Jewelry by Elke Kramer

by Grace Bonney

This post is a testament to the incredible power of product packaging. Before I’d even seen the jewelry inside these cases (which were previewed in a tweet from Leif owner, Stacey), I knew I wanted to own them. If for nothing else than to have those gorgeous little boxes in my hands. Then when I saw the jewelry inside — and loved it as much as the packaging — I felt doubly excited. These spectacular jewelry designs (and boxes) are from Australian jewelry designer Elke Kramer. Kramer has managed to master both of my jewelry weaknesses: adorable packaging that’s as cute as the baubles inside and jewelry that feels equal parts sculpture and decoration. Working with a custom-crafted resin that resembles different stones and minerals, Elke crafts pieces that feel like miniature modern sculptures for your hands and ears. That double-sided ring below is my favorite, but you can check out and shop the full series right here. And those boxes? Don’t toss those in the trash; they’re almost as beautiful as the jewelry inside. (Prices range from $62 to $98 for these pieces.) xo, grace

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