Help Us Build Our Inspiration Archive

by Grace Bonney

One of my tech-related commitments for 2013 was to, well, commit to something technical. For a blogger, I’m pretty slow to embrace apps and gadgets, but when I do, I like to have a clear plan. I’ve slowly been building boards on our Design*Sponge Pinterest page, but I wanted to know what sorts of boards you’d like to see. I have my own personal favorites from the D*S archives and other people’s sites, but while we’re in our planning phase, I really wanted to reach out and make sure that I include all the things you guys want to see. So, if you have a moment, could you share your requests in the comment section below? What would be most helpful for you to access, pin and organize our content online? Do you prefer general boards like “home tours” or something more specific like “blue bedrooms”? Any feedback, demands, requests or ideas (including content on and off of D*S) are gratefully welcomed and will most definitely be included in our Pinterest planning and pinning. Thanks! xo, grace

Some recent boards I pinned (during an epic horror-movie fest on my couch this weekend):

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  • I love when you spotlight contemporary 2D artists, so please do one for that.
    Also, you guys are excellent at finding gorgeous ceramics, so that would be fun too!

  • Great furniture… those really important pieces. Not even necessarily available for purchase, but maybe with a description on what you like (the shape, the fabric, etc). I love how it is shaping up so far! xo

  • I think more specific is often more helpful than general – though I don’t think it necessarily has to be by color or pattern, boards could be by style e.g. “Southwest”, “MCM”, etc.

    In particular I’d like inspiration for bringing outdoor elements inside, what to do with cathedral ceilings, attractive workshops/work benches/garages, and the front walkway up to the front door. (In the process of buying a house!)

    I have a hard time knowing where to look for stuff, so products pinned from their original sellers’ websites are really helpful. I also like supporting local craftspeople, so it might be cool to have boards with seller’s shops by region (northeast, midwest, west, etc).

  • I think I’m more of a general person… I like “home tours” vs. “blue bedrooms.” Categorizing things helped me stay organized, but when it gets too picky I think it’s harder to sort through.

  • First, I would love a patios and porches board! Second, I would love a board called “energizing living rooms” or just “energizing rooms”. Just my two cents worth ;)

  • I love boards organized by color..or flavor, by flavor I mean style… “Blue bedrooms” or “blue Boho Bedrooms”… I’m partial to home decorating boards when all the images on the board have a distinctive cohesiveness:)

  • I agree with Tracy about pinning from original sellers’ websites. I noticed that all of a sudden my Pinterest feed is clogged from posts from D*S with pins directly from your own site. Perhaps it’s just me, but I think Pinterest is should be used more for ideas vs. self promotion. I still love D*S – would just like to see more non-D*S pins from you!

    • Amy

      We’re in the process of updating all our past content from DS, but we’re still pinning boards of things that aren’t our own, too. That just gets spreads out a bit more because it’s not a process of pinning one section in one fell swoop. Having a mix of both things is important to me, so that’s why I have 20+ boards of non-D*S items.

      That said, Pinterest was originally supposed to be about pinning things you have credit and permission to pin (hence all the copyright hubub), so it’s easiest for us to upload/pin D*S content because we own it and don’t have to wait or ask permission to upload it ;)



  • Hi Grace! So you asked, “Do you prefer general boards like ‘home tours’ or something more specific like ‘blue bedrooms’?”

    I do a lot of the content development, marketing, and social outreach for a few large furniture companies and as such I thought I could help you: really specific, color-centric boards like “blue bedrooms” is a great way to really inspire and engage your audience. “Home tours” is not as great, it doesn’t have the visual reaction that a blue-themed board would. HOWEVER, keeping up with Pinterest boards to inspire and delight your audience can be HARD WORK. If you do “blue bedrooms,” you’ll also have to do “green bedrooms” and “white bedrooms” and “yellow bedrooms” etc… that’s a lot more maintenance than doing one just for “bedrooms”!

    So, here’s what you can do, to get the very-specific but very-engaging boards on your profile without having to completely burn yourself out on Pinterest: Invite people to post to your boards! Don’t leave it wide open, just ask some people you follow or look up to or admire to help contribute to your boards. Maybe find some friends in similar niches to cooperate with you and help you flesh out your boards. Many of them will be more than happy to help, and will feel honored for the invitation. And as long as they are posting things, you won’t have to worry so much about it!

    When you’re looking at one of your boards, click “Edit Board,” scroll to “Who Can Pin,” and then insert their email or name… and invite them to help you out!

  • what about Vintage or Antiques have boutiques links or cool photos etc? or Road Trips and put all cool places to go for a road trip…hmmm what about Chinese New Year-The Snake and design all arounds snake inspirations

  • I appreciate boards organized by seasons. I know it’s general, but it helps to give you just a feel for the whole period: food, clothes, pictures. Just little snippets to get in the mood.

    I would also like to see some more sewing projects. Simple, but useful!

  • “Home tours” feels too general, “blue bedrooms” too specific. Categories of “bedrooms,” “bathrooms,” “living rooms,” etc. would be most helpful in my eyes! I often want to browse a variety of styles/colors within one category and just see what catches my eye.

    January 2013 might be my favorite month of posts ever on the blog. I love it!

  • LOVING the Design History board. Learning so much, its definitely a “pin now, read later” situation :) MORE MORE MORE

  • I have a personal stash of images on my computer. I have them organized by room – all room are separate except for kitchen/dining which I combine, just because they are combined in a lot of homes now:
    -living room
    -separate structures/studios (because maybe one day I will add on to my house!)
    -front yard
    -back yard
    -front of house (for references to porches, color combos, stairways, etc)
    -back of house (patios, enclosed spaces, etc)
    -color references (specific paint colors listed with brand & name)
    -decoration (close ups, details)

    When I redecorate different sections of my house, I find that this kind of organization is helpful. I also save before/afters in their specific sections above.

    Thanks for asking!

  • I just read through all of the comments and I also would love a board with washi tape as I still can’t get enough! And I love that you have highlighted pom poms and tassels in use but it would be cool if that also included DIY projects with pom poms and tassels and how to make them…

    And I am grateful for the board DIY projects….I think that is why pinterest is such a great tool- yes for the visual reference but also to FILE away some of those projects d*s has highlighted but have been forgotten, because I too get lost in cyberspace and forget where I saw that blasted project i really wanted to tackle.

    I think it would also be fun for your editors to have their own boards featuring the products they LOVE- whether it be colors, paints, or products. (ya know when they feature people in magazines and list the ten items they can’t live without? I always love those features! )

    And THANKS to MIKE for the WISE pointers…very kind to share his knowledge with you and your audience.

    So far so good! Happy New Year to all at d*s.

  • I like to see more of ‘ the sneek peek’ type of stuff. We are an interior design and decor company and have organised our boards in the ‘ rooms’ format. But I fancy styled rooms as well.

  • I like graphic design, photography, and garden design…I think you have home decor covered. Food is very important to everyone, recipes, places to eat, chefs, etc. Gift ideas…once you did great buys on etsy…that was super cuz I get overwhelmed with sites like that. Craft ideas by season/ holiday too.

  • I feel like the best thing you can do is mirror the D*S format a bit. Have some boards that are bathrooms, kitchens, etc. But also have a board of just blue rooms and accessories. There isn’t going to be one “right” way to do it. I think if you follow your intuition and build something logical, your readers will be able to get behind it.

  • Dark paint
    Small rooms
    Bringing the outside in
    Weekend DIY
    Wallpapered spaces
    Children’s spaces
    Utensils and Tools
    Paper arts
    Use “best of” posts as a guide: art over couches, collections, etc
    Editor’s favorites boards: one for each of you
    I am really tired of food on Pinterest, but I’m probably in the minority.

  • This is all very interesting to me, as I too am slow to accept new technology and apps, I really like to see how it plays out before I sign up for an account and engage, to be certain I want to participate. I FINALLY just began working on Pinterest the other day and am a complete organizational fiend as you are Grace. I am analyzing and re-analyzing my approach. It’s not so easy when you want to put thought into it and do it right. There are some great suggestions so far. Keeping in mind how much time you want to spend on your boards is a good place to start, being too specific does put pressure to continually do so… OK I’m all overwhelmed in Pinterest land now. Good luck to you Grace!

  • I love funky themed boards – things with the spirit of your “Living In: [movie]” posts. Something where the board category is more of a concept and the pins come from many different categories.

  • I think you’re about to “hit the nail on the head”. Today the internet is filled to the gills with so much content that at times there is too much information and inconsistency in quality. Which makes it increasingly more difficult to stay focused. My choice would be for more ‘specific’ boards as the better way to go. That way we can search for a specific texture, room, color, trim, detail, etc. and can get many different interpretations of that particular theme. Thank you for your constant attention to the evolution and improve-ment of this site. The Japanese call this Kaisen.

  • i’m really inspired by handwriting. also, i would love to see more “make your home more like home” features for renters.

    i actually would enjoy seeing different things on pinterest than what is posted on designsponge.com. i get really excited to scroll through the design sponge posts that come up in my rss feed every day, and oddly feel like seeing the same things on pinterest before i get to the blog posts ruins the surprise.

  • I agree with Elizabeth regarding the benefits of boards for Landscaping, Weekend DIY, Utensils and Tools, and Paper Arts, as well as the editors’ favorites boards (one for each of you). I would be most excited about the editors’ boards, although I’m not sure how you would narrow down the topic. Perhaps Grace’s Home Style, etc. The Weekend DIY board would also be super helpful. I stand by my original ideas for a porches and/or patios board and an energizing rooms board too.

  • Hi D*S,

    What about a category like, “Just for Renters” – pins of different DIY projects, rooms, organization tips for those of us who just rent. I love love love your blog and have been following it from the beginning, have your book and everything, but I always get the most out of what other renters are doing. Though I did do the Margaux and Walter Kent circus wall in my kitchen…I would love more renter friendly options to have fun with! Thanks for being great!

  • I have a huge problem with trying to figure out the best furniture arrangement for my home. My living room is hard because it’s small, and it has a fireplace. I need to buy new furniture, but I’m totally afraid to spend the cash for the fear of buying something that just doesn’t work. Maybe space planning for furniture? Hey, can I submit a photo and ask for suggestions? :)

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