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sneak peek: cendira carvalho + rodrigo ribeiro

by Amy Azzarito

I’m so excited to start the day with our first-ever Brazilian sneak peek. Cendira (known to everyone as Dida) and Rodrigo live with their dog, Mika, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in an apartment on the 9th floor of a 30-year-old building. Cendira is a family photographer and all-around maker — she’s currently spending a lot of time playing with terrarium designs. And when Rodrigo isn’t working as an advertising director, he’s in the kitchen baking bread. Cendira says that decorating the apartment has been a work in progress but that the older she gets, the more she gravitates toward simplicity. She’s drawn to Scandinavian color schemes with lots of white — the stars of her decorating schemes are always the plants. And after that, comfort is the name of the game. Thanks, Cendira & Rodrigo! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: This dining table was one of the first things we bought when we first moved in together. The mirror is another family heirloom, and I’ve always tucked wood sticks or dried flowers into the frame. The sideboard used to be my father’s work table and was where he created handmade books, made blackberry paint for his drawings and other things. It was love at first sight when I spotted the 1950s aluminum case. As far as I know, it used to be a travel suitcase. The Maine Boots were left here by my sister when she moved to Paris, more then 10 years ago, and sometime ago I thought they were too beautiful to stay in the closet for another 10 years! The old beige Bakelite radio has a cute history: I bought it when I was 12 years old at a vintage store, after months saving for it. Old and beautiful frames from the traditional antiques fair at Praça XV, Rio de Janeiro, keep creepy but beautiful self-portraits. (My self-portrait collection can be seen at my site.)

Image above: I used to have a very colorful and confusing bedroom, and then I decided to go all white! Now I can’t imagine sleeping with prints and colors. The bedside furniture was made of two old drawers from the old bathroom cabinet. I just put them facing each other to create a box.

See more of Cendira and Rodrigo’s Brazilian apartment after the jump . . .

Image above: The bedroom. The old frames are from antique stores. The lamp is from Mercado Livre, and my handmade dolls are chilling with Philippe Starck’s famous bear, which I brought from a trip to Paris. The charming green bike is my husband’s.

Image above: Another great gift from my mother-in-law, the eternal sofa. The hanger was a fantastic find at Bazar Samburá, and it holds my husband’s hat collection and some bags of mine. Striped rug from Etna.

Image above: The sofa is the most comfortable one I’ve ever had, and it makes it almost impossible to be awake when I lie on it! So I’m always missing movie endings at night. I’d say flowers are absolutely fundamental and the simplest way of decorating a table; you just can’t be wrong with that. Don’t forget to put plants inside; they give your home fresh air, life and beauty, and they are definitely the most chic and basic decor element ever.

Image above: A little section of the kitchen. I used the old flower box as a shadow box for a bottle terrarium and a small pumpkin. I was also inspired by those wooden bananas decor we have around here to make this terrarium composition on the side. Again, plants are everywhere, and I think there are never enough.

Image above: [I’m] serious about my love for decal letters. They remind me of my childhood and my notebooks full of them. The jar on the wall, where you can read argila, holds my number one beauty treatment. I also have a vanishing smile on the mirror to remind me of this important gesture every morning.

Image above: This is my home office and the dreaming/reading/thinking corner. I’m sure it’s going to change soon again, but for now, it’s a very cool little place to be. I still have no curtains because after a long time thinking about what I wanted for this window, I realized that I want to hang plants, not fabric. So I’m going to have green overhead in the thinking corner pretty soon!

Image above: This is the corridor to the guest bathroom and bedrooms. I’m always changing it up. Recently I had all the apartment painted. I took down all the shelves in my office, so I had no place for books. I put them temporarily on each side of the bench, and I ended up liking it. It’s not messy but informal, and it reflects my actual “let it be” mood.

Image above: One of my favorite details about this apartment is the little window above the kitchen door. I love accenting this feature with flowers, small terrariums or even candles — it’s the first subtle welcome when guests come into the apartment.

Image above: Our loving girl! She was adopted a couple weeks ago from a place called Acãochego, a rescue organization where some great people take care of more than 400 dogs here in Sao Paulo. Mika was first abandoned in the rain when she was a puppy, right in front of Acãochego’s door. She was rescued, treated well and then met us right before her second birthday. I absolutely recommend people to stop buying and start adopting; they are the cutest and the most grateful ones, and there are too many of them waiting for us.

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  • Love those white DCW chairs! And I totally agree: I cannot imagine sleeping with colors & prints anymore either: it’s extra relaxing, isn’t is?

  • I’m so proud of seeing my sister’s home sweet home in Design Sponge. She’s very talented to make everything beautiful, from a simple postcard, to a dress or a tea table (specially the tea tables, hehehe). Her home is a really cosy place I always miss when i have to return home. Great choice for the first brazilian house! :-)

  • Nice! Love the simplicity and the old/new mix! For when the first sneak peak in Portugal? :)

  • So beautiful! I especially love the little message at the end about adopting. What a warm and loving home.

  • Nice first Brazil Sneak Peek. I just adore the simplicity, the very carefull use of collors, the charming plants and the explendid light we can have all through the space. Congratulations to Cendira and Rodrigo…!!

  • So nice to finally see the first brazilian sneak peak! I’m so proud of my country home… And I just love your home! Very charming and cozy… reminds me the inside of a farm house. Love, from Brazil! :)

  • I have to say I was a little concerned when I saw “Brazilian Sneak Peak”!
    (he he he)

    And Cendira, good on you for giving your puppy a lovely home. There are way too many lovely pooches looking for love, the story is the same here in Australia.

  • Brazil is an amazing place to visit and live. This home reminds me the beauty and simplicity. It’s not a perfect home, but a real one. A home to live and love.

  • I´m so proud to see a home from my country! And it´s also a beatiful and cosy home. I totally agree about the adopting message. I adopted a lovely cat a few months ago and my life have been great since then.

  • I’m french, from the small town Nantes. And they have on their fridge a paper from my town !!! It’s amazing to see that to me. (the elephant)

  • Sophie, j’etait à nantes seulement ou specialment pour connaître et voir Les Machines, Ils sont un de mes passions. Et la vile et fantastique, pour aller au vacance ou pour vivre, superbe:) Pardon, pauvre Français!:P

  • I love all those magnets, especially the round ones that look like Moroccan tiles! Where’re they from?