Dorm DIY: Iron-Transfer Floral Duvet Cover

by Maxwell Tielman

If you’re a college student, you probably have a printer. You also probably have sheets or a duvet cover. You might, however, not be happy with either one. Printers can be clunky, oversized wastes of space while dorm bedding can leave a lot to be desired in the design department. Why not, then, turn dorm lemons into dorm lemonade? Put your printer to good use and make your bedding more attractive with printable iron-on decals! Although we went the floral route with our duvet cover, this DIY is endlessly customizable and able to suit any taste or style. Grab some iron-on transfer paper and some fun images and get printin’! Full directions after the jump! — Max


  • light-colored duvet cover, pillowcases and/or sheets
  • an inkjet printer with color ink
  • iron-on transfer paper for light fabrics (we used Avery paper)
  • iron
  • scissors
  • images for printing (we used floral clip art from Dover’s Redoute Flowers and Fruits book)
  • a waist-height work surface
  • extra pillow case or towel to iron on and to protect your work surface



1. Prepare your work surface by laying down a towel or pillowcase and turning your iron to the hottest setting.

2. Print your images on iron-on transfer paper.

3. Cut out your images. If possible, use curved lines when cutting. This will prevent your transfer from peeling later.

4. Lay the object you want to print on flat on your work surface. Make sure that your sheet/duvet cover/pillowcase is completely ironed and flattened out in order to get a consistent transfer.

5. Place your prints face down on your printing surface and iron until the transfer is set. The amount of time/pressure/heat needed can vary depending on what type and brand of paper you use, so follow the directions supplied with the paper you purchase.

6. Once your transfers are complete, carefully peel off your paper to reveal the image below.

7. Repeat as many times and with as many images as you see fit!

8. You’re done! Put your snazzy new bedding on your bed and sleep in style!

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