D*S Is Hiring: Product Editor

by Grace Bonney

After eight years of running Design*Sponge, I’ve learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses. For years I had endless amounts of energy to help me stay up all night clicking through links and searching for new things to cover on the blog. But as I inch closer to a decade of blogging, I’ve realized my passions and interests have changed and evolved in a different direction and leave me wanting to share different types of writing and inspiration here. And as much as I love new products, covering them with the same intensity and passion has been harder. That said, I love products and want them to continue to be a major part of what we cover here at D*S. So, I’ve decided it’s time to find a new team member to join us who lives and breathes product design. I’m looking for someone who enjoys spending hours online, attending shows and researching the latest and greatest designs in the creative community. Because my priority is always to showcase work that hasn’t been blogged everywhere, I’m looking for someone who feels confident that they have their finger on the pulse of the creative community. Typically I find new team members behind the scenes, but I feel like so many of you in this audience would be perfect for this job, so I thought I’d share this opening here. If you’re interested in joining our team of whacky, fun and passionate design fans, here are the details:

  • Position: Product Editor
  • Description: Looking for a writer to research and post great product design. I’m open to expanding this to include packaging and other types of product-oriented design. We’re looking for people that understand and share our aesthetic.
  • Location: Freelance or in-office here in Brooklyn are both fine. You do not need to live in NYC or be in the same time zone.
  • Timing: We’ll work together to create a schedule, but this will be at least a 3 post a week commitment.
  • Compensation: This a paid part-time position.


If you’re interested in joining the team, please email DESIGNSPONGE AT GMAIL DOT COM (subject line “Product Editor”) a resume and 3–4 examples of products you would write about* that haven’t been covered online before. If you currently run your own blog or write for another, please include that information. I can’t wait to hear from you! xo, grace UPDATE: I’M NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS DUE TO THE (WONDERFUL) OVERWHELMING RESPONSE. I’M GOING THROUGH APPS NOW, THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO APPLIED!

*None of product suggestions included these emails will be used on Design*Sponge without credit. The new editor will be announced in the coming weeks and this post will be updated when we have a final choice.

Products above, clockwise from top left: Mint Platter, $21; Polka Dot Wallpaper, $198; Woodgrain Print, $1270; Brass Trivet, $85; Copper Lamp, $298; Black Bowl, $70; Paulistano Chair, $1550; Composition Notebook Phone Case, $40; Porcelain Cups, $25

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  • Already sent in my application, now I’ll just be wishing on every 11:11, stray eyelash, and shooting star that I can find!

  • I’m on it! I urge you (ok beg you) to look at those of us (me) who have employment backgrounds in other areas. I eat, breath and sleep the Internet and the world around me in order to find “the next best thing”. But more on that later….

  • Are you looking for a sample “description” on each of the three submissions or just the attachments and little bit about myself?

  • This is music to my ears! I am so glad to hear that design sponge is seeking someone dedicated to products. Over the last few years while we planned our shop, I can’t tell you how many great designers I have discovered on your site. Design Sponge has been an invaluable resource for us (for products and biz ladies!). There are very few design blogs that feature more than lovely inspirational interior photos. I spend countless hours surfing the web, link after link, looking for products and it is a tremendous help when we find pieces that are amazing for our mix on Design Sponge. I know that it was edited with a keen eye, most likely not mass produced and highly likely to have been designed/crafted by a lovely individual that we are happy to support. Thank You!

  • ^ all three what….? Are we to provide a simple list of products that we would feature if hired as the product editor, or are we to submit examples complete with images, sources and a couple hundred words worth of creative product description? A specific outline of expectations would be great!

    • debbie

      i’m looking for 3 products you’d feature and as much as you’d like to say about them. we don’t write long product posts here, so you’re not expected to write any specific amount. if i like the products and they’re new and innovative, that’s honestly enough for me. i can always teach people to write more. i can’t however teach people to know exactly where to find great new work- or to share our aesthetic. so that’s my biggest concern.

      this is a very pro-active job so i need someone who can run with things on their own and email back and forth quickly.


  • just catching up on the comment thread – didn’t understand you wanted a description for each of the products, will re-submit if that’s ok :)

  • Any news on this front? Have you contacted any applicants? Are you still planning on having a decision this week? Just incredibly curious… THANKS.

    • sara jo

      things were delayed because of the storm a bit, but i’ll be contacting everyone this week with an update. the week isn’t over yet ;)


  • Hi Grace – I submitted my materials early after you posted the job, but just caught the small description part… would it be necessary to re-submit or have you already made a decision? Thank you!!

  • Yipppppppppeeeee that it’s still on; but intense/unimaginable re: Sandy.

  • Grace,
    I’m going to blame Sandy for my late submission! Hopefully I’ll be able to send later today…I’m beyond thrilled at the possibility of this amazing opportunity!

  • Sending mine by end of day. Oh please, oh please don’t let it be too late. Pretty please.

  • Grace, I just sent my submission and nearly passed out when I read you weren’t accepting anymore applications. Please try to accept the final ones dribbling in at the end of this day. We’ve all worked so hard and feverishly to attempt getting this to you and having a chance at this unbelievable opportunity. My email was sent from my husband’s account, his name is Brian. In the frenzy to rush this to you, I forgot signing off at the end: Sabrina Appell. Thank you, thank you for your consideration.

  • Yes. I just thought the actual finalists’ names would be up in lights Monday [a bizarre interpretation, I admit].

  • Grace, everyone who applied received this email response after initial application or it was for a group of selected? Thanks! :)

  • Thanks, Grace! I understand if i didn’t get in the finalists batch. Just wanted to make sure you received my first email.

  • Grace, I didn’t get an email that you acknowledged receipt of my submission. Can you please confirm? I just need to know that you at least received it and looked it over. Thank you so much!