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2012 D*S Gift Guides: For DIY Fans

by Kate Pruitt

DIYers are the easiest people to shop for, and I’m not just saying this because I am one. Does anyone remember the scene in Splash (Am I dating myself here? Oh well.) when Tom Hanks gives Daryl Hannah a wrapped gift, and she spends a few minutes petting and admiring the box, thinking it’s the actual present? Silly mermaids, so unschooled in the ways of gift giving. But seriously, for DIY fans, a beautiful box or a pretty ribbon IS a great gift in itself, because it’s an exciting material and a challenge to create something unexpected.

If you have a DIY lover in your life, you can really have some fun with gift giving. Try putting together a little materials kit based on their style: organic natural materials like birch and twine; a bunch of brightly colored tapes and papers; or a collection of fine fabrics, yarn and thread. DIYers also love learning new skills, so it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to a new craft: pair a printing book with a linocut tool, or a macramé book with some beautiful colored cord. If collecting a few items feels overwhelming, you can never go wrong with a beautiful tool, like a brass ruler, wooden storage box or smart-looking apron. These are items that we makers always admire but rarely splurge on for ourselves. Trust me, if you buy a DIY lover a beautiful pair of good scissors,  you’ve made a friend for life — and don’t be surprised if you see them save the packaging for a future project. We DIYers just can’t help ourselves. Enjoy! — Kate

Image above, clockwise from top left: Field Notes Dry Transfer Limited Edition Set, $14 | Wool & the Gang Lula Slope Scarf Kit, $140 | DIY Lip Balm Kit, $40 | Original Camp Stool Kit, $25 | Stitch the Stars 2013 Calendar, $24 | Purl Soho Learn to Knit Kit, $62 | Shimmery Magnolia Paper Flower Kit, $16.95 | Souix Teepee, $350 | World’s Smallest Postal Service Tiny Mail Stationary Kit $20|  Pyramid Air Terrarium Kit, $55 | Sunfelt Handicraft Felt Animal Kit (polar bears also available), $25.25

Image above, clockwise from top left: Black & White Wired Linen Ribbon (5yds), $10 | Triangular Colored Pencil Set, $29 | Typewriter Stamp Kit, $20 | Rainbow Rope Spool, $10 | 100% Wool Felt Roll in Cappuccino (other colors available), $4.50 | Washi Tape Set, $38 | Birch Bark Strips, $10 | Knot & Bow Metallic Glitter Twine, $10 | Student Plant Press, $53 | Knit Collage Sister Yarn in Jaipur Rose, $27.30 | Brooks Wrapping Paper, $12

More great gifts for DIY lovers after the jump . . .

Image above, clockwise from top left: Makita 18V Cordless Drill Set, $169 | Nunabee Oblong Color Chip Box, $84 | Mopha Tool Roll, $44 | Dremel Rotary Tool Kit, $79.99 | Solid Brass 12″ Ruler, $36 | Estwing Hammer, $49 | Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment, $13.79 | Best Made Co. Hickory Stripe Apron, $58 | Scissors, $12 | French Days Wooden Mechanical Pencils, $8 each | Martha Stewart Crafts Knife, $11.38 | Wire Baskets (various sizes available), $14–$35


Image above, clockwise from top left: Making an Impression: Design & Creating Artful Stamps, $14.63 | Decorative Fusion Knots: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to New and Unusual Ornamental Knots, $13.60 | The Little Book of Screen Printing, $24.95 | The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple, Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room, $15.63 | Macramé: Creative Knot-Tying (vintage/used), $2–6 | Handyman in Your Pocket, $12 | Family Creative Workshop Series (vintage/used), $74 | The Cut-Out Craft Book II, $23.95 | Wary Meyers Tossed & Found, $27.50 | Heather Ross Prints: 50+ Designs and 20 Projects to Get You Started, $16.47

Image above: Miniature Rhino Mini Arrow Embroidery Kit, $20

Image above, from left: Heritage Leather Reinforced Mason Bag, $99 | Mariner’s Supply Two-Tone Ditty Bag, $40

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  • Great DIY kits above, and you are right, any DIY crafter will love and definitely use these supplies. A few of these will surely be on my christmas shopping list for family and friends!

  • Love the idea of getting a kit instead of something already made. You know you’re giving someone some hours of happiness then… Perfect! ;)

  • I would host a mini-college reunion. We all live in different parts of the country.

  • How lovely to see Geninne’s book (Making an Impression) on your list! She is indeed a gifted artist and teacher, and has inspired many hand-carved stamps to spring from erasers for my own cards and art.

  • Oh D*S how I love you. You guys are amazing! Thanks for the awesome round up! I have so many projects planned once work hits a hiatus.

  • What is that item in the first pic for DIY kits that’s on the left between the Field Notes and TeePee? Does it say The World’s Post Service? What is it? I don’t see it in the description?

  • I love your Splash reference. That is exactly how I feel when someone gives me a creatively wrapped gift. I almost don’t care what’s inside if it looks nice and is fun to open. Wrapping gifts is my favorite part of the whole thing. So many possibilities!

  • Um, the Family Creative Workshop is the greatest encyclopedia in all of the land. First, it has your basics: batik, knitting, soap and candle-making. But then, things start to get REAL! Mukluks, madam. Make your own mukluks. Make a lean-to. Make a canoe – yes, a BOAT! Make mukluks and a boat! Make cardboard furniture.

    It’s truly truly awesome! I just wish they’d update it with a little feature on modpodge, resin, and LED lights. Your local library may have this set, so you can go and check it out for yourself.