Tech-Out Your Bathroom

by Stephanie

bathroom_header Though keeping your bathroom plugged in to the latest and greatest tech may not be your first instinct, you would definitely be surprised by how many fun and useful gadgets there are for the space. Today, I’ve picked out a few of the coolest gadgets for the bathroom on My Life Scoop. Click here to read the full post! — Stephanie

tech for your bathroom

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  • I don’t recommend purchasing number 3. I had one and the sound quality and reception were incredibly poor. Also, the radio stopped working after about six months.

  • Agree with @JD. Ours stopped working too. I contacted the company and they said the warranty was only 30 days from date of purchase. They offered to sell me another one at full retail price. I declined.

  • I actually wanna know where the soap dish from the banner is from. Perfect for my kitchen!