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2012 D*S Gift Guide: For Gardeners

by Grace Bonney

I have absolutely no green thumb, so I’ve worked hard to cultivate friendships with people who do. From those talented florists and gardeners I’ve learned a few skills that have helped me keep a couple plants alive in my apartment over the years. Those plants and flowers make me so happy, so this holiday season I decided to round up some great gift ideas for the green thumbs in your life. I’ve included a wide price range and everything from seed kits and terrariums to gardening tools, hoses and bird houses. I hope you’ll find something for someone on your list. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Steel Snaps, $20 | 2. Long-handled Spade, $258 | 3. Seed Bombs, $6 | 4. Sky Planter, $35 | 5. Squirrel Water Feeder, $14 | 6. Copper Dial Thermometer, $58 | 7. Low-profile Hypertufa Planter, No. 2, $78 | 8. Plant Label Sticks, $14 | 9. Hunter Regent Boots, $195 | 10. Heritage Garden Hose, $58 | 11. Sheffield Watering Can, $38 | 12. Recycled Tube Kneeling Pad, 25 | 13. Twig Hooks, $16

Image above: 1. Mineral Bird House, $338 | 2. Somerset Hat, $50 | 3. Bee House, $35 | 4. Natural Burlap, $20 | 5. Honeycomb Terrarium, $68 | 6. Lemon Watering Can, $34 | 7. Garden Scissors, $40 | 8. Scissors Holster, $28

Image above: 1. 50 Mile Bouquet, $12.21 | 2. Garden Cart, $138 | 3. Moss Terrarium, $38 | 4. Garden Tool Set, $36 | 5. Camellia Oil (for gardening tools), $12 | 6. Hen and Chick Growing Kit, $60 | 7. Terrarium Tools, $48 | 8. Wire Florist’s Wrap, $8 | 9. Julia Child Cookbook Birdhouse, $125 | 10. Blackboard Garden Labels, $14 | 11. Tea Seed Paper, $16

More gifts for gardeners after the jump . . .

Image above, clockwise from top left: Hanging Bag Planter, $39 | Watering Cans, $16–$29 | Garden Mister, $14 | Patterned Tool Set, $29

Image above, clockwise from top left: Kneeling Pad, $19 | Garden Tote, $39 | Garden Aprons, $19 | Happy Cat Farm Cold Weather Seed Collection, $30

Image above, left to right: Giant Clam Shell, $125 | Plant Markers, $6

Image above, left to right: Chalkboard Pad, $50 | Hudson Valley Seeds (herbs), $15

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  • oh yes! I love everything o nthis list and wish I had a garden. It’s time to find some wine barrells to use as planters!

  • Love this list! Can I add another idea? You could also plant a virtual flower (starting at $5) for charity for a garden lover without a garden or yard or who has everything garden-related already. See the adorable Sienna’s Flower Garden site (http://www.siennasflowergarden.com/). And you’ll be planting the best kind of flower – one filled with love, support and hope!

  • My mother recently had to downsize to an apartment so she no longer has her garden. I think that hanging bag planter will be a good present to let her do a few plants indoors. Thanks for the ideas!

  • I’ve been less than excited about most of the watering cans I’ve seen lately. If I were getting myself or someone a watering can I’d go with Dramm. They’re good, solid functional watering cans – possibly more functional than pretty -but at least they come in nice colors. I’ve used these extensively at work in the greenhouse.

  • Oh, these ideas make me long for spring! We had a terrible drought here this summer, so my garden wasn’t particularly perky. I feel due some pretty tools and a new try!

    • Wendy – you must have clicked on the link for the watering can – the scissors are definitely linked correctly. Try again. :) -Amy

  • A lovely gift guide; thanks so much for mentioning our regional wildflower seed bombs, which are available at Anthropologie! The Southwest variety pictured in your first image is actually not available through Anthro, but you can find it at a variety of other retailers [located in the Southwest US] and in our online shop.