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Sneak Peek: Victoria Suffield and Phil Webb

by anne

It’s always a pleasure when we get to feature creative families. In December, we got a peek inside Sandy Suffield’s home, and today we’re visiting her sister. Victoria Suffield is the shopkeeper behind The Hambledon in Winchester, South England. She describes it as a department store where they only sell the things they love. Her family — husband, Phil, and kids, Hal, Theo and Mercy — has been in this home for three years now. Because it was built in the 1930s, it was a departure from the Victorian-style homes the family previously lived in, but Victoria’s style has always been super simple, with a love of white and gray, books, paintings and a few nice objects. Thanks, Victoria! — Anne

Image above: This is the kitchen with the original dresser. The lights are Caravaggios, the chairs are by Robin Day (Phil used to run a furniture business!) and my parents gave us the old pine table.

Image above: Although it’s a ’30s house, the previous owners put in this Victorian marble fire surround (which I love). The woodburner is fantastically cozy; it’s a Cove 2 from Charnwood in gunmetal. My sister made the decorated twig thing for a party, and I can’t bear to take it down.

See more of Victoria and Phil’s home after the jump . . .

Image above: This is the dining room. The pictures are a collection of things we’ve gathered over the years. (I used to work as an art dealer). Phil gave me the vintage Cherner chair for my 40th birthday, and the antique blanket chest was a wedding present from my parents. The walls are painted in Marston’s Pearl Grey.

Image above: The chairs are Eames DSRs. The table was originally from Phil’s shop, but I commandeered it when we moved in. The lights are Semis from Gubi.

Image above: I bought the rug on a trip to Marrakesh. The collage by the French doors is from a weekend trip to Norfolk, and I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember the name of the artist. The knitted blanket is a car-boot find.

Image above: I’m never quite sure what to call this room. It’s part study/part library/large part FIFA games room for the kids. The whole thing (walls and shelves) are painted in Marston’s Granite. I wanted it to be dark and cozy. The desk light is a Tolomeo.

Image above: Laughingly called my work room (even though I only ever actually work at work). I am a lifelong fan of a pinboard, and this is full of all the stuff I love.

Image above: My mum has a shop, and the painting is by her old business partner, Katherine Church. The china is mostly Georgian and mainly from Richard Scott Antiques, a gorgeous shop in Holt, Norfolk.

Image above: When we moved in, this was a horrible scullery. We knocked a wall down to make a proper living/dining/kitchen. We matched the existing parquet floors with reclaimed [wood] so that the join was seamless. The units are from Ikea, and the steel worktop is from GEC Anderson.

Image above: The paneling is new but was a way of making the window position make sense (they’re really low down on the wall!). The items on the shelf are a random collection of vintage things from the shop and car-boot finds. The Ball mason jars are from the shop.

Image above: These chairs were a very lucky eBay find.

Image above: This is our bathroom, up in the attic. We put the bath under the window so we could look out at the sky.

Image above: I love old mirrors. This is another collection of shop, car-boot and antique shop finds.

Image above: When we moved in, the attic was just storage, a water tank and a massive wasp nest. It’s now our grown-up haven. The patchwork is an eBay find.

Image above: I made the papercut picture for Phil. It’s a quote from a Wilco song (they are the best band in the world). The heart cross-stitch is very rude and done by Lucy, whom I work with. The collaged balls were just a little thrown together thing by one of my very talented sisters!

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  • What a charming and well-curated home. I love it. I’m a fan of balderdash by the fire as well.:)

  • I have bath nook envy! Also love the parquet floors. I’ve seen various house hunting type TV shows lately where people walk into a place that has parquet floors and act as though they’re objectively hideous, even when they’re in excellent condition. OH YUCK PARQUET FLOORS WELL OBVIOUSLY THESE WILL HAVE TO GO! What is that about?

  • Absolutely gorgeous house and love the colour scheme! Slightly eerie but amazing that I only live a short train ride away from her fantastic shop- might have to visit soon judging by the online selection!

