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sneak peek: lisa neimeth

by anne

Originally from New York, ceramicist Lisa Neimeth has called San Francisco home for the past 18 years. She, her husband, Peter, and their kids, Jackson and Tess, have lived in this 1886 Victorian dairy farmhouse since 1999 (the former chicken coop out back serves as Lisa’s studio/office/showroom). Lisa describes their home as an eclectic urban farmhouse, reflecting the creative interests of the entire family. Lisa’s style is rustic but quite contemporary, and she is deliberate in her use of saturated colors and matte finishes both in her work and in her home. She loves combining things in new and unusual ways, whether it is through color combinations or design elements juxtaposed to amuse or encourage further observation. Keep your eye out for Lisa’s recent work for Anthropologie and Sundance. Thanks to Lisa and to Marshall Gordon for the photos! — Anne

Image above: We swapped our long rectangular dining table for a round table that was more industrial in feel and more welcoming for family-and-friend dinners. We found this steel spindle bottom/wood top table at Designer Warehouse. I had been coveting these John Vogel chairs from West Elm since I first saw them and finally bit the bullet. Their modern but hand-crafted look and combo of mid-century and African antlers are surprisingly comfortable and just stunning. The red sideboard is from Mexico, as is the painting of El Gigante above by Carlos Juarena. Peering into the den is artwork by my kids and an African beaded chest purchased at a garage sale. The dining room paint color is Kelly Moore 430–Evening Picnic.

Image above: I have had these slipcovered Shabby Chic chairs and sofa for years, are they are still in great shape. They were perfect when the kids were little, but now I am ready to recover the chairs. The African stool and “popsicle chair” were purchased locally from a neighbor who frequents African arts garage sales. The concrete table is two CB2 Element tables pushed together. The pillows are John Robshaw.

More inside Lisa’s home after the jump . . .

Image above: My serene room with vintage kantha quilt on the bed, which was a gift from my sister. Vintage Indian cabinets flank the bed on either side. The diptych paintings are by San Francisco painter Saundra U. McPherson, and the felted pillow is from Lotus Bleu in San Francisco. The paint color is Kelly Moore 472–Seaweed.

Image above: This is one of the first pieces of furniture I ever purchased, from a flea market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1986. I had it shipped to Brooklyn, where I was living at the time. The African head-dress beloved for its simplicity was picked up at a market in Albuquerque, NM.

Image above: For the living room bookshelves, we have two giant bookshelves that start in the living room and saddle the fireplace into the dining area. They are chock-full of books, collected objects, ancient pottery, my kid’s art and lots of small treasures of memories. The wire chair is from Design Workshop.

Image above: A couple years ago, we finally got rid of the original stained and warped butcher block counters and replaced them with honed, matte marble. Not only are they beautiful, but they wear and patina beautifully. We also got a deep and large Franke industrial farmhouse sink and Hans Grohe flexible faucet. I love placing oversized plants in odd places, and this cactus has its home here. The wall piece and vases are works of mine.

Image above: More industrial details are brought in through this galvanized outdoor fixture we placed in the kitchen. My husband likes to put reclaimed wood shelves up EVERYWHERE, and they are actually quite handy. This ones holds stacks of plates as well as my favorite tumbleweed that I dragged back from our land in New Mexico. The embroidered pieces by Cathy Cullen were purchased on Etsy.

Image above: We dragged our old dining room table made from old English floorboards into the kitchen, slapped some industrial casters on it and made it a table/work island. We painted the wood floor and love seeing the wood detail wear through. The original farmhouse cabinets complete with grain storage are my favorite detail in the house. The wall piece is one of mine, and there’s another shelf with a stack of plates always ready to grab and use. The cabinet paint color is Kelly Moore 431–Loire Valley.

Image above: My husband and son went to South Africa for the World Cup in 2010 and brought back lots of great beaded pieces. This white bull is a favorite.

Image above: I reclaimed the cottage as an additional work area. It is now my office and showroom, though it still harbors an upstairs bedroom for guests. The red bar is a vintage Mexican piece as is the 1940s red porcelain top table. It was the second piece of furniture I ever purchased in 1985 at a Northwest Connecticut junk shop. My husband built the side tables.

Image above: Being a maker of plates, I am fortunate to have lots of handmade plates. Usually the ones that are flawed in some way are to use at home. We like to keep stacks of plates on shelves throughout the kitchen as well as on the stove for easy access.

Image above: This is the view from the garden gate past the koi pond into the garden and the showroom/cottage. It always reminded me of those great 1970s handmade houses found around Woodstock and California. I love the beachy-meets-woodsy look, flanked by the giant Monterey cypress trees. I hung a large plate as my sign: the platemaker shoppe.

Image above: This is the former chicken coop that is now my studio. We built the stone patio with lots of found rocks collected from the beach and New Mexico.

Image above: My neighbor, who happens to be a photojournalist, snapped this photo of me toiling away late at night in the studio. It almost appears as if I am suspended in a glass box in the night sky!

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