2012 D*S Gift Guide: Tech Gadgets & Accessories

by Stephanie

tech-gift-guide_eco For the past few months, I have had the privilege of working on the My Life Scoop column for D*S. I have always had a thing for gadgetry, but since jumping on board the My Life Scoop wagon, my obsession has reached an entirely new level.

To be honest, I could create a tech gift guide roundup daily — there are just so many new gadgets coming out all the time! But in order to share this guide before the holiday season is over, I’ve decided to gather some of the gadgets and accessories that are currently on my mind. There is something for just about everyone on this list (I’m hoping). From the music fiend to the eco-friendly maven, I’ve selected 25 tech items (including my personal must-haves that you can find on My Life Scoop) that would be great for any gadget lover in your life. Click here to check out my full list! Happy techi-days (too much?)! — Stephanie

Green Tech: 1. Recycled Green Speakers, $300 | 2. Window Solar Chargers | 3. Water-powered Alarm Clock, $29.99 | 4. Click and Grow, $59.99 | 5. Hand-crank Flashlight, $32

tech-gift-guide_music Pump Up the Volume: 1. iPad Gramaphone, $299 | 2. Frends White and Gold Headphones, $199 | 3. Card Classic Radio, $28.48 | 4. Incase Sonic Headphones, $99.95 | 5. Turtle Shell Wireless Speakers, $149.95

tech-gift-guide_cases Protect Your Tech: 1. Bonobo Laptop Bag, $159 | 2. 3D Image iPhone Cover, $40 | 3. Pendleton MacBook Case, $54 | 4. Colors 201 iPhone Case, $35, and Vulpes Vulpes iPhone Case, $35 | 5. Leather Pocket iPad Case, $109

tech-gift-guide_chargers Power/Store Up: 1. Stud USB, $39.99 | 2. Cable Cord Charger, $22.95 | 3. Cat USB Port, $5.10 | 4. USB Bracelet, $17 | 5. Portable iPhone Charger, $35

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