Retro Speakers and Radios for the Home

by Stephanie

I am having a flashback when it comes to the tech I keep in my home. The good news is that there’s a lot of incredible vintage and retro-style tech out there. So this week I’m rounding up some of my favorite retro speakers and radios for My Life Scoop. Click here to read the full post! — Stephanie

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  • I have the 05 Specktone in green. It is acting touchy…and we can’t find anyone to fix it. Specktone won’t even touch it. Bummer. Beautiful though so I hate to get rid of it. Everyone asks about it!

  • I was gifted the Tivoli Audio radio a few years ago. I actually put it on my wishlist after seeing it on the Elephantine blog and was so happy to get it. It’s now in our kitchen providing lots of great radio and music.

  • Love this! What is the #1 in this post? I don’t see it in the full Life Scoop post, but love it and want one!