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2012 D*S GIFT GUIDE: For Pets and Pet Lovers

by Stephanie

pet beds and homes
If you follow my Human/House/Harvey column here on D*S, or my personal dog+ design blog, House of Harvey, you know that I have a “thing” for well-designed pet products.  I think that the chew toys and dog beds of yesteryear have made strides in innovative and stylish design, and some may say, have become pieces of artwork in their own right. (Most probably won’t say that, but I do!)

As one who appreciates great pet product design, I thought I would round up a gift guide of some of what I consider to be the best in the pet world.  There is SO much (too much) great design out there these days, so I hope this little roundup inspires you to seek out even more.  I think it is always an extra special gift when you can find something beautiful and functional all in one, and I know that any of the pet lovers, pet owners and pets on your list would appreciate these items (I even included a couple things for the fish-lovers in your life)!  Happy Bow/Meow-lidays! —Stephanie

1. Scratching post and cove, $65 | 2. Ikat dog bed, $39-$50 | 3. Fringed dog bed, $100 |4. Mountain fish bowl, $170 | 5. Igloo bed, $227 |  6. Milk carton house

pet toys
1. Rope Ball Toy, $9 | 2. Catnip fish, $6 | 3. Squirrel cat toy, $20.50 | 4. Push Pin Toy, $10 | 5. Puppy Biscuit Block Toy, $8

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pet bowls

1. Diamond geo bowl, $54-$102 | 2. Fish and meow bowl, $22.50 | 3. Clear Dog Bowl | 4. Dipper bowl, $16-$20  | 5. Metal stand bowls, $34

dog leashes

1. Red pattern leash, $26 | 2. Metallic silver leash, $145 | 3. Yellow stick leash, $18 | 4. Contrast color leash, $32 | 5. Rope dog leash, $30

pet carriers

1. Tartan fleece carrier, $290 | 2. Prep school dog duffel, $100 | 3. Willow cat carrier, $47 | 4. Brown + black leather carrier, $140

pet collars

1. Tan leather collar, $36 | 2. Voyage brown leather collar, $90-$95 | 3. Dachshund bandana, $24 | 4. Blue leather cat collar, $41 |  5. Dress shirt collar, $20 | 6. Cranberry striped collar, $68

pet lover swag

1. Pop art kitty poster, $30 | 2. Fish bowl, $98 |  | 3. Cat loafers, $595 | 4. Boston Terrier scarf, $144 | 5. Cat lamp shade, $56 | 6. Pink cat sweater, $135 | 7. Bulldog sweatshirt, $36 | 8. Dog book ends, $21.99

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  • That mountain fish bowl is entirely inappropriate for any species of fish. It’s not okay to deprive pets of a healthy environment for the sake of style.

    • jay

      every time we post any fishbowl someone says this. for our own educational purposes- what sort of fishbowl is appropriate for goldfish? i’m happy to stick to posting those…


  • Thank you for posting this! I just got a cat a few weeks ago, and have been trying to add kitty things without letting taste go completely out the window. Did you see that the cat condo place has a huge bookshelf that doubles as a cat tree? It’s completely unafordable (1,000 euros!), but I like it SO much better than the carpet covered monsters at pet stores. (Perhaps a future D*S DIY?)

  • Love the raised food and water bowls…My fur kids like to push their bowls around the kitchen and the noise is cringe worthy to say the least…Also such a nice way to add one of those little details into a space that really to make all the difference in creating a thoughtful room design!

  • granted that most people buy goldfish for 10 cents that are swimming with a thousand other fish, i think this is probably a vast improvement from their prior conditions.

  • I’m with Jay on the fish situation, though I do think that bowl would be nice with just water in it. There is a difference between having an animal as a pet and having one as decoration. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find a fish bowl that is large enough to be humane, let alone visually appealing. It would be like adopting a dog and keeping it locked in your bathroom for it’s entire life :( On a positive note, there are some beautiful, modern aquariums available!

  • Grace, to hop in on the fishbowl topic: a bowl of any kind is too small for a fish – even bettas, sometimes sold in those little cups or vases. The bare minumum for most fish is a gallon per inch of fish; goldfish produce a lot of waste and will grow much larger so they need even more water. There’s also the issue of filtration, having room for plants, hiding places for security, etc. Hope this helps:)

  • Goldfish need 10 gallons and a well-functioning filter per fish, because they’re very “dirty” fish (they excrete a lot). There are however, some fish that would live fine in small tanks, such as betas. I love the tank!

  • i love the toys and swag! and i’d use the fishbowl for plants or goldfish crackers if i could afford it :)

  • if i was made of money (which alas, i am definitely not), i would definitely spring for that down-filled dog bed for my little pup G. we live in boston now where it gets frigid and i can just see him so contently curled up in there…

  • That fish bowl would make a wonderful terrarium. Some small succulents, ferns, or even a small bonsai could live happily in the small space for years!

  • My 2 cats, Izze & Mo, have not been on their best behavior this year…so if they get their little acts together, this post has Amazing options for cat toys! Bookmarking this post, for their good days ;)

  • I wish more dog apparel (for humans, to be clear) existed. There seem to be a lot more options in the UK, but in the US, it’s all cat dresses and cat sweaters and cat shoes and nary a dog to be seen.

  • LOVE these suggestions! My hugest pet peeve is having a large dog bed made out of some of those nasty fabrics that you find on generic ones. That IKAT dog bed would have been mine had they not sold out:( Oh well, thanks for the great suggestions!

  • omg, the cat collar is just too cute along with the other great finds. Shared on my FB page EMPV and pinned. Thanks for the great ideas. I’d love to have my kitty wear that collar but there isn’t any way I could get it on her, darn.

  • Hi Grace,

    I love your site but as a vet student I couldn’t stop myself from also commenting on the fish bowl – I see some other people beat me to the punch. Fluval is the only company I have seen that sells stylish fish aquariums that are fit for purpose. The major problem with the one you posted is it has no filter – and this means that essentially fish will be breathing in their own waste products which as you can imagine is pretty bad! Also a good set up would have at least some type of hiding place.

    I could write a lot more on this but I hope that helps a little!

    • kelly

      thanks so much for the feedback, i really do appreciate it. we’ll try to only post the styles with filters and hiding spots from now on :)


  • This is going to sound a little mean, and i’m totally for treating animals with respect and dignity, but I sure do hope the people speaking out against the fishbowl don’t eat/use/wear animal products. Don’t you think? It’s totally okay to have that point of view, but it would be a little silly to ‘pick and choose’ so to speak.

  • Marie Anne, previous bad situations can’t be an excuse for pet owners not to treat their pets with respect and give them a life with dignity. Because you rescue an abandoned cat from a shelter where he doesn’t had a good life it doesn’t mean you have the right to take him home and don’t provide him space, food and attention. That’s the same with all the pets. Some people do it without bad intentions they just don’t know, we all grew up seeing fishes in bowls at movies but the moment we know that is stressful to them we can’t excuse ourselves with a “it’s an improvement”. It’s a great bowl anyway. (sorry in advance for any English mistake)!

  • I always love looking at this stuff, but I wish there were more budgie/bird friendly pet stuff. Even finding an appropriately sized AND modern/stylish/beautiful bird cage is a chore :(