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DIY Key Tassels & Mini Pom Poms

by Grace Bonney

Photos by Maxwell Tielman

When it comes to key organization, I’m a total mess. I have a few sets of keys tossing around my work bag at all times (home, office, spare keys from friends, old mail keys), and they’re forever confusing me when I scrounge around to find them each night. So this year, I decided the only way to convince myself to keep them organized was to build a new key rack and make some cute key identifiers that would motivate me to actually use them. I went poking around our craft closet to see what we had an abundance of, and, shocker, it was yarn and string. I have a hard time resisting any sort of fabric or yarn, so I picked some of my favorites and we turned them into easy (10 minutes or less) DIY key tassels and pom poms that you can easily make while watching an evening TV show or waiting for your laundry to dry. Here’s hoping this will help me keep my office and home keys straight for once in my life. xo, grace

*Stay tuned for more DIY organizing projects coming up next!

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Mini Pom Pom Key Rings




Follow the instructions on the pom pom maker box to create several poms in a range of colors (I tried using cotton string for this, but it didn’t work as well, so definitely stick to yarn). If you’ve never used a pom pom maker, you basically separate the cream-colored parts, wrap your yarn around them and then cut down the middle. Before removing it from the maker, cut a new piece of yarn and use it to tie a knot in the middle of the two halves. Then remove the pom pom from the maker and trim any long bits.

Tassel Key Rings


  • yarn, string or thin leather strips
  • scissors
  • piece of cardboard



1. Begin wrapping your yarn around a piece of cardboard. (The width of the cardboard will be the size of your tassel.)

2. Slip a piece of yarn through the top of the tassel and tie it in a loose bow. (You’ll use this piece of yarn to attach the tassel to the key loop.)

3. Tie the pieces of string to the key loop.

4. Create your tassel by gathering the yarn together (it should be folded in half) and wrapping a piece of yarn around the tassel about an inch from the top. It looks best if you wrap the yarn around a few times before tying it off.

Suggested For You


  • I bought myself a set of pom pom makers for Christmas. Great fun. Love the idea of color-coding keys with pom poms.

  • Or, instead of going out and buying a pompom maker, you could just use a piece of cardboard or any other stiff, flat-ish material. Wrap it around like in the tassel instructions, but keep going until it’s pretty fat. Slip it off the cardboard, tie it tightly in the middle, and snip the loops at both ends. Trim it so it’s round and fluff. The width of the cardboard will be the diameter of the pompom.

  • You can use a fork to make little pompoms – it’s super easy. Google “DIY fork pompoms” for instructions. I made a whole garland of them – they go pretty quickly. The key to making it work is to trim the pompom evenly.

  • Have you ever hidden a sachet in a tassel? Tea leaves, cedar, and cocoa mulch all repel certain outdoor pests and I was trying to hide sachets filled with them around my dogs beds and my own outdoor furniture on my porch. Do you think it could be hidden at the top without hiding the scent? Or hang it under the knot, covered by the tassel strings?