What’s Your Watch Style?

by Stephanie

watch-style header By now, we all know that I have a serious obsession with time. Whether it is a wall clock or a watch, I can’t get enough of gorgeous timepieces. Today, I’ve decided to share this passion (again) and round up some of my favorite watch styles on My Life Scoop. From metallics and leathers to sporty and futuristic, the possibilities for your watch flair are endless! Click here to read the full post and share some of your favorite styles! — Stephanie

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  • That rose gold Fossil watch is beautiful!

    In a watch-related question, where might one find GOOD QUALITY pocketwatch-style necklaces? From ebay to etsy and everywhere in between, all I can find are the cheap “antiqued brass” metal ones in the exact same style, all for around $25.00 or less. When I say they are the same style, I mean that they are literally the same mass-produced watch yet for some reason individually sold as “handmade” and “vintage”. I’m looking for something more authentic, durable and meant to last. Any ideas?