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2012 D*S Gift Guide: Personalized Gifts

by Grace Bonney

Maybe it’s being born south of the Mason Dixon, or the fact that I lucked out and got initials that weren’t embarrassing, but whatever the reason, I love monograms. I was probably the only kid at my school who was excited (and not mortified) to have to wear a backpack with “GSB” on it. And not much has changed to this day. While my days of monogrammed turtlenecks are behind me (you can imagine how fetching that was with braces), I still have a fondness for anything that can be personalized. A little bit of personalizing can go a long way to both surprise a recipient with something special and custom and to really spruce up a gift that might need a little extra oomph. Whether you choose to buy/add monogramming or initials to a gift or just want to DIY your own version (here are three great DIY ideas for that), personalized gifts are everywhere this season, so I hope you’ll enjoy this wide range of ideas. From initial pillows to personalized zodiac charts, the design world is catering to all sorts of creative custom ideas right now. Happy shopping! xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Personalized Initial Bracelet, $46 | Initialed Leather Passport Holders, $22 each | Custom Leaf Silhouette Portraits, $65 each | Personalized Ceramic Faux Bois Dish, $24 | Custom Braille Word Rings (I love these!), $75 | Stitchable Journal by AMH Design, $22 | Monogrammed Jute Tote, $25+ | Custom Family Portrait by Katie Turner, $300 | Letter Pillow, $110

Image above, clockwise from top left: Chalkboard Labels, 9 for $12 | Twig Letter Charms, $18 each | State Handkerchief (similar to shown, $10+) | Custom Feather Ornament by Alluvial, $20 | Mercury Glass Monograms, $6 each | Personalized Birch Cuff, $100 | Personalized Copper Moscow Mule Mug, $40 | Monogrammed Hand Towel, $6.99 | Custom Pet Portrait Phone Cover, $80 | Custom Dog Collars, $14.99

Image above: Personalized Leather Keychain, $20 at Nine Muse Leathercraft

Over 25 more personalized gift ideas after the jump . . .

Image above, left to right: Letter Paperweight, $42 | Slim Monogram Cuff, $58 | Stitchable Photo Album Kit by AMH, $40

Image above, clockwise from top left: Monogrammed Stripe Blanket, $116 | Monogrammed Bottles, $27+ | Personalized Porcelain Fortune Cookies, $22 for 2

Image above, clockwise from top left: Monogrammed Ticking Stripe Sheets, $106 (I love these) | Personalized House Ornament, $48, and Personalized Wooden Bangles, $38, by Paloma’s Nest

Image above, clockwise from top left: Personalized Leather Camera Strap, $39 | Personalized Tote, $52 (I have one of these and wear the heck out of it) | Monogrammed Mugs, $48

Image above, clockwise from top left: Personalized USB Drive, $32 | Personalized Walnut Cufflinks, $18 | Personalized Leather Wallet, $25

Image above: Custom Map Pillow Kit, $75

Image above, left to right: Monogrammed Apothecary Jars, $46+ | Celeste Tote, $179

Image above: Customized Lunar Phase Charm, $34

Image above, clockwise from top left: Personalized Ribbon, $25 for 10 yards | Personalized Fire Pit, $898 (splurge) |Personalized Monogram Print by JHill Design, $65+ | Personalized Bangles in Copper, Silver and Gold, $51

Image above: Custom House Portrait by Rebekka Seale, $150

Image above: Rose Gold Monogram Necklace, $50

Image above: Zodiac Embroidery Kit by Miniature Rhino, $20 (such a fun way to customize a gift by someone’s astrological sign!)

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