  • Great job!
    A question: how did you solve the television dilemma? Your fireplace is adorable and I love how simple the mantelpiece is, but I can’t help but wondering why the t.v. is (or if there is one?) and if it’s on a corner, or what…would love an answer!

  • What a serene family space. Particular favorites are the wall of bookshelves, the stove in the fireplace and the inspiring pinboard. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I actually LOVE the floors! I’m drooling a bit over the built in shelves. It’s got character and those are my favorite kinds of houses.

    -The Cheeky Cafe

  • What do you mean by “car boot find” ? I think overseas a “car boot” is what we call a car trunk in America. But generally speaking, charming treasures don’t lurk in them.

  • OMG, I would love that tub under the skylight! So inviting! Is a car boot like a flea market?

  • Susan L – Car boot sales in the UK are organised events where people can pitch up in a field or car park, open up their boots and sell their old bits and bobs. Scavengers then feast on them.

  • @Susan L. – ‘car boot’ is one way of referring to a trunk, but used this way (‘car boot find’) it’s a reference to a ‘boot sale’, or a garage sale.

  • Susan L., a car boot sale is like a mass rummage sale, where people bring what they want to sell to a central location, carried there in the boot/trunk of their cars.

  • A car boot sale is English for a junk sale when people sell out of their car boots (or from tables nearby) – you all got to a car park or summat & just sell from by the car – I think it’s meant to mean (being Australian myself) that people just sell small amounts of things – from their own houses or the like, so you can get all sorts of stuff. Less professional than markets – although I suspect not always.

    Nice house…

  • above: I made the papercut picture for Phil. It’s a quote from a Wilco song (they are the best band in the world). The heart cross-stitch is very rude and done by Lucy, whom I work with. The collaged balls were just a little thrown together thing by one of my very talented sisters!

  • I too am a huge fan of a pinboard! I always have a collection of inspiration photos pinned up above my work station. It keeps me motivated, but I have to say that it isn’t always on a revolving rotation. I have a large number of sentimental items that are always there!

  • The wood stove is amazing! Just what we have been looking for as an insert into our fireplace. I love our open fire but it is a waste of wood as they are so inefficient. These beautiful stoves will give us both heat and beauty.

  • Gorgeous from incredible built in (the colour of it and choice of storage use), to art, textiles and collectibles, to dreaming of the sky from underneath the bathwater, to the integration of the kitchen panels with the window and its panes. Lovealicious!

  • What colour is the dresser in the kitchen please? I mean I can see its a shade of grey but which one.

  • Just a few questions about the first photo shown of the dining room: I love the built in’s color and would love to know what it is. Also, I noticed that you have your hinges painted in the same color…was this done with the same paint? I ask because I recently purchased a home that has a similar hinge style on all the kitchen cabinets and I have been searching for a solution to change them. Can’t believe i never thought to just paint over them…but Not sure how to go about doing that and still having the hinges function properly.

    Love the cabinets/built in’s here and it’s inspired me to go for it…maybe even with the same color! Would love any thoughts or tips you could offer for that.

    Great home tout btw! Your home is lovely and I love your style.

  • The tub under the skylight is such a simple, yet brilliant idea! And I am drooling over the vintage Cherner chair even though I had no idea until now what a vintage Cherner chair looked like!!

  • Beautiful house, I love every room. Loving the floor, we have a 1930’s house too and we are thinking of what we want on the floor. Parquet for me but my husband is not so keen. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  • Keri and Suzy I am so sorry. I have no idea what colour the dresser is. I brought an old labelless tin of paint home from work! Hinges are all the same paint and work fine. Thank you for your lovely comments. Victoria

  • Lovely results, Victoria. Having seen the work in progress, I am impressed. Another Suffield design success.

  • Ok I realize this was posted MONTHS ago, but was wondering if Victoria knows/remembers where the pinwheels breaking apart print on her pinup board is from?! It’s AMAZing. I checked out her shop online but couldn’t find it there.

    Wonderful home overall. I love how the paneling mixes with the other details in the kitchen.