Gathering Inspiration: Outdoors

by The Ladies of Foret

For the holidays we headed north to our respective families: Rose visited the North Shore of Boston, and I went to northern Vermont. During these moments of rest, we like to take time to regroup, recharge and get inspired; our main source of inspiration is always the outdoors! For me, hiking frosty trails, foraging for fallen bark and noticing the abundance of subtle details that the forest holds give me that reboot I’m craving: a leaf stuck on a tree like a trail marker; a mass of delicate snow in the spindles of a small branch; a patch of green moss peaking out from under a snow-covered log. And the most exciting discovery: crystallofolia.

While we were hiking and gathering, I stopped to close my eyes and take a deep breath. When I opened them, I looked down to see pockets of crystallofolia. I could not have been more excited! These are natural ice formations caused by water extruded from the stems of dormant plants during a hard freeze. Without that rest, I easily would have passed by these little natural wonders. When embarking on the New Year, don’t forget to pause, take a deep breath and a “new” look around — it’s amazing what natural treasures you may discover. — Erin of Forêt

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  • Soft crunch of snow and bright clean air – beautiful.

    Wishing you a gorgeous new year.

    We are big fans of design sponge chez teamgloria, dear :)

  • This is lovely and makes me miss the colder weather. Before migrating to Los Angeles, I lived in the upper midwest and upper northeast. I remember such a sense of accomplishment just from venturing outside for a little bit in the coldest of weather. That crystallofolia is worth the effort!

  • This is awesome! I had never heard of crystallofolia, and it is amazing. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to take some time and breathe. This post was a nice pause in my day! Happy New Year.

  • complete gorgeousness! i too spent the holidays enjoying the beautiful snow. it is so reenergizing to be out there in the quiet, cold, and peaceful woods reconnecting with nature.

  • My longing for nature’s abundance hidden in wintry whites has just gone off the chart…!

  • I got engaged on the Nebraska Notch Trail, in a very similar winter wonderland, four years ago. What a lovely and magical place. Thanks for bringing back lots of great memories.