husband nearby, what could be better? I wish it wasn’t considered so weird to enjoy staying in vs. going out!

  • Gentle readers, I recommend these books:
    Quiet by Susan Cain
    The Introvert’s Way by Sophia Dembling
    Excellent reads to learn about and celebrate what makes you happy and comfortable (and likely sensitive, artistic, and sometimes called an old lady).

  • I love staying at home in my comfy, just like I want it home! I wish I had a cat to share it with – my husband’s too heavy to let him sit on my lap for very long!

  • I am not only a member of this delightful club, but so is my 20 year-old son! Cats and all. I have three and he has one. We just like being home. We moved to the city thinking we’d go out all the time, but we just like to stay home. We have plenty of technology, toys and projects to keep us busy for a very long time.

  • This post made me laugh! I can totally relate. When I get invited to parties/whatever, I think silently whether it will be more fun than being at home with my dog….then I say “Oh, I can’t! I have plans”. Never admitting that the plans are, in fact, with my house and my dog and a book (or a craft)!
    What fun that logo is!

  • I second the recommendation for Quiet by Susan Cain! It totally made me okay with — and even proud of — my homebody nature.

  • Yup, I’m definitely a member of this club too. I still get teased about it, and it still bothers me a bit. But seriously! TV, sofa, cat… wine? What could be better?! I’m definitely going to check out the Stay Home Club site now. :)

    • how come nobody teases dog people? i know people OBSESSED with dogs (nothing wrong with that!) and no one goes “uh oh, crazy dog lady!” ;)