The Fixer’s Manifesto

by Grace Bonney

Manifestos can be a little much for me. They sometimes drift into self-importance land or territory that feels needlessly intense. That said, I’ve seen some great ones over the years (Steve Jobs’ is my favorite). Since today is our DIY day, it seemed fitting to share this Fixer’s Manifesto from Sugru this morning. Suki from Sugru said that their team spent ages on this list, arguing over what was important and what wasn’t. I love the final result and agree whole-heartedly with the statement “A fixed thing is a beautiful thing.” There’s so much here to take in, think about and live by. I hope those of you who love building/fixing/upgrading things with your own two hands will enjoy this. Sugru made a downloadable version, but you can also buy letterpress printed versions here. Happy fixing . . . xo, grace

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  • You might think about running a post where people send in images of things they’ve fixed., specifically. I have a great fix on our coffee maker. It would be fun to see creative fixes

  • This could also be expanded to also include things that come from renewable sources like glass tile which is recyclable or bamboo products which is a grass etc. It’s a great manifesto and goes back to the days of the 40’s and 50’s when you fixed it instead of throwing it out!

  • But Steve Jobs has invented smartphone for which you’re not supposed to change yourself the battery, so you’re supposed to buy another iphone , no ? I don’t think it’s the same approach at all…

  • Oh wow! Grace …. I LOVE Sugru. I’ve been following them for a couple of years. In fact I just bought some sample packs for Christmas presents! I have been much more aware of the constant need to dispose of and buy a new. My Husband and I have been working on it and trying to “hack” whenever possible. I, like the others above, would love to see a fix-it column of some sort where we can share ideas about hacking and fixing.

    P.S. Sugru also has a Gurus blog where users can post their fixes and even put up tutorials!

  • I can’t wait to put this in my workroom when I have one. As someone who loves her 10-year-old car and Xmas tree from 1996, I find significant satisfaction keeping my old things as fixed and fresh-looking as possible.