Instagram Challenge

January Instagram Challenge: Send Us Your Knitting Projects

by Maxwell Tielman

Last month, we asked you to send us Instagram photos of your New Year’s resolutions. The results, from the silly to the hugely ambitious, were both inspiring and wonderfully entertaining. We had such a blast going through your responses that we’ve decided to pose an Instagram Challenge for each month of the year! Because January is our month of warm, back-to-basics craft projects, we thought the most appropriate theme for this month would be knitting and crocheting.

Here’s the scoop: If you’re a knitter or a crocheter and on Instagram, we want to see your latest endeavor! Over the next three weeks, we want you to document a new project’s process and the final results on Instagram using the hashtag #DSKnits. (Please no retagging of old projects. We want to see your project from start to finish!) On February 6, we’ll post our favorite projects (we’ll post our favorite as DIY on D*S, too!) and ask our readers to choose their favorites! The winners of the knitting/crocheting Instagram Challenge will have their projects featured on Design*Sponge as a how-to and get a $25 gift card and a skein of yarn from Lion Brand. That’s it! Go get knittin’!

You can follow Design*Sponge on Instagram here.

UPDATE: Our favorites + winners were posted here

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  • This is a really cool idea – though most of my projects are under contract so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post.

    I’ll be watching what other people are doing, though!

  • Huzzah! I love knitting and I love instagram, so now I can’t wait to share the owl that I’m working on… it’s actually a Christmas gift, but I am so slow – this will give me a much needed nudge to get it finished!

  • What a brilliant idea. I need to do this…and finally get around to using the Instagram app on my iPhone. Thank you, DesignSponge.

  • Oh this sounds fun! I have a few projects that are in the works. I hope I can finish them for the end of the month because I love sharing my work!

    • Vassie

      We’ll have other challenges just on the site (we have a bunch coming up), but this is something we’re doing just on Instagram because we love how easy it is to use for images. It’s free to set up an account if you want to tackle this particular challenge :)


  • This is soo fun! I’ve been on a major crocheting kick lately too :) Too bad I don’t have a smartphone, and thus no instagram.

  • We just read this blog for the first time (catching up!) and love it! We are now at NYDC with Carleton Varney and feature Dorothy Draper furniture designs.

  • I’d love to join this challenge! If my Instagram account is set to private, is there a way to make sure you see the photo? Will the hashtag be enough, or will I have to sit this challenge out? Thanks!

  • love this! thanks for putting this together, it will help me get some projects done!

  • So pleased to see: “If you’re a knitter or a crocheter…” I thought at first we (crocheters) had been excluded from another knitting challenge when I saw the title of the post, but then “hoorah” I can join in! I’m in Australia though so my current project isn’t about keeping me warm :)

  • Too bad it requires a smart phone. . . I just started a rug that’s going to take 180′ of I-cord to complete (and use up my stash before we move). Would have been fun to share that.

  • Do the projects have to be our own original design? Or can we work from a pattern?

    • Allison

      You can work from a pattern, but we’ll need to know the source so we can credit it if you’re a finalist. So please only work from patterns you know the source of- thanks!


    • Christina— The deadline is February 5! The earlier you get it in, though, the better! We’ll have more time to look through your project then! :)

  • Uh oh! How did I not know of this WAY COOL contest before today????? Quick! What should I make????? I’m thinking something humorous!

  • I love to crochet and working on hats, blankets, headbands, and scarfs. Just love yarn!

  • I didn’t take any during photos, can I still post? Although I did start something new this weekend, if I can finish it in time…

    • Diana— we prefer that there are process shots, because the winning design will be featured on our site as a step-by-step DIY project. However, if you love your project and feel that you’ll be able to replicate the steps again for a tutorial if yours is chosen, feel free to post it! :)

  • Do we post each pic individually, or do one of all the steps? Started a few new projects, but wanting to make sure I do it right.

  • I know you pick the winners Feb 6, but when do pics need to be in as far as the finished product?

  • Grr. Not gonna finish my project in time to make what I want it to be. Wanting a blanket, but right now it’s only big enough to be a hot pad. Suppose that’s not too bad since I started 5 days ago.

  • Oh no! I thought we had until the 6th. Those last two days were going to be crucial for me. I didn’t finish in time. At least I’ll still end up with a cool pair of socks!

  • i love crocheting…though most/all of my finished products were just pouches LOL. I really wanted to make bonnet and include some patterns but I always end up finishing it with only the basic crochet all through out. It’s what I only know best.
    But the finished product always make me smile. ^_^

  • Hi, have you posted your winners yet? I don’t see them on the site! I submitted a pattern of my own, and whether you chose me or others, I can’t wait to see who won!