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Holiday DIY Projects from Sweet Paul

by Grace Bonney

Paul Lowe is one the most talented guys around. I don’t know where he finds the time to produce so much beautiful content, but he always does. Paul recently produced a gorgeous Norwegian holiday DIY book and is sharing projects from the book on his Sweet Paul blog from now until Christmas. He was kind enough to share two of them with us here at D*S, and I’m so excited to post my favorites: a gorgeous red and white straw wreath and a shiny vintage bead card. Both are quick and easy for the holidays and would be fun projects for kids to try, too. Thanks so much to Paul for sharing them with us. Click here to check out the other holiday projects Paul is sharing on his blog. xo, grace

The full instructions continue after the jump . . .

Snowflake Card

I found these amazing vintage rhinestones in a store and just had to turn them into different projects. One of them is this card.


  • double card
  • round and leaf-shaped rhinestones (these are vintage from www.tinseltrading.com)
  • craft glue



1. Start by placing the stones in a snowflake pattern on the card without gluing.

2. Glue each stone to the card using craft glue.

3. Let dry, and it’s ready to use.

Paper Straw Wreath

I really love paper straws and was determined to turn them into a wreath. I must say I’m really happy with the result.


  • 1 1/2 boxes of striped paper straws, about 80
  • cardboard wreath (similar at www.paper-source.com)
  • hot glue gun



1. Start by gluing a row of straws all the way around the wreath.

2. Cut the straws so that they are as long as the cardboard wreath and glue them around so that you don’t see the cardboard.

3. Ready to hang.

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  • I also love the straws…and you know you can find twine (the present wrapping variety) in red and white too? You could wrap a foam wreath with it for the same effect.

  • Yes, I love those birch straws! You can get them at Paper Source or Terrain. Great idea…

  • These are beautiful designs. I totally recall that wreath on the cover on Women’s Day. I can’t tell if he put a new spin on the original crafter’s idea or duplicated.

  • I love the wreath! It’s the perfect use for the paper straws I’ve been hoarding (they are almost too pretty to use!). I could also see something like this working for the 4th of July.

  • I tried the Snowflake Card, but every time I do it, the rhinestones are all silver and flat. Is it because I’m not using vintage rhinestones? Are my rhinestones not expensive enough? Did I fold the paper the wrong way? Please help.

  • I remember the straw wreath from when Kirsten Fields originally did it for Woman’s Day last year — it was so striking on the cover! Nice to, uh, see it again.

  • Also just want to point out that the original wreath from the cover of Women’s Day is much fuller and looks a lot nicer. This one is kind of weirdly spindly, don’t you think?

  • In India, they use rhinestones, similar to these, to embroider onto clothing. We had some left over and my 4 & 6 year old girls used them to make geometric designs on valentine cards for every single one of their classmates. They were absolutely beautiful.

  • These ideas are so cool. Since the holiday season is coming up, I’m totally going to use these ideas to make the presents I’m giving to people for artistic. The rhinestones are such a great way to liven up a card, since mine are usually plain because I never know what to make on the front. This is sweet and simple solution. And the wreath is such a creative and cheap way to decorate a room. I have tons of straws around my house and I can finally do something with them. Thank You!

    • janna

      just a quick heads up- books take at least a year to produce, so this project in paul’s book was definitely done prior to that. as for the women’s day cover, i’m not sure if his book was finished before that projetc.