Geo Shakers by Von Tundra

by Grace Bonney

In the realm of trends that won’t die, one that I’m happy is still alive and kicking is geometric/faceted shapes. Maybe it’s all the curly, girly, super-ornate design we’ve seen for the past few years, but I’m still excited to embrace a more hard-lined, minimal look. Along those lines, these porcelain Geo Shakers from Von Tundra are beautiful. I hate having too many things on my tabletop (it’s small), so using pieces pretty enough to double as tiny sculptures certainly doesn’t hurt. These shakers, a limited-edition collaboration between Von Tundra and Roxanne Jackson, come in six glaze options and would be cute on any tabletop. They’re available for $65 each on Von Tundra’s site (along with their furniture and lighting designs) right here. xo, grace

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