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Sneak Peek: Monya and Jeremy Eastman

by Shannon Grant

Two years ago, Monya and Jeremy Eastman set upon the ambitious task of renovating their home, located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa. Frustrated that she was unable to find the kind of furniture they were looking for, Monya started her own custom-made furniture company, Stokperd. The first project: measuring and sketching a kitchen table and bathroom cabinet. By doing this, Monya says that necessity really became the mother of invention. Post-renovation, Monya and Jeremy love so many things about their home; original features such as the thick walls and high ceilings marry well with the new additions. They decorate without any specific style, deciding instead to buy things they love and finding a way to make them work together. Thank you, Monya and Jeremy, and thanks to Cindy Taylor for the lovely photos! — Shannon

Image above: The metal light fitting is by Dutch designer Tord Boontje, and I picked it up in London.

Image above: Two special gifts — the colourful blanket was hand-knitted by my mom, and the framed photograph [was] a birthday gift from my photographer Cindy Taylor.

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Image above: This is the day bed in our garden. I bought it at a second-hand shop on the Garden Route. It was rusted and in pretty bad shape, and I had to persuade Jeremy to strap it to the roof racks of our car for a four-hour drive back to Cape Town. He wasn’t very impressed at the time, but I think he likes it now.

Image above: The horns were made by artist Rory Tate from Calitzdorp. He uses bits and pieces he finds at scrapyards to make beautiful animal heads.

Image above: The kitchen table was my very first Stokperd design! Jeremy is the foodie of our house, and this is where we spend most nights eating, drinking, talking and hatching plans. The Eames chairs are probably the most modern items in our house.

Image above: Jeremy is a great cook, and he spends a lot of time creating fantastic meals in here. It’s quite compact but works very well, as we have a potted garden leading out from the kitchen door and have easy access to basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, fennel, mint, parsley and some juicy tomatoes!

Image above: The “For Like Ever” poster always makes me smile.

Image above: The pic in the gold frame is one of my favorites from our wedding day. I wore these blue suede heels, and the pic is of Jeremy and I opening the dance floor to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes.”

Image above: The bathroom is like a greenhouse; it gets a lot of light, and any plant I put in here just grows very happily. I found the grey light fitting in a second-hand store in Johannesburg, and it wasn’t easy getting it back to Cape Town on the plane. I dropped it by mistake, but now it has a nice battered look to it. The wooden cabinet was my second Stokperd design. It’s long and skinny, and the drawer knobs are from Anthropologie.

Image above: The succulent in the glass jar is from our holiday spot in the forest. It’s been living happily in the glass paraffin jar I bought at a junk shop in Oudtshoorn.

Image above: We went to India in February and bought a couple of the brightly coloured metal bowls from a shop in Kochi.

Image above: I bought the stools with the red metal legs in Amsterdam, and I ruined my suitcase bringing them over! My mother-in-law bought us the Roy Lichtenstein poster from MoMA when she visited New York recently, and the poster next to that is of the Soccer World Cup 2010 (which was hosted in South Africa) by Peter Eastman.

Image above: I have a deep love for succulent plants, which are indestructible!

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  • I am in love with the light in this house. So bright and airy, especially the kitchen and bathroom. A dream(y) home.

  • could you possibly share the pattern for the amazing quilt? lovely place–inspring!

  • what a stunning home! So light and airy. Would you mind sharing where you found that wooden hanging light in the living room?

  • Beautiful place. Could I by chance get the name of the soft pink paint color used in the bedroom? Thanks.

  • Hi everyone, thanks for your wonderful comments : )
    Dina – I will get the pattern from my mom
    Heather – the light fitting is from @home
    Kellee – the walls in that room are actually white, the pinkish colour is created by the light

  • Greenpoint is most definitely in Cape Town, South Africa. Although I’m sure there are many other green points around the world. None of them have the magical light of Cape Town though. It’s the Venice of our age. Miss it so much.

  • I love the iron bed frame on the first image! It looks old but I think it s a good addition to set up a romantic mood in their bedroom.

  • Ok, just calling me a knit-picky knitter named MB but that blanket seriously looks like crochet *not* knitting. It’s a little hard to tell since the bedspread photo is blurred, but these kinds of multi-hued blankets (Seriously warm and beautiful by the way) are crochet. Easy to make, great way to use up the yarn stash. And friends, crochet is unbelievably easy to learn! Just crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine, get a skein of yarn, park yourself in front of YouTube with a crochet hook (pick a size, it doesn’t matter when you’re practicing). You’ll be crocheting before you even get remotely tipsy. Not kidding!

  • Loved the post. Your place is so full of natural light and simple beautiful things. Handmade blanket is extremely beautiful so are the succulent plants.

  • Yes, MB@Yarn, it looks like crochet to me, too. If you enlarge the blanket photo and look at the center of it, it looks as if it starts from a center circle, then makes a square off that center circle by triple and single crochet stitches. So it is one giant medallion, crocheted beautifully. Those colors would be a huge hit here in San Antonio, Texas. So beautiful!

  • I believe the blanket is crochet too. I also believe the pattern is good ole “Granny Square” possibly made as a rectangle. I love what MB@Yarn said about learning to crochet. My Ma Maw taught me before I started school as a little girl. I can’t remember not knowing how to crochet. It relaxes me.

  • So nice to see a house from Cape Town, which is my home town too! I’ve spent hours appreciating homes from other countries on Design*Sponge, but we have some GREAT local designs and tastes of our own to show the world!

  • Cape town is my hometown too, although I am inNew York now. I love seeing these things, because I often think how differently I would decorate if I was still at home – some touches are just so South African ( like a glass jar with pincushion proteas on the table) and the bathrooms and kitchens are what I aspire to: I hate American kitchens., not to me tion the light. Also that crochet blanket – o think there was a period where everyone in the country was making those because I have two- one from my family and one from my husbands – that one is particularly nice colours though.

  • Where can I find the Phsrmacist rug? Professional curiosity. Traveling to India in a few weeks. Definitely going to look for those colored metal bowls!

  • I’d also love to know the answer to Ana’s question about the poster above the bed. Love seeing that her pop up in beautiful spaces.

  • i think the inscription on the chinese girl above the bed was a poster advertizing an exibition of tretchikof s work. or the cover of one of his prospectus. nice place. we go to cape town monthly and just love it. sorry but easlondon is such a drab place compared to ct.

  • Hello Monya gorgeous home. Can you please let me know where you bought the simple pendant lights in the kitchen? Thank